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Alas Poor Donny's Recent Edits

1st Jan 18 10:14:09Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H
1st Jan 18 09:58:52Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H
1st Jan 18 09:48:37Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H
1st Jan 18 09:31:12Motive Decay.Film
1st Jan 18 09:05:57Bring It
30th Dec 17 10:54:53Alternative Character Interpretation.Star Wars
30th Dec 17 10:27:56Idiot Plot.Star Wars
30th Dec 17 10:27:30Idiot Plot.Star Wars
30th Dec 17 10:17:45Hidden In Plain Sight
30th Dec 17 10:05:20Hidden In Plain Sight
28th Dec 17 01:17:32Vagueness Is Coming
26th Dec 17 10:12:05Designated Hero.Live Action Films
23rd Dec 17 05:39:25Inertia Is A Cruel Mistress
23rd Dec 17 05:15:26Antimagical Faction
23rd Dec 17 12:18:00Creepy Blue Eyes
23rd Dec 17 12:04:21YMMV.Sherlock
23rd Dec 17 10:43:08Bad Powers Good People
23rd Dec 17 09:36:59The Coconut Effect
23rd Dec 17 05:18:03Dispel Magic
23rd Dec 17 05:04:27YMMV.Sword Of Truth
22nd Dec 17 04:31:33Tabletop Game.Dungeons And Dragons
22nd Dec 17 04:19:08To Be Lawful Or Good
22nd Dec 17 03:59:06Film.Man Of Steel
22nd Dec 17 03:57:08Film.Man Of Steel
24th Aug 17 03:28:55Magic Versus Science
13th Aug 17 01:44:57Fridge.Static Shock
1st Jul 17 02:00:34Always Night
26th May 17 10:44:48Elemental Baggage
19th May 17 01:43:47Literature.Dragonlance
19th May 17 01:35:02Clap Your Hands If You Believe
19th May 17 01:28:46Headscratchers.Mage The Ascension
19th May 17 01:18:02YMMV.Mage The Ascension
19th May 17 12:51:06Tabletop Game.Vampire The Masquerade
19th May 17 12:42:36Headscratchers.Beauty And The Beast
19th May 17 12:32:54Headscratchers.Beauty And The Beast
19th May 17 12:24:09YMMV.Beauty And The Beast
19th May 17 12:15:18YMMV.Beauty And The Beast
19th May 17 12:03:23Cut Lex Luthor A Check
18th May 17 11:45:56Who Dares
18th May 17 11:39:17Space Jews
18th May 17 08:42:26Headscratchers.The Handmaids Tale
14th May 17 07:21:32Normally I Would Be Dead Now
14th May 17 01:07:51YMMV.Game Of Thrones
14th May 17 12:21:20Mistaken For Gay
14th May 17 12:11:06Phantasy Spelling
9th May 17 02:28:34Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic
9th May 17 02:22:49Becoming The Mask
8th May 17 05:53:57Girl Genius.Tropes U To Z
8th May 17 05:43:47Girl Genius.Tropes U To Z
8th May 17 04:57:32Precursors
8th May 17 04:48:43No Biochemical Barriers
1st May 17 10:00:33Literature.Worm
1st May 17 06:48:51Nightmare Fuel.The Dresden Files
1st May 17 09:48:21YMMV.Dumbing Of Age
1st May 17 02:00:42Headscratchers.American Gods
27th Apr 17 05:32:56Webcomic.Spacetrawler
27th Apr 17 04:57:31WMG.Morphe
25th Apr 17 10:49:34Video Game.The Secret World
25th Apr 17 10:34:27Video Game.The Secret World
25th Apr 17 10:15:49Extra Strength Masquerade
25th Apr 17 08:14:45YMMV.Harry Potter
25th Apr 17 04:49:03Forgot About His Powers
25th Apr 17 04:28:21Forgot About His Powers
23rd Apr 17 03:35:37Literature.Super Powereds
20th Apr 17 03:21:49Literature.Emberverse
20th Apr 17 11:29:32Reality Warper
20th Apr 17 11:23:45Reality Warper
20th Apr 17 09:19:20Appeal To Inherent Nature
20th Apr 17 01:02:52YMMV.The Dresden Files
20th Apr 17 12:53:00YMMV.The Dresden Files
19th Apr 17 05:57:00YMMV.Least I Could Do
24th Jan 17 11:46:57Nightmare Fuel.Beast The Primordial
24th Jan 17 11:32:45WMG.New World Of Darkness
24th Jan 17 11:18:44Headscratchers.New World Of Darkness
24th Jan 17 11:08:26Tabletop Game.Beast The Primordial
24th Jan 17 10:56:58YMMV.Beast The Primordial
23rd Jan 17 05:45:03Fix Fic
20th Jan 17 04:31:58Sensible Heroes Skimpy Villains
20th Jan 17 02:28:06Friendly Fireproof
20th Jan 17 02:27:05Friendly Fireproof
18th Jan 17 09:48:03Tabletop Game.GURPS
18th Jan 17 09:34:55Tabletop Game.GURPS
18th Jan 17 09:24:15With This Herring
18th Jan 17 07:15:22Character Alignment
18th Jan 17 06:59:11Character Alignment
18th Jan 17 06:04:06Scunthorpe Problem
18th Jan 17 04:51:42Entropy And Chaos Magic
18th Jan 17 11:25:58Defrosting Ice Queen
18th Jan 17 11:08:08The Greatest History Never Told
17th Jan 17 11:52:32Fridge.Supernatural
17th Jan 17 11:36:41WMG.Supernatural
17th Jan 17 11:13:27Supernatural.Tropes M To P
16th Jan 17 10:01:14Cardboard Prison
16th Jan 17 09:54:18The Order Of The Stick.Tropes A To C
16th Jan 17 09:43:26Weirdness Censor
16th Jan 17 09:19:58Humanoid Abomination
13th Jan 17 01:20:31My Species Doth Protest Too Much
12th Jan 17 09:22:32Required Secondary Powers.Tabletop Game
12th Jan 17 09:16:05Required Secondary Powers.Comic Books
12th Jan 17 09:00:01Required Secondary Powers.Comic Books
4th Jan 17 01:08:16Heroes.Tropes R To U
4th Jan 17 11:25:21Badass Bystander
4th Jan 17 09:09:19Headscratchers.The Wheel Of Time
3rd Jan 17 10:37:28Video Game.EVE Online
4th Dec 16 01:49:59Series.Z Nation
4th Dec 16 01:42:36YMMV.Z Nation
4th Dec 16 01:35:28Series.Z Nation
30th Nov 16 07:39:17His Name Really Is Barkeep
30th Nov 16 07:18:09Given Name Reveal
30th Nov 16 04:15:51Series.Westworld
13th Nov 16 11:31:56Science Related Memetic Disorder
13th Nov 16 02:10:37Technician Versus Performer
13th Nov 16 01:44:13WMG.Tales Of MU
13th Nov 16 01:08:50Literature.Tales Of MU
22nd Oct 16 03:46:20Series.Power
21st Oct 16 01:16:55Space Whale Aesop
21st Oct 16 11:07:55Strawman Has A Point
18th Oct 16 08:41:25Series.Power
16th Oct 16 10:44:18Sufficiently Analyzed Magic