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30th Mar, 2016 08:18:00 PM

Write a full description of the work and have at least three tropes (which shouldn't be a problem if you're splitting off from an existing page). That's really all. Of course, more is better.

Edited by HeraldAlberich
30th Mar, 2016 09:54:46 PM

Thanks. I'll get it started right now.

30th Mar, 2016 10:07:31 PM

No problem. More details are at How to Create a Works Page. Also, if you want to draft it without fear that an incomplete page will be cut again, you can use the Sandbox namespace. Sandbox.Injustice Gods Among Us would need to be cut once you're done with it, or you can use Sandbox.caivu as a permanent workspace. Then copy-paste your draft back into the ComicBook namespace when it's ready.

Edited by HeraldAlberich
30th Mar, 2016 11:26:57 PM

It's now made and fleshed out to a decent degree for a start. Indexed and crosswicked a bit, should be okay.

31st Mar, 2016 01:34:23 AM

Yep, looks good. Canon Foreigner needs context, but nice job overall.


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