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9th Jun, 2019 12:40:26 PM

Not sure the Ferengi's belief system quite crosses the line from "guiding philosophy" into "religion", but religions of that sort would fall under Scary Amoral Religion, of the Blue and Orange Morality variety.

Edited by Scorpion451
11th Jun, 2019 10:28:40 AM

Money Fetish is the closest I can come up with, though I'm guessing you're looking for a reaction to money as a religious or soulful experience rather than something, uh, physical.

I scanned the Money Tropes index and couldn't find anything closer. You could try to create a proposal at the Launch Pad to see if there are enough examples to merit a trope page.

11th Jun, 2019 10:31:20 AM

The Ferengi afterlife is basically a great big stock market in the sky, if I'm remembering it right, and their funeral rites involve auctioning off slices of their own bodies as souvenirs. Something of a sympathetic/comedic deconstruction in DS 9, like with the rest of that show's portrayal of the Ferengi.

I think it's viable along with other more specific subtropes of Odd Job Gods, as long as there are enough well-written examples.


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