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25th Feb, 2019 01:39:29 PM

Given he added it back without so much as an edit reason and you immediately brought it up here, I think you should be fine even though you technically jumped the gun. Helps that you're 100% correct. She has a lot of cleavage, but it's not absolute.

25th Feb, 2019 01:57:39 PM

It wasn't I who re-deleted it - I didn't jump the gun but just came straight here to report it, to avoid edit warring. It was High Crate who deleted it the second time.

Edited by GnomeTitan
Fighteer MOD
26th Feb, 2019 06:31:21 AM

I have suspended darkemyst for edit warring.

26th Feb, 2019 07:37:47 AM

^^ My bad, apologies for accidentally accusing you. Didn't look closely enough at the histories.


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