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Apr 3rd 2014 at 6:30:11 PM •••

So was Alice's final Gambit to defeat Jafar a Xanatos Gambit or a Batman Gambit ? Seems like a little of both.

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Apr 4th 2014 at 4:00:08 AM •••

Can't tell without more context, sorry.

Apr 5th 2014 at 10:53:40 PM •••

You haven't seen it yet? I such at Describing things but I'll try.

After Amara is dead and the Water is in-front of the Well, Jafar is about to kill Cyrus when Alice pops up through a Rabbit hole. Jafar tells her she can't defeat him, and she says "I'm not the one who's gonna defeat you" then yell for Cyrus to get the Water now, he pucks up the Water and drops it over the well but Jafar magically grabs it and floats it over to him and then Splashes it away. After mocking Alice some more she says "I said I'm not the one who's going to defeat you, you didn't steal that water from me" then Nyx turns Jafar into a Genie

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Apr 6th 2014 at 1:52:44 AM •••

You can not, as a general rule, expect people to know a given work.

As for your text, that doesn't look like either trope to me.

Apr 6th 2014 at 3:07:32 AM •••

It works when you see it. I suck at describing things.

Oct 20th 2013 at 11:43:50 AM •••

What's the trope for someone who isn't insane, but is believed to be by others?

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