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9th Nov, 2017 05:34:52 PM

You can't create YMMV pages for creators. That's why it was cutlisted.

10th Nov, 2017 03:27:06 AM

You follow the rules, not whatever your "Troper Gut" tells you.

10th Nov, 2017 07:39:37 AM

Creator Page Guidelines (the rules in question) do not disallow opinions on a creator's work, just opinions on their person.

10th Nov, 2017 07:54:53 AM

Thank you, Septimus. I agree.

It wasn't necessarily about Roberts as a person, but rather the Love It or Hate It nature of her work and the potential audience reactions to it. The fact that I am not a fan of her work does not imply that I hate her as a human being; her movies simply aren't my cup of tea, and I'm not alone in holding that view. It's a sentiment shared by a considerable amount of critics and audience members. Likewise, I don't hate Michael Bay, even if I believe he isn't the finest director around.

10th Nov, 2017 08:05:23 AM

The creator page is about them as a person. You can post (polite, neutral-voiced) criticism of their work on the work pages for their films.

"Everything they've ever done sucks" is just too much like a personal attack no matter how you try to phrase it.

Edited by DracMonster
10th Nov, 2017 08:07:02 AM

The thing is, Critical Dissonance is a YMMV item, so it can't fit on the creator page.

10th Nov, 2017 08:48:00 AM

Creator Page Guidelines: "Please don't list Audience Reactions or YMMV for a creator (unless it's for one of their works that doesn't already have a page or for their general work)."

10th Nov, 2017 08:48:29 AM

And creator pages are about their work as well.

Fighteer MOD
10th Nov, 2017 09:18:10 AM

The only time a YMMV item is valid on a Creator subpage is:

  • It is about a specific work (as opposed to their general body of work).
  • That specific work does not already have an article.

That's it, no exceptions.

10th Nov, 2017 09:31:59 AM

Not a mod but if you do have an issue with an actor, than if you feel that strongly about something, consider if it is something you should bring up before adding.

10th Nov, 2017 05:02:20 PM

There's review sections for works, and other sites that allow expressing opinions about real life people. But we don't trope real life people here.

11th Nov, 2017 02:19:53 AM

@Fighteer: The guidelines do not disallow YMMV items on a creator's general body of work. And there is no reason for such to be disallowed, either.

11th Nov, 2017 04:03:05 AM

You mean Examples Are Not General allows for examples to refer to no specific work?

11th Nov, 2017 06:16:00 AM

One can argue so in the context of a specific creator, yes. The Creator guidelines assuredly do not disallow it.

11th Nov, 2017 07:08:14 AM

Okay, we have mods disagreeing on policy. Should there maybe be a forum thread made to hash out consensus on this?

Edited by DracMonster
11th Nov, 2017 06:16:35 PM

If it helps, I always understood it to be don't ymmv creators, but you can ymmv their works without pages or their body of work in general, as long as it's explicitly work-centric, rather than audience- or creator-centric (e.g. acceptable may be Most Annoying Sound: this creator's voice is often criticized as being a negative aspect in their movies/work without page) on a YMMV/CreatorName page, but with fair judgment calls because real life is always uncertain. So — if you're not sure it's kosher, don't. Like, the examples in the description may be interpreted as "her work does X", but also as "she does X through her work", so shouldn't be in.

Edited by lakingsif