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Jul 15th 2019 at 11:16:24 AM •••

Happened upon this page while looking for certain shows under the Hanna-Barbara name. I saw that there's a good amount of work entries linking to only their respective pages on "The Other Wiki". Is that actually allowed? I thought links were only acceptable to show off extra articles or to showcase certain images related to the article.

There's a show in particular that I want to create the page for (Don Coyote), so I'm confused if I can create the new page for the show and whether or not I'll still have to link to the Wikipedia page for it. For now, I guess I'll focus on just making the page and still linking to the original article, I suppose.

Apr 10th 2018 at 7:49:32 PM •••

Opening a bit of dialogue here. I've been curating most of this page and many of the subpages. Before I got here this page did often attract some edit wars, namely in fan vs detractor ways. For the most part though this page deals with examples that apply to a lot of HB shows. But in truth I could migrate a lot over and eventually make all the individual show pages uniform. It would take time, but is possible if we want to clean up the Creator pages.

My only real concern is there's a few things on here that may need to stay or get a Useful Note, as some info carried here otherwise would have to be explained on so many other pages it would be ridiculous. Meanwhile getting some info to stick on other pages has been a nightmare so some help would be needed there.

Another idea that might work is to leave the Creator page as the index with the history and explanations, but migrate all the info about Hanna Barbera's shows as a whole to a franchise page of its own.

As the person who probably edits these pages most often, i'm willing to go along with whatever seems best organize wise, but if any other troper or admin has any advice on how to handle it message me and I'll start reediting the pages to be equal. At the moment though i'm going to mostly leave this page as is until either I or someone else lays down a rule to start implementing.

Aug 17th 2017 at 8:10:02 PM •••

Adding this paragraph here, I got rid of it from the main article because of how I structured the history. But if someone can figure out how to work some more of this into examples somewhere please go ahead.

Turner Broadcasting was acquired by Time Warner in 1996, at which point studio President Fred Seibert left. To fill the void, Turner handed the studio's operations to Warner Bros. Television Animation the following year; WBTVA head Jean MacCurdy took Seibert's place as a result. The H-B studio at 3400 Cahuenga West was closed in 1998, and the studio's operations were moved into WBTVA's building in Glendale. Two years later, its operations were handed back to Turner Broadcasting, which moved them to a building in Burbank dubbed Cartoon Network Studios, while Hanna-Barbera's intellectual property was retained by WB. The name Hanna-Barbera was mostly retired after Bill Hanna's death in 2001, though Warner was already attempting to phase it out; H-B merchandise from the late '90s noticeably lacks any H-B branding and instead has Cartoon Network's on it. This practice was abandoned after Cartoon Network Studios replaced H-B; H-B's name can be seen on current Hanna-Barbera merchandise.

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