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15th May, 2019 03:19:17 PM

I wondered the same thing too...

15th May, 2019 03:44:33 PM

Typically the "adapted from" sorting only happens for fanfic tropes, because otherwise the Fan Works folder would be massive. Not sure why it happened here.

15th May, 2019 05:03:03 PM

Truer to the Text and Adaptation Dye-Job are the same name. It makes it easier to find examples when they're not spread out.

15th May, 2019 05:17:57 PM

Those pages do spread out the examples. I'm not understanding what you mean to say.

16th May, 2019 06:27:31 AM

^ All examples are in one section instead of in multiple sections.

16th May, 2019 07:22:03 AM

There are three subpages and thirteen folders, for a total of sixteen sections. Examples are spread across sections by medium of the original work rather than by medium of the example.

Edited by crazysamaritan
16th May, 2019 08:17:20 AM

It seems to me that, unless there's a strong reason otherwise, examples should always be sorted by the medium adapted to. That's how they're placed on work pages, after all: you wouldn't put an Adapted Out example for a book-only character on Literature.A Song Of Ice And Fire, you'd put it on Series.Game Of Thrones, because that's the work where the trope actually happens.

(And indeed, there are so many examples that it has its own page under the Game of Thrones namespace.)

Edited by HighCrate
19th May, 2019 06:16:27 AM

So should the examples on Adapted Out (and subsequently Adaptation Dye-Job and Truer to the Text) be re-organised?

19th May, 2019 06:58:34 AM

~Pichu-san seems to be the only one in this thread against the change, but I don't know why.


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