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13th Jun, 2018 02:28:03 PM

I'm not really certain of the difference between the two, and have been assuming that Market-Based Title is when all three occur:

I've been using Completely Different Title when both occur:

  • The title from the original Language translates to A/B/C/D
  • The translated title is X

Changing the way names/title are spelled/pronounced when translated is People Sit on Chairs, so that's how I've understood each one is distinct from "work gets a translation".

13th Jun, 2018 05:02:15 PM

In my understanding they are:

Market-Based Title is when the alternative or translated name is more appropriate, like changing translations because it could be offensive, or changing the name between UK/US to prevent misunderstandings, etc (like The Avengers being released as Marvel's Avengers Assemble in the UK). Good examples might also be if the work in language A is a pun or an idiom, it will be changed to an equally accurate version in other languages (or between regional English).

Completely Different Title is when a translated/alternative title is so different to the original you wouldn't be able to tell they were the same work from name.

13th Jun, 2018 08:12:58 PM

changing the name between UK/US to prevent misunderstandings
Examples of a work being released under a new name in the same language I've been putting under Publisher-Chosen Title and Orwellian Retcon. Then again, most of the works I'm talking about were released more than once in America.

13th Jun, 2018 08:32:53 PM

I'm unfamiliar with Orwellian Retcon Orwellian Retcon seems to be about re-releasing works with edits or updates in, but complaining about it.

I treat Publisher-Chosen Title as just a separate piece of trivia not mutually exclusive to either CDT or MBT.


  • The Spanish dubs of One Day at a Time are different, it's Un día a la vez in Latin America and Día a día in Europe. The America one is a direct translation, while the European one is a translation of the phrase "day by day". This is not so Completely Different that the show is unrecognisable from its name, but it is a change Based On The Market because the other phrase is more common in Europe.
  • The UK release of The Avengers used the name Marvel's Avengers Assemble because of a very successful British TV show called The Avengers already existing. This is Market-Based Title because there is a regionally specific reason for a change in the name to a better option. It is not a Publisher-Chosen Title because Marvel Studios made the decision. It may be a Completely Different Title, but in the inverse: British fans who are unaware that other releases are The Avengers (and yes, many do exist) are unlikely to recognise it by name because even if it's only a few words short of being the same thing, for some people in the UK those other words are the most important parts of the title. They either will be confused or assume you're talking about the TV show.

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