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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

1st Jan, 2018 09:57:54 PM

Then he should be suspended and banned.

1st Jan, 2018 11:01:55 PM

Have you sent any notifiers? I'm not sure that's enough to help, though.

If you didn't already, please bring that page to the Complaints Thread so we can fix it up. Beyond that, maybe PM the user to the thread.

Armour Mitts, we don't want colorful commentary like that overall because it's for the Mods to decide and take care of. A little history; The edit banned thread used to allow anyone to post. A lot of regular users made colorful commentary that did nothing to help the situation. Thanks to many users' suggestions(and a crowner, maybe? I forget. I know I thought it was a good idea too), it was closed off to everyone that isn't the Moderation and a suspended user. This the reason why, because it's not useful to call for people to be suspended. Just report it and any details of use, and it's all good.

2nd Jan, 2018 12:16:56 AM

What Irene said. You can ask for a tap on the shoulder, which directs the mods' attention while leaving details up to then, but asking explicitly for a ban is highly discouraged.

2nd Jan, 2018 01:26:32 AM

Suspended. And for the record I don't mind that "colourful commentary" but I do mind people who feel the need to chit-chat in ATT threads. That creates a huge signal to noise trainwreck.