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Nov 12th 2018 at 3:11:31 PM •••

  • Hypocrite: The God of Light refused to revive Ozma for Salem, claiming it would disrupt the balance of life and death if he did so. When Salem fell into the pool of the God of Darkness however, the God of Light revived him anyway to stop her. her and summon back. At the time however, Salem had only let the Grimm do as they pleased while she remained holed up in a woodland cottage.cottage, and the Gods could easily return without needing to be summoned, and could have easily entrusted the task of calling them to someone already living. So the God of Light revived Ozma for no justifiable reason.

I have temporarily commented this out since tropers can\'t seem to agree on whether or not it applies. RebelFalcon, you\'d better explain yourself for adding back the entry without trying to dicuss.

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Nov 12th 2018 at 4:02:37 PM •••

I left my reasoning in the notes.

Tropers/GlitteringWolf said \"He (The God of Light) revived him (Ozma) to be a guide to humanity to harmony and summon him and his brother back. He didn\'t do it for the lulz.\"

I responded with \"It wasn\'t said that Ozma had to guide humanity, just that he would be entrusted with the Relics and summoning the gods back. Both rather pointless considering they (The Brother Gods) can easily check in whenever they want, and could have done so without reviving someone from the dead. Especially considering they pretty much said if they come back, Remnant better be a Utopia or they\'ll nuke the fuck out of it.\"

In addition, it still amounts to the God of Light reviving someone for no justifiable reason, after he explicitely told Salem he would not revive Ozma due to \"disrupting the balance\" between life and death.

The reasoning of Tropers/GlitteringWolf made no sense, I re-added the entry with further explanation, and left my rebuttal in the notes.

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Nov 12th 2018 at 8:00:46 PM •••

Just adding some thoughts as I took out other Hypocrite links since I agreed with Glittering Wolf reason.

  • While the God of Light gave Ozpin his mission after Salem fell into the pool, nowhere did he indicate that stopping Salem was part of the mission or even the main reason he was going to revive Oz. The God of Light actually even warns Oz with the lines \"Salem lives but the woman you hold dear in your memories is gone\" and \"Heed this warning, where you seek comfort, you will only find pain\". Basically, the God of Light pretty much told Oz to stay away from Salem.

  • \"Now, I leave them behind with the hope that you may learn to remake yourselves.\" is what the God of Light says and is pretty much him wanting Ozpin to guide humanity.

  • The whole thing with the Relics summoning the Gods back is a test. While the Gods could easily return to Remnant any time by their volition, they made it clear that they no longer want to manage it or etc. The God of Light however gave a way for the next generation of humanity to call back their creators and see if they are worthy to have the Gods live among them once again so that humanity could finally return to what they were once were. The Gods could return whenever they want but unless given a reason to, they will absolutely not.

  • Entrusting a living person for the job may not work. The only living people were Salem and the next generation of humanity who the God of Light says are \"but a fraction of who they once were\". The whole humanity remaking themselves may need someone who actually knows what humanity once was. Considering that besides Salem who has proven herself to not be someone the Gods can trust upon and has become grimmified, the only ones who would know are dead. Future episodes may expand on why Oz was chosen specifically though.

  • While the God of Light reviving Ozpin in the end may elicit a \"What the hell\", saying he revived him for no real reason is kinda wrong when they are reasons given. Besides from what I can interpret, the God was opposed to \"Resurrection\" but not \"Reincarnation\". One is coming back from the dead completely to one\'s previous life. The other is dying then moving onto another life and becoming another person. Basically one disrupts the cycle of life and death since it negates death while the other doesn\'t since it involves death. That\'s my opinion though.

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