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26th Mar, 2020 05:03:40 AM

Misery Builds Character doesn't fit well though cause rather then building character it's more like events can't play out unless the character suffers first.

Edited by DarkShadowBlaze
26th Mar, 2020 11:40:39 AM

Cosmic Plaything didn't fit either, that is more of world or some high power being out to make you miserable. What I am looking for is a trope where the character needs to get screwed over to have their fate play out.

Haven't found one that matches yet though so may need to visit trope launch pad.

26th Mar, 2020 11:49:18 AM

Doesn't that just make their fate or destiny (or whatever is in control of those things) the higher power in this instance?

26th Mar, 2020 02:13:23 PM

The problem is no one is deliberately screwing with the character cause it doesn't like them and it isn't all the time as with Cosmic Plaything. It's just that for fate/destiny to do its thing the character in question has to go through unfortunate circumstances first.

Hence why I used fate instead of cosmic which is basically saying universe plaything.

26th Mar, 2020 02:35:11 PM

Tropes Are Flexible. Fate, destiny, the will of the cosmos, the will of the gods... The rules may change depending on the setting, but usually what they amount to is just different ways of saying the same thing, particularly for any mortal who is at their mercy. In some cases, the plaything might never know who or what, if anything, is deciding their fate.

Edited by Unsung
26th Mar, 2020 03:18:29 PM

Again though for Cosmic Plaything it's not just one bad thing, but that things go wrong all the time and usually for no purpose other then to mess with the character. What I brought up though isn't bad things happening to mess with the character, but just cause fate can't happen unless the character goes through very specific circumstances that involves negative things happening to them. The purpose of their suffering is in order to make that fate happen and not to mess with the character.

26th Mar, 2020 03:41:27 PM

Alright then, maybe I'm getting hung up on semantics. I think it could be that the fate/destiny/plaything aspect isn't actually required for what you're asking? There's Necessary Fail for when the suffering is necessary for the character to become the person they need to be/events to play out in a way that ultimately turns out for the best, in a For Want of a Nail sort of way. Doesn't necessarily have to involve fate and/or time travel, thought it very often does.

Edited by Unsung
27th Mar, 2020 07:02:51 AM

Necessary Fail does fit more, but I am looking for one that has to do more with fate/destiny, but think that is the best we are going to get for tropes that match what I am looking for.

Thank you for your time.


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