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24th Nov, 2020 07:57:02 PM

Should I add back the entries?

25th Nov, 2020 09:25:42 PM

Bump. Any objections to adding the entires back?

26th Nov, 2020 03:36:12 AM

I think you should, by pointing to this discussion as the edit reason, and make it clear that any further removal is edit warring. Anything removed without an edit reason is dubious anyway.

26th Nov, 2020 11:46:12 AM

Just so you know, tidowo created a query in relation to this one. (I'm not sure why it isn't just a reply here but there's a bit of discussion in the replies.)

Berrenta MOD
26th Nov, 2020 09:16:48 PM

They edit warred, so even though they made a separate query on that to confess, they need mod intervention, so suspended.

27th Nov, 2020 12:03:03 AM

On that note,

I noticed from an edit lock that gomail was editing Trivia.My Little Pony Equestria Girls within minutes of my adding back the entries. This query, notes some suspect behavior from gomail on the subject of tidowo.

Most of gomail's edits seem legit. I hope it just a coincidence but at this point seems suspect and might warrant a look into.


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