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Jun 17th 2010 at 9:46:40 PM •••

Morgan Wick:

This trope comes in two flavors - No global consequences, where the above happens (little to no change to a revelation that would be life changing for our universe) and full global consequences, where the above does happen, and usually all at once.
Wait, what? So the exact same trope covers a situation, and also its exact opposite? In that context, to talk about "aversions" of the trope is absurd, since the lack of one situation covered by the trope is the presence of another. Maybe if it avoids showing consequences entirely, but that's rather difficult to do except at the end of a series, and to talk about subversions would be even more absurd. Or perhaps it doesn't go all the way one way or the other, but... I suggest one of two options: split the examples into "examples" or "aversions/subversions", or split the "full global consequences" over to another trope. (Maybe merge with Nothing Is the Same Anymore?) Or maybe just change the rest of the description and its title to talk generically about consequences, but I'm not sure if that would be interesting as a trope.

Also, could someone clean up the Doctor Who Natter? The first sub-bullet point is hopelessly confused (though since it's also listed under Extra-Strength Masquerade, I'm somewhat tempted to bolt the whole thing).

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