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9th Feb, 2018 12:32:28 PM


That's giving two conflicting reasons why it's marked NRLE and I'd be inclined to remove the first one because it's edgy and confrontational as hell.

9th Feb, 2018 12:44:48 PM

It needs to be revised. For one, the implication on No Real L Ife Examples Please is that this trope attracts complaining and natter — not that it is "too common" as that second sentence implies.

I suggest removing the Truth in Television sentence completely since it doesn't make sense (we don't do general "examples"). And the other sentence could be revised as "Due to problems in the past, we are asking for No Real Life Examples Please"

9th Feb, 2018 03:39:15 PM

I want to zap that second paragraph with the words "Truth in Television". Anyone agree?

9th Feb, 2018 09:43:54 PM

Both versions need to be perma nuked.

9th Feb, 2018 09:54:05 PM

Both of them are bad. Simply stating the reason for why it's listed on the NRLEP page should be enough.

Edit: The "you're just another sheep in the herd" part of the first sentence was added in November with no edit reason, presumably unilaterally. Still, the first sentence (including the part that was already there) is oddly negative coming from a trope that's listed as forbidding real-life examples because it would attract flamebait and complaining, and the second sentence is redundant with the site's policy against general examples.

Edited by GastonRabbit
10th Feb, 2018 06:56:58 PM

Nuke both. If nothing else, discussing RL people's sanity or lack thereof is gossiping, besides the reasons on the NRLEP page.

10th Feb, 2018 11:08:51 PM

I cut it down to just NLREP.