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Jul 15th 2018 at 4:17:57 AM •••

\"** Potentially not so, through the use of Fridge Logic and Alternate Interpretations. If the Mind Stone is self-aware, and the 6 reality stones control the entire universe, AND Thanos is very specific that he wants perfect balance, did the Gauntlet account for the doctors, pilots and similar professionals in order for the body count to be exactly half? (For example, if a pilot was set to disappear while flying a plane carrying 60 people, would the total amount of people vaporized be 60 less?) It\'s highly unlikely, but would entirely depend on how much control the powers controlling the gauntlet\'s influence had on Thanos\' snap, and how much foresight those overseers (or even Thanos himself) had when executing the genocide.\"

I\'m not sure if this really applies. Thanos specifically states when he talks to Strange that his plan for Titan was to kill randomly, so I\'m not sure if he would change that plan when he uses the stones.

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