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10th Nov, 2017 04:56:40 AM

Posting misinformation is a huge do-not-do on Tv Tropes. If you can confirm misinformation, delete the offending entries or content. If they re-add without discussion or before a consensus is reached, they'll be edit warring.

An Edit War is defined as when two tropers contest an edit on the articles; one troper added a thing, another deleted, and the the first one re-added. Or vice versa.

10th Nov, 2017 07:23:19 AM

Since a ban-evader who spreads misinformation has been active recently, I'd suspect Vukdrazic of foul play.

10th Nov, 2017 07:37:48 AM

No evidence of ban evasion in the technical data although they may be an IP hopper. Some of that info is evidently false and thus I've suspended them.