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28th Feb, 2021 06:18:49 PM

Yeah, you need to announce your intention to launch the draft at least 24 hours in advance (usually with a comment and by adding a note to the title or laconic), and it only had 4 net hats at the time.

28th Feb, 2021 06:19:51 PM

What? Only four? I thought it has more.

28th Feb, 2021 06:34:23 PM

It has more now, but it was at 9 hats/5 bombs when it was initially launched.

28th Feb, 2021 09:21:50 PM

Should probably specify in case Rock Raider doesn't know, that "net" hats means the difference amount between hats and bombs.

I think he said "i thought it has more" referring to the gross hats, and not knowing the difference.

1st Mar, 2021 05:25:12 PM

Yeah, Bean Wiggan hit the nail on the head.

1st Mar, 2021 06:12:19 PM

Yeah, for future reference RockRaider, Bombs are there to subtract from the total hat count, so you need 5 hats after subtracting the amount of bombs.

2nd Mar, 2021 12:53:02 AM

And it's now launched with 10 hats and 6 bombs... I would like to snark, but nah.

Edited by Kuruni
2nd Mar, 2021 12:55:45 AM

Rock, you have to have 5 net hats, then you need to announce it on the page and then wait 24 hours ...

EDIT: Trope was unlaunched.

Edited by laserviking42

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