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15th Feb, 2020 02:14:52 PM

I kinda took part in some of the complaining. I was the one who added the Jailbreak example to It's Hard, So It Sucks! since Jailbreak is a prime example of Stop Having Fun, Guys, with cops frequently arresting or shooting (and sometimes arresting and THEN shooting) any player who plays the role of a criminal. I was probably overreacting there; I have a bit of a temper when it comes to PVP games.

16th Feb, 2020 03:45:43 AM

Oh, don't worry about it. There's nothing wrong with your entry. My concern is that stuff like that is often the only times where specific users and their creations get mentioned, which might not be kosher and makes me wonder if we should just cut the entries to make the YMMV page only about Roblox-wide stuff as opposed to individual parts. And then there's the Overshadowed by Controversy thing that might not apply to small parts of a big, non-controversial gaming platform. Like does a controversial game being sold on a console make the console Overshadowed by Controversy? Probably not, so I'm wondering about how we should tackle it for Roblox's page.

16th Feb, 2020 10:27:54 AM

I feel like Roblox's pages in general are just a huge mess. From the main page alone, I can find ZCEs of the "one user did this with no real proof of existence" variety, Weblinks Are Not Examples, and troping users, which I'm fairly certain is not allowed. Also, it contains a link to an illicit website whose functions are in violation of Roblox's TOS.

The other moments pages also really lean hard into the "are meta examples valid" confusion and generally feel off for reasons I can't put my finger on right now.

16th Feb, 2020 11:34:53 AM

So the Roblox pages in general need some massive polishing, huh? Ok so I'm guessing that we can cut any YMMV stuff about specific users (meaning the MrObvious Overshadowed by Controversy entry has to go), but what about the stuff for games like some of the entries for It's Hard, So It Sucks! and Overshadowed by Controversy? Should those go too?

16th Feb, 2020 07:37:31 PM

On Creator pages, content can go on YMMV if they don't themselves have a work page. But Roblox isn't exactly a creator, but a platform, so it has little to do with the games made on it. I've not encountered a case like Roblox, but I guess the games would go on (in the above example) It's Hard, So It Sucks! in the appropriate folder but not on Roblox's YMMV.


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