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Jan 27th 2017 at 10:46:28 AM •••

The Total Segregation category is said to be theoretical, but I can think of at least four examples. Where should I put them on the page? Should I make a new category? Or should I not list them at all? And should I edit its definition as a theoretical category?

Well, in one of the cases, the gameplay and the story share the same characters, but they're in completely different scenarios and in different settings. The other three, they're all arcade games with abstract gameplay and the story really only exists to differentiate themselves from other similar games, so the art team painting the cabinets have something to work from, and to a lesser extent, to attract people passing by.

EDIT: For added clarifications, I should say that for those arcade games, the interactive stuff was designed independently of the people in charge of the premise, which were then assembled together at the end. That is, in all three cases, the game design team and the art/story team were each doing their own thing with little to no communication with the other. These three cases handle it differently, and I guess I should elaborate further:

1. This first game has a premise and a set of characters. They are used only for the artwork on the cabinet. The game itself has no relation to the art, and the game itself, if played without seeing its artwork, would fall under No Plot? No Problem!

2. This second game has a fairly linear progression of objectives. Each time you finish an objective, a cutscene would play showing part of a story. When you finish all of the objectives and clear the game, that's when you get to see the full story. Said story, like the example above, bears no relation to the gameplay at all.

3. This third game had a tie-in comic book when the machine was originally sold. It explains what is going on in the artwork, but the people who drew the comic book worked separately from the people who made the game. Like with the first example, it would be No Plot? No Problem! without this comic book.

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Mar 2nd 2015 at 10:55:48 PM •••

They are under "other games" at the moment.

Mar 29th 2014 at 9:49:57 AM •••

Why is Ace Combat 5 listed under "Simulation Game"? It's an arcade flight combat game. Not a flight sim.

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May 13th 2019 at 10:57:12 PM •••

Why the redirect to this? Gameplay And Story Integration should not be a sliding scale. Unless it is. That is, if I want to put that a game has integrated story and gameplay, I frankly don\'t care how much this is so.

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