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Jun 29th 2018 at 9:36:56 AM •••

Question. Would Ragna in Cross Tag apply for the Unskilled But Strong trope? Near the end of Chronophantasma and by the time of Central Fiction, he entered more of Strong And Skilled territory, but Cross Tag is really muddled with the timeline. However, there are some comments from other characters that can imply this. Jubei comments that he\'s \"as rough around the edges as ever\" and in his both his pre/post battle interactions with Noel indicate that he doesn\'t use strategy and rely on just fighting and beating his opponents. His intro with Hyde has him say \"Cut straight through and take em down\". Maybe he zigzags between the two. He can fight with skill and finesse, he just prefers brute offense. What do you guys think?

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Jun 30th 2018 at 3:13:15 PM •••

Ragna has always been Unskiled But Strong, he didnt learn any new skills in CP he just learned to stop rushing at everything in a blind rage, but he really never learns any new tricks, he just beats things into submission.

Jul 3rd 2018 at 4:06:52 PM •••

First, sorry for the bad grammar in the first part, I was typing on a phone and apparently it slipped up in certain areas. As for the above, I kinda think he can be Strong And Skilled when he isn\'t rushing recklessly into something. He was trained by Jubei on how to fight, and I doubt Jubei would say that his training was complete if he didn\'t know proper form, technique and the like(Then again, they don\'t really tell Ragna and the other protagonists the important shit that would be really helpful to know). I can\'t help but feel that Ragna\'s whole Unskilled But Strong qualification boils down to a mix of Didnt Think This Through, Leeroy Jenkins, and personal preference. He\'s effortlessly defeated entire armies of NOL soldiers with just Blood-Scythe and strength, so I think that\'s probably another reason why he qualifies under Unskilled But Strong. This whole \"rushing head first into the fray\" tactic of his probably never failed him until he got to the events of the main games and was forced to fight opponents he couldn\'t just butcher with his strength and the Azure. It\'s hard for me to tell because 1.) The story is very difficult for me to keep up with at many points, and 2.) Until Chronophantasma, the story operated using multiple \"possibilities\" which were sifted through until a canon one that Terumi and co. deemed proper enough to work with was decided. As for Ragna having more skill than let on, when he was sent back to the Dark War, he was able to just barely hold out against Jubei in his youth when he only had one arm and eye(I think it was stated that this threw off his center of gravity and depth perception) and while Jubei was trying to kill him under the pretense that he was a villain, though he was still defeated pretty easily, since this is Jubei we\'re talking about, it\'s actually amazing he wasn\'t killed on the second or third strike from the guy. In Central Fiction, he was able to outright stalemate Kagura in act 3 without activating the Grimoire(unlike their first fight where he basically got his shit wrecked because Kagura is a pretty impressive case of Strong And Skilled). Granted, Kagura, like the others, was getting weaker due to being an entitled, but this doesn\'t really diminish a person\'s skill, and Ragna did outright state that even with the entitled getting weaker, Kagura was still as tough as Azrael. I\'m not sure, you seem to have a better understanding about this than I do and I\'m still really new to this, so I\'d appreciate any feedback you can give me on this topic.

Jul 3rd 2018 at 4:08:18 PM •••

Okay, for some dumb reason these weird dash lines keep showing up on my posts, usually where I have parenthesis or apostrophes. Is this a glitch or something?

Jul 3rd 2018 at 5:58:38 PM •••

God, I suck at this. I meant quotations and apostrophes. As you can tell at this point I\'m kind of a rookie at Tv Tropes.

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