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Sep 11th 2013 at 11:16:47 AM •••

I'm removing the Thor example. Unless I'm wildly mistaken or there's just something I missed (like Word of God) it does not seem like he somehow integrated the Casket into the Bifrost system. No, he just used it to freeze the controls, locking it into place so it couldn't turn off. It'd be like me saying that after boarding up my windows that it doesn't make sense, since the technologies of wood and nails are from entirely different materials. If I'm mistaken, feel free to re-add the example.

May 15th 2010 at 9:59:43 PM •••

Oh shit, I just duplicated a page quote. Oh well, it's the perfect quote for both.

May 7th 2010 at 9:07:08 AM •••

We're starting to see crazy shit like this in real life. Linux has drivers for everything from ham radio to supercomputers, and Net BSD will install on a sufficiently advanced toaster. Heck, there's a whole group, the Digital Living Network Alliance, that's aiming to make all of this crap work together without special drivers. Also, the choice of captcha word for this (coulombs) was freakishly appropriate.

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May 7th 2010 at 11:31:50 AM •••

Linux has drivers for radios? Huh? How does that even work?