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Sep 27th 2016 at 6:24:27 PM •••

There does not seem to be a characters page.

Aug 9th 2013 at 2:43:06 AM •••

Several of these "tropes" need editing as they are not completely accurate.

"Arbitrary Skepticism: For a series where characters utilize time travel and believe God Himself is somehow involved in their doings, this trope crops up more often than not. Sam believes in God, but not the devil. In some cases, Sam does this to Al, such as when he refuses to believe in ghosts or vampires. In a reverse, Al doesn't believe Sam when he claims to have seen an alien ship."

We also see Al's skepticism when Sam encounters a woman claiming to be an angel despite that she is able to see him. At the end of the episode she also reveals knowledge of Sam's identity and that he not the leapee (which both men had assumed) was her real assignment.

"By the Eyes of the Blind: Children, animals, mentally disabled people can see Al, the psychic can see Sam and seems to sense Al's presence as well."

Children, Animals and the Mentally impaired can see Sam as well. This is shown several times including in 'Another Mother' when he leaps into the mother of three including a five year old and in 'Shock Theater' when he leaps into an institution where a roommate of the Leapee shouts out that the bed is being occupied by a different man.

"The Cast Showoff Dean Stockwell also had opportunities now and then, such as when Al showed Sam how to dance at a Jewish wedding."

It was a girl's Bat mitzvah not a wedding.

"Christmas Episode Season 5's "Promised Land" takes place during Christmas, complete with decorations and the themes of family being a focus. Sam also gets to wish a Merry Christmas to his father, Jonathan."

His father's name is John. While they are similar John and Jonathan are completely different names and Mr. Beckett has never been referred to as Jonathan.

"Chronic Hero Syndrome: Sam. Making the world a better place was his sole reason behind Project: Quantum Leap."

This is incorrect. The project had not worked as intended, he never meant to take the places of people in the past let alone change anything and he certainly did not intend for there to be no way back to his home time.

"Fan Service Sam frequently is shirtless, even in the opening credits. In one episode he falls into a pond and spends the rest of the episode shirtless/in a towel. And in "The Leap Back," when Sam is changing before entering the Imaging Chamber so he can leap into the body Al's occupied (thus having them change places so Al's no longer the Leaper and Sam no longer the Observer) Ziggy comments "Great legs, doctor." Heterosexual female viewers and gay men everywhere nod in agreement."

Let's not forget the episode in which Sam leaps into a chimpanzee causing him to spend the entire episode in nothing but a diaper-like undergarment.

"Halloween Episode: "The Boogieman". Sam leaps into a horror novelist to stop a woman from being murdered. Problem is, other people die in the meantime and increasingly spooky incidents occur. Turns out to be All Just a Dream, though."

This is debatable, but I highly doubt it was a dream. I believe God to have turned back time to erase the events the devil had caused. This is highly implied by the constant shots and tolling of the clock as Sam and the Devil attempt to strangle each other. Why Al wouldn't remember encountering the devil while Sam can seems to be an inconsistency as it is highly implied that Al has memory of the timelines previous to Sam's interference. The most significant example is Donna, when Sam changes his relationship with her Al questions the guarantee of his results which tells us that he still remembers her leaving him at the alter.

"Actor Aullison John Cullum guest stars playing a boozy actor who is playing the character Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha. Cullum performed the same role on Broadway for many years."

Scott Bakula and Ernie Sabella who plays Manny in the episode have also been in real productions of 'Man of la Mancha'.

Here are some new interesting Tropes:

  • Caroyln Seymore who appears as the housekeeper who is revealed to be a 100+ year old ghost Ms. Stolts in 'Portrait for Troian' returns to the show in season five as Zoey, Al's evil holographic counterpart who guides Sam's fellow leaper Alia.
- Willy Garson who plays Seymore in 'Play it Again Seymore' in season 1 also reappears in season five as reflection and waiting room occupant Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • The episode featuring Maralyn Monroe was intended for Madonna but because she is a living celebrity her permission was necessary and she denied them.

  • There was an intended episode that was scrapped where Sam leaped into a baby.

  • In 'The Leap Back' when Sam greets his project staff upon his freedom from the imaging chamber Tina says "Gee he sounds just like Al." This line makes no sense because it responds to two lines exchanged between Sam and Verbena Beeks which were removed. The lines were somewhere to the extend of:
Beeks: I need to do a brief on you later. Sam: Well I'm more of a boxer guy. A moment that plays on Sam and Al's switch of sexual mind sets when the simo-leap occurred.

  • In the season 2 episode 'Freedom' Sam leaps into a Native American young man who like Sam himself lost his father at the age of 21, a similar taste in candy of the two fathers and sons is also referenced. In addition the leapee's sickly grandfather implies several times to be able to sense Sam's presence. He has Sam paint two hand prints on a horse's hindquarters, a Native American custom which represents "The number of men killed in battle". Sam has indeed by this point in the series killed two men: One in 'Honeymoon Express" and one in 'Her Charm'. A short time later he has a conversation with Sam about "leaping from one skin to another". Whether or not the old Native American is aware that these moments apply to Sam and not the leapee is unclear.

  • In the series finale Al the Bartender tells Sam that he could have leaped himself home whenever he desired (which is then followed by Sam leaping himself into Beth's home to tell her that Al is alive in Vietnam). Something that is suggested throughout the series. First while a Jewish Rabbi Al jokingly suggests that Sam click his heels together three times and say 'there's no place like home', despite the Wizard of Oz metaphore this is exactly what the bartender claimed possible. Then in season 3 Sam leaps from his 16 year old self with a desperation to save his brother's life ironically in exactly the position to do so, into his brother's squad in Vietnam. By the bartender's suggestion this is no coincidence.

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Example needs context:

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Fetish Fuel: How is it that no one's added this yet? I mean, Sam's leaps aren't confined to his gender, there are steamy scenes with Girls of the Week, he's shirtless every other episode... actually, maybe it's more a Fanservice thing... I don't know.

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