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Dec 7th 2013 at 7:36:00 AM •••

I think that this trope should be primarily but not completely videogames, because (by my interpretation) Hammerspace is pulling objects you really shouldn't have at all from thin air, beyond the limits of plausibility when it's not an explicit power - like Bender and Mousse - leaving no trope for when characters have an in-universe-justified Hyperspace Arsenal as an explicit power, like Homura and Erza. I suggest that the latter should either also be this trope, or YKTTW'd in its own right.

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Apr 25th 2011 at 7:38:26 PM •••

Just wanted to add this bit of info for the Minecraft listing: If your character is carrying the max amount of dirt possible (4 rows of 9 columns each holding a stack of 64), (s)he is carrying close to 4 Million kilograms. According to this: a cubic meter of dirt (one block) is 1722 kilograms.

Aug 11th 2010 at 7:47:16 PM •••

Removing the natter in the real life section. I'll put it here so if I'm being too picky it can be restored.

  • Okay, so a dress code could stop kids from smuggling shotguns. What sort of uniform could possibly stop somebody from carrying a Derringer unseen? You could walk around in your underwear and still have a reasonable hiding spot.
  • Michael Moore used (and MS Ted) this video in Bowling for Columbine. Let's see that guy put all stuff back into his pants and walk 50 feet...
  • Any kid with that much stuff in his pants would be waddling and trying to hold them up (all those guns combined with ammo must be like having a pair of ten-pound weights in your pockets). Add the shotgun, and his leg would be unable to bend and he would be left looking like a cripple.
  • I highly doubt the shotgun was actually well-concealed. He pulled it from behind him and we only ever saw his front.
  • Same as the Uzi, really. Even with a baggy top, that's going to protrude at least a little bit. God help him if he has to sit down, as he probably would in a school.
  • This troper would like to point out that carrying two ten pound weights in ones pockets isn't really that much. He wears cargo pants that regularly carry over 20 lbs of stuff. He walks just fine.

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