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A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers

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Sep 16th 2019 at 11:13:57 AM

Oil Refinery

After a few seconds of tapping away at the MFDs in the cockpit, Rico finally managed to access his Glasgow's weapons panel... and it was empty. There were apparently hardpoints on the thing, but all of them were free. Of course, though, the destroyed Glasgow on the ground was still datalinked to his as a friendly, and he could see through the link that *it* had a cannon on it. Only two rounds left, but two rounds was twice as good as no rounds.

Rico took a second to orient himself, not yet trusting himself to be able to loot the cannon off of the destroyed mech without destroying it or himself. It didn't look like there were many enemies around... none willing to attack, anyways. Just a few likely reporting on his every move.

Rosalina then floated forwards. She looked at it for a few moments, then announced that she'd managed to find and activate remote control systems in the Knightmare. She also noted the cannon, and offered to have her Lumas install it. Rico flipped the switch for his Glasgow's external speakerphones to turn on. "I would greatly appreciate that, Miss Rosalina. I do not quite trust my skill with this bipedal machine enough to liberate it for myself... not without also liberating my soul from its body, anyways."

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"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
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Sep 16th 2019 at 5:33:59 PM

Former Soviet Mine

"I like your doll," Isabelle said to Elize. "It's pretty cute."

"Oooh, is that ham? Or... oooh wait, turkey?" the pink alligator happily remarked while eating her sandwich.

At this point in time, trying to recreate the screams of a large man burning to death in text format would prove futile, but P'li could rest assured that he did indeed make some truly unsettling screeches before falling down dead. Whether he was killed by the fire, or from one of the many, many gunshots blasting his way, knives being thrown around, the weird shadow arms just going around choking people, or whatever unpleasant things the Akihabarans were subjecting the soldiers to, it was quite difficult to tell. Between all those factors, what little remained of the garrison was swiftly dealt with and left laying on the cold hard ground.

One wanton orgy of violence and death later, a bunch of dirty-looking animal people with pickaxes and shovels and other tools cautiously emerged from a run-down-looking oversized shed. It seemed to be their sleeping quarters that the guards had shoved them into during the fighting.

"H-hey! A-are you here to help us?" one Gorilla with a pickaxe asked cautiously as he exited the shack.

"Oh my, so many bodies... so many bodies...." A Zebra with a prybar commented as she looked around the area.

All told, nearly twenty of the short animal folk emerged from the shed

Bandit Town Refinery

"Well, make sure your grandfather is careful at least," Rosalina told Lune. "The power source is very dangerous and won't last much longer either, so I'll remove it once we know the area is safe, but then you'll need to get a new escape pod for it, as well as a new generator."

A couple of Lumas flew on in with a toolbox each, and started drilling and wrenching and screwdriving away at the mounted gun and transferred it to Rico's Knightmare for the time being. One Luma with a mustache floated over to him.

"Thing's only good for two shots, pal. Gotta be careful and make 'em count."

Fattie's Diner - Gotham

An unassuming Subaru playing a Top 40 station slightly above reasonable levels pulled into the parking lot of Fattie's Diner and came to a stop in one of the many empty spaces. Perhaps one of the benefits of being in the ass-end of the city was that the parking was always ample at Fattie's. Or maybe people knew not to eat there. Either way, it wasn't hard for Juniper to park and then escort Storc into the diner to take a seat at a booth.

"Boy.... That sure was a setback, huh? Guess we're lucky to be alive. Thanks for trying to save my life and sacrifice yourself and all that, lemme buy you some waffles okay? Everyone loves waffles." She waved over at the incredibly overweight man behind the kitchen counter and shouted his way. "Two waffle plates with bacon, and eggs, and sausage, please! Oh, and coffee!"

"So anyway, I guess now that we lost the base and all that I guess we're sorta homeless and - oh, thanks." An old woman walked up with a pot of coffee, filled up two cups, and then walked away. She wasn't in the business of listening to whatever bullshit troubles people had when they came in for lunch. Or dinner. Or whatever the hell they were eating. "But at least you and Reiko and the boss and I all managed to make it out alive, right? You texted 'em right? And at least I can afford a couple of meals before I'm broke! So we got plenty of time to figure things out."

Wrecking Yard - Gotham

Naga wiped her forehead with her arm.

"Alright then, I think that's a good start," she said.

"Oh yes, of course, an excellent start, truly something only someone as brilliant as you could come up with," Albedo replied to her master.

"Right, yes, I'm amazing, Naga the Serpent, master sorceress... ANYWAY!" She gestured into the wrecking yard, where hundreds upon hundreds of cars were all sprawled out practically next to each other. A dozen rock golems busied themselves with hammering their fists into various bits of metal. "You know, I was expecting there to be more people here to explain my plan to.... Oh well, they'll just have to see my greatness for themselves!"

With a bit of magical application, a few pieces of sheet metal, and a bit of motor oil, several of the junkers that were sitting there in the wrecking yard now had a five-foot-tall metal billboard that ran their length from the hood to the trunk.

