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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

28th Feb, 2021 04:44:26 PM

Did you try sending the troper a PM?

Edited by gjjones
28th Feb, 2021 05:42:20 PM

Yes. No reply since despite having sent it mere minutes after they've last edited.

1st Mar, 2021 12:01:14 PM

Bumping since I know the open discussion of datamining without proper quarantine is a huge problem in the Destiny community. I used to be part of this crowd myself, but changed my ways and am also trying to make sure datamines don't show up where they don't belong.

That being said, do I have the go-ahead to axe the line for the time being as a third party?

1st Mar, 2021 12:14:41 PM

Generally, deleting things that objectively break the wiki's policies is always OK, and it doesn't count as an Edit War.

1st Mar, 2021 12:21:35 PM

Alright, the line's gone citing Content Leak and ATT.


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