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Apr 19th 2015 at 10:58:10 PM •••

Cut these bullets:

  • Christianity is also subject to this. Are Christians simply Jerks With A Heart Of Gold who want to help the suffering sectors of humanity by preaching a coming of a savior who died for our sins, philosophers who are trying to answer the meaning of life by pointing it to a Physical God, misunderstood hippies, fanatics who are afraid of a little progress and struggles to bring the world back to the Stone Age because progress defiles the Creator's effort, or all of them at the same time? The same can also apply to Islam.
  • Muslims. Are they overall a peaceful group with an undeserved bad reputation due to Islam being hijacked by a violent, vocal minority? Or do Muslims use any perceived slight on their God as an excuse to riot and burn embassies and flags, showing the misogynistic and vengeful side to the teachings of Koran?
  • Don't only target the religious. Are atheists people who have Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions or people who refuse to acknowledge a superior power and create their own morality? And as for the new atheists... Are they people who decide a more active approach is needed to combat religious extremism? Or arrogant bullies who are undergoing a He Who Fights Monsters effect? Notice that a lot of atheists hate being compared to those like Dawkins and Hitchens, feeling they give a bad image.
    • You'll probably find that each of these groups are divided.

I think all of these bullets have the possibility to turn into Flame Bait, and any possible additions you could make (what's next? Jews? Hindus? Buddhists?) would make it worse. They're also Not An Example, as the rest of the article talks about figures within mythology and religions, not the people who believe in it. Also, it is really, really inept to clump such vast groups of actual human beings into a small paragraph's worth of possible "types" they could fit in to.

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Apr 19th 2015 at 11:59:46 PM •••

Good call. This trope does not apply to fandoms, only to characters.

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