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13th Jun, 2018 01:29:49 PM

Liminal Being is the general trope here- characters split between states or natures like Schrodinger's Cat, whether that be philosophically or literally. It sounds like this series is playing quite a bit with various forms of the trope and its subtropes via Reality Retcon. Also might be worth adding as an example of the most extreme end of Temporal Mutability.

The boy would be a Paradox Person, in that they exist in an impossible state of being both sick and well; the girl who went on the trip might also qualify as an example depending on what repercussions her paradox has.

There's a good chance Schrödinger's Butterfly is in play as well, if the characters or those around them wonder if they're going crazy.

See Ripple Effect Indicator for any strangeness that comes about because of all this messing with reality, and Ripple Proof Memory for those who notice what's going on.

Edited by Scorpion451
19th Jun, 2018 09:17:23 PM

That's great help, thanks!