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13th Apr, 2019 02:56:22 PM

It was cutlisted:

"Note: This page was cut for reason: subpage to cut page"

13th Apr, 2019 03:01:30 PM

Is this what you're looking for?

Edit: If not, then you could probably request that the old page's example be moved to this page.

Edited by RoundRobin
13th Apr, 2019 07:25:16 PM

It was probably cutlisted along with the old Star War 9 namespace, which was made before the title was even known.

If you're looking for the old entries to add back to the page, here's the latest version saved on the Wayback Machine.

14th Apr, 2019 11:52:56 AM

Thanks chasemaddigan.

14th Apr, 2019 06:51:20 PM

I'd have assumed it was just migrated to WMG.The Rise Of Skywalker. There's certainly an absurd amount of things there for two day old WMG page for a movie we have little more than a couple minute teaser about that I can believe it was moved from elsewhere.

Edited by sgamer82
14th Apr, 2019 07:03:45 PM

^ I don't think it was, checking the page edit history.

15th Apr, 2019 09:26:59 PM

Do you mind if I add some of my old WMG to the WMG.The Rise Of Skywalker?

Edited by Jesse220

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