And on both sides of the billboards, in large lettering, were the words CODY TRAVERS, YOUR NEW MAYOR!

"Now to put them places where people can see them!" After some enthusiastic clapping, the mindless hunks of rock started pushing each car out of the wrecking yard and into the city itself, erecting the eyesore/barricade/advertisement trifectas throughout the city.

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E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
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Sep 17th 2019 at 9:48:05 AM

Bandit Town HQ - Gespenst

The black mech had actually gone up to the top of the tower, still dragging along the 'captive' with him, regardless of whether or not Lelouch would try to stop him from doing so, after all the teenager was a scrawny noodle and he was a combat robot. He wanted some fresh air and to look at the sky, even if it was polluted due to currently being in a god damn oil refinery, and no one was going to stop him.

"Finally! This mission is over!"

he almost wanted to jump for joy, still there was a matter of what to do with this captive that had been such a weird issue. He turned to her and then crouched down.

"Ok, I want all the details. First give me your name and who you work for, then explain to me what you were saying earlier before what's his name tried to shut you up."

Char - Drow Assault

Char let out a sigh of relief, and brushed some spider chunks off his armor. This mission had been a bit too close for comfort, and his rusted combat skills had nearly failed him a few times through out the battle, but the fact no one important seemed dead was a good sign.

"I suppose that this marks the first battle as our victory, we should enjoy it while we can."

Char checked his ammo reserves to realize he was completely tapped out at this point. he had nothing left in him beyond his axe, which only made him feel all the more relieved that the fighting had ended when it did.

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
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Sep 17th 2019 at 1:23:08 PM

Siluca - Adventurer’s Guild

Waiting to hear what the others thought, Siluca glanced over as Toriel and Ruby approached. While rifles of the caliber that killed the numerous victims were dangerous, the mage wondered how well the goat-woman would be able to protect Yue, having observed some of the detective's abilities beforehand.

When Ruby made her offer, Siluca thought for a moment. The Administrator did not think it would be significantly difficult to apprehend Reiko once she was found, assuming she did wander back into Akihabara, though she did not think that would be the case if the assassin was holed up in Gotham with Giovanni. At the same time, Siluca’s faction did not have much of a presence in Gotham, and having some friends there would be handy.

“I’m sure that if Reiko or whoever this assassin might be returns to this city, we should not have too much difficulty apprehending them," the mage said to the Huntress. "But I’m sure we can reward you if you do help us apprehend the culprit, as there’s no guarantee that they’ll return.”

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Sep 17th 2019 at 4:02:43 PM

Maria, Former Soviet Mine

"We are... sorry you all have to see this, but..." Maria began as she dispelled Zhu Que, and offered her hand to the closest animal person in friendship. "We found Isabelle... She told us enough about your situation when we rescued her to know we could not let it continue."

"My name is Maria... Maria Renard," Maria introduced herself to the others.

Wizard Needs Food Badly
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Sep 17th 2019 at 5:01:44 PM

Yue - Adventurer's Guild

Subtle glances were exchanged, and Yue soon joined Daud and the others nearby, listening intently and scratching away at her notepad. Assassins, military bullets...

"This would seem to indicate against your classic serial killer." She mused aloud, tapping her pencil to her lips. "A sniper's shot is too... distant. Impersonal." She sighed and tipped the brim of her hat back, adding, "I wouldn't rule it out just yet, however, not in a case with this many unknowns."

This only compounded her own questions. What was the killer's motive? If they really were an assassin, what was their client's motive? They had barely scratched the surface of this case, it seemed. Speaking of which...

"I didn't get a lot out of the my first witness, I'm afraid." She said with a slight rueful twist to her lips, flicking back to her notes and recapping her conclusions to the ad-hoc investigation team. The victim had been a saint, well-regarded by his community, with a gambling rivalry with a figure called 'Glasses' being the only obvious lead.

"I'd like to question the families of the other victims too. We might be able to see some sort of pattern beyond just where they were killed, discern a motive for these killings... but it's a a long shot, and it'll take time and more manpower than I have at my disposal."

As Siluca chimed in, Yue straightened up, concern flashing over her expression.

"We shouldn't go into this with our sights set on a single suspect." She cautioned the others, folding her arms and giving Siluca a look from under her hat brim. "There are how many thousand people in akihabara, and how many people arrive every day? How many of them are trained marksmen? We should consider Reiko, yes, but it is much too early to start building a case against her."

A dread suspicion was forming in the young detective's mind - if this wasn't wrapped up in the Frontier's politics, it could soon wind up that way. Siluca was a politician, and a shrewd one at that. It wasn't that Yue suspected the administrator of using the case to deal with a rival - she just wasn't dismissing the idea either.

Her train of thought was momentarily paused by Toriel's voice, Yue tipping her head up and back to listen to the goat-like woman's offer, her eyebrows flicking up in surprise. A bodyguard? That was actually something of a first. Now that she knew she was dealing with a marksman, there were certain defenses she fully intended to keep raised until this case was over. She had expected to be working alone, but she wasn't about to turn down a volunteer.

"No objections here." She replied, nodding to Toriel. "I won't say no to another pair of hands, at least."

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Sep 17th 2019 at 11:15:48 PM

Reiko, Gotham FIGHT

Well. That was over.

Reiko, one of the only humans left alive (the way Juniper spoke precluded her from "human being" status of course) stared at the remains of men, dead or tainted and dead, with the usual amount of excitement. The biggest way she could celebrate her victory was a sharp exhale, as she put her rifle back into her case.

"...Cloak, off."

And then, Reiko-in-a-fancy-looking-rain-jacket appeared before the bodies that gave her audience. The were but two things that came to mind at that moment. One, that the Boss probably wanted to see her. The second was something that she felt so strongly that she had to try and resist saying it aloud.

What words hung on her lips? "Boss is a double-crossing maniac?" "Boss is a useless idiot?" "Honestly, I am unsure why I even signed up with him in the first place?"

No. She said it firmly and clearly.

"...I need to feed my cat."

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Chabal2 Fear me from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
Sep 18th 2019 at 4:32:22 AM

Mokou, Drow Battlefield

-Mokou pricks her finger on an obsidian shard but picks up the golem's heart. Though carved from a precious gem, it seems to pulse from within.-

It seems alive... Wonder if it can be put inside another one?

P'li, Tunnel

-P'li looks over the bodies of the guards. She feels no remorse for her actions, such would be the fate of all oppressors if she had her way. The liberated beast-folk seem worried, it would be best to put their minds at ease and enlist their help, perhaps even recruiting them into the Tau'va. A shame that she has yet to master the Shas'O's language.-

I am Shazgevezwi P'li. Do you know if there are any other guards remaining?

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Sep 18th 2019 at 9:28:09 PM

Entry 4 Part 29 (Lune & Company) - Bandit Town Oil Refinery

“Alright!” I exclaimed to the galactic princess. While I watched Rosalina's stars do their work on Rico's Knightmare, I attempted to contact Eve via radio. “Hey. You mind helping me work on this broken mecha. If you do, I will share the secrets of this technology with you.”

Kisara - Koopa Kasino

Seeing as this was my chance to get back at the Joker for daring to hurt a perfectly good mayoral candidate, I quickly snatched a flyer from Eggman. He will pay in blood! Oh, he will pay in blood! I quickly scanned the location for now. Everyone here is still resting up after that big fight, so they're not as willing as I to take on the Joker.

“Thanks, Doctor. I w-will put this to, uh, good use.”

Gunther - Drow Raid

So the fight was over...? Sadly, Gunther had to miss the conclusion because he fell asleep again after blasting those disgusting cookie-eaters. Why does Gunther always have to miss those awesome moments? Curse his narcolepsy!

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Sep 19th 2019 at 3:43:34 AM

Vessel, I Was Helping

Long story short, they've managed. The defenders fell before the orgy of violence, and soon the Akibahara party freed all the prisoners - beings not unlike Isabelle. The Vessel ostentatiously wiped some blood that stayed on its mask, examining its stained fingers for a short while before flicking the red fluid off, away from everyone.

The pyromancer asked about remaining guards, but these didn't seem important to the bugbeast for the time being. "should move them back home first", it wrote down before gesturing at the freed captives.

Blobespierre, I Was Super Helping

Behind all the triumphant victors, there was The Beheaded gathering Drow Dirks and any other weapons of interest. Well, that wasn't to say that he completely skipped the battle. He was involved in the first half, the one that didn't involve a stone giant of death that turned him into an impromptu soccer ball. Ow.

One of the drows stirred, begging for mercy (probably; he wasn't fluent in the language). Blobespierre's response was to cheerfully throw one of the blade right at the dying elf, blade-first. Nice. With the hearty helping of other blades, the Beheaded began offering them to people present - whether as souvenirs or as backup weapons, that was hard to tell.

Shigure, Back In Action, Bandit Town > Adventurer's Guild

There was always going to be some kind of disappointment once the fighting is done. "The fight could have been more challenging". "The fight could have lasted longer". "The enemy didn't show off any fancy moves". With the Britannian Knight being his only real opponent in Bandit Town, Shigure was feeling hungry for more.

Thus, after saying goodbyes to his fellow conspirators and grabbing Tira from the pile of bandit bodies she was probably sitting on, it was time to return to Akibahara. The Guild seemed to be having some sort of commotion. Spotting Siluca, the exorcist made his way over to the administrator. "Yo. Bandit Town's been handled. What's going on here?" Immediately to business, asking that question to the others present as well.

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Sep 19th 2019 at 8:00:00 AM

Tira (Guild)-After the slaughter

Indeed, Shigure found Tira on top of a large pile of bodies, and covered in blood, mostly bandit blