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30th Nov, 2018 05:21:13 PM

Since the Cooper family are main characters in Young Sheldon and minor characters in TBBT, it actually makes more sense to split the tropes between both shows. While Young Sheldon should get the tropes that occur in both shows because the family are main characters there, tropes that occur only in TBBT belong only in TBBT. Links should be put that direct the users to Young Sheldon or TBBT: Please see here for tropes that occur only in The Big Bang Theory and Please see here for tropes that also occur in Young Sheldon.

7th Apr, 2019 08:59:47 AM

Agreed; Sheldon in the Spin-Off isn't exactly the same character as Sheldon in the original (Character Development and other reasons). They occur decades apart and don't use the exact same tropes.

7th Apr, 2019 10:44:39 AM

Agreed. We did a similar thing to the original characters in Avatar the last airbender when they showed up on Legend of Korra.

8th Apr, 2019 07:46:32 AM

I'm just surprised at how little content is on all the Young Sheldon pages. Desperately needs some Wiki magic. (I'd do it myself but I only recently started watching and am not up to speed yet.)

But yeah, it might be a good idea to split up characters from the different eras between the shows. I believe a similar thing was done with Frasier Crane, with his Cheers tropes and his Frasier tropes placed on their respective shows.

Edited by thecarolinabull01
8th Apr, 2019 10:48:31 PM

Ok, I'll start moving the context of character tropes only specific to TBBT and Young Sheldon. Sheldon has his own page so I won't move anything about him.

Edited by annette12

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