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An Original Character Tournament currently accepting auditions, housed at deviantArt and hosted by CrowbarTK-Hullo.

An enigmatic group of beings called the Weavers seek the strongest combatant across the multiverse. To find this warrior, they set up a fighting tournament. The prize? The universe-connecting Hub itself, in which you will be staying throughout this course of events, as well as a lifetime supply of Scott's masterful handjobs.


This OCT contains examples of the following tropes:

The Weavers


  • Alexandra Ivanova - Werewolf mob boss. Once pooped an entire bar stool.
  • Cyrus - Simerian swordsman, sailor and adventurer. Technically, sex with him counts as bestiality.
  • Eze Xe Deus - Arcane scholar and incurable showoff. Really wants to either be a dragon, or fuck one. He isn't sure which.
  • Freddie - Aging rock star pursuing an ill advised comeback tour.
  • Ketzichul aka Kettle - Dog god and storytelling enthusiast. Once got lost in a Mcdonalds car park.
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  • Leisi - Laid back pyromancer and delivery girl. Will amount to nothing in life, but sells really amazing pot.
  • Lucien Deroy - Quebecois corporate spy. Currently on holidays from his day job at 2fort. Secretly nostalgic for his previous career urinating in front of a webcam.
  • Mason - Retired German fetish porn star with a passion for archeology. Once accidentally killed a man at a fetish convention, then covered up the crime with Lucien.
  • Moss - Professional creeper stalker, with restraining orders from a wide variety of gods and mythical creatures. Weekend disco enthusiast.
  • Richard Brisk - Crowd control cyborg. Has been told to stop going through the carwash.
  • Steve Evans - An ordinary guy who's dead from the neck down. He ate fiberglass insulation once, but he doesn't like to talk about it.
  • Scott Golan - Ambitious would be heir to the crown of the Hobo King. Lives in a box. Gives discount handy-j's most weeknights in the alley off the main road.
  • Taevica Xiretis - A vampire princess, banished from her kingdom due to her unsightly compulsion to rummage through trash cans.
  • Quix de Tellou - Ambitious and flamboyant necromancer with an insatiable hunger for cock.
  • Yves Desmarais - cocksure lesbian trying to make her own way in a man's world. Is yonic. Is hella yonic.


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