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Dec 21st 2014 at 6:03:18 PM •••

This never occurred to me before, but I'm wondering - could the Sceptile line be a reference to the Hork-Bajir from Animorphs? The Hork-Bajir were a race of reptilian aliens (and green to boot) that had been genetically engineered by other aliens to care for the trees of their world. Their limbs are covered with sharp blades that they use to fight, and to slice off tree bark, their main source of food. The trees they care for are miles tall, so their physical traits include being able to climb and jump between them.

Think it's a strong enough connection to warrant mention?

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Dec 21st 2014 at 6:24:40 PM •••

Shout-Outs need to be known deliberate on the part of the creator or extremely obvious (i.e. the "walk into Mordor"-esque quote in ORAS). If it's not known if it's deliberate and not obvious, it probably shouldn't be listed as a Shout-Out.

Dec 21st 2014 at 6:56:25 PM •••

As someone who read the Animorphs books... no. Nowhere near enough to count.

Dec 3rd 2014 at 10:08:05 PM •••

  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Should you befriend Shiftry in PokÚmon-Amie it will be able to read an opponent's attack on occasion and dodge it, just like the PokÚdex says.

Can someone verify this? It sounds highly suspicious.

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Dec 3rd 2014 at 10:57:33 PM •••

I'm not sure it's technically an example, since all Mons get that benefit from Amie if affection is high enough.

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Dec 22nd 2014 at 11:47:19 AM •••

The ability is not unique enough to make it qualify to me.

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