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22nd Feb, 2021 05:51:17 AM

There probably wouldn't be a trope that combines the two traits because it'd fall under The Same, but More Specific — specifically the part that says "a combination of article X and article Y".

So the question is, how are they annoying? Do they relentlessly correct other people's grammar? Then the character would just be "Usually a Nice Guy, but becomes a pedantic Grammar Nazi over the smallest mistakes."

22nd Feb, 2021 07:18:32 AM

What Iím thinking of is a character who is genuinely friendly and kind, but nevertheless ends up being very annoying to other characters for a reason that doesnít relate to their kindness (such as being extremely talkative, stupid, etc).

22nd Feb, 2021 07:31:49 AM

The Gadfly is deliberately annoying; Iím thinking mainly of unintentional annoyance.

22nd Feb, 2021 01:06:10 PM

In that case, Innocently Insensitive (paragraph 2).

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