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Pacific Northwestern 21-year old nerd kid in the games industry. Programs in Lua.

Editing-wise, I'm a Serial Tweaker due to Proximal Error Probability and other such phenomena.

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A set of Lua scripts I developed for working with TV Tropes can be found on GitHub.

I've pretty much stopped going here to do anything but update the list of shows I've seen. If you want to contact me, use email.


Troper Works: articles:

Quick Links:

(I've got to admit: if there's one thing I like about Moin Moin, it's quick links on the sidebar.)

TV shows I've seen every episode of:

(This doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion on a show. I just like to finish what I start, media-wise.)

Ones that I'm up to a certain point in:

On the air

  • Community (one season, as well as what's been aired for season 2)
  • Archer (through season one)
  • South Park (13 seasons, not counting 201)



My belief in CROWBAR is that alternative solutions should be proposed if problems are going to be identified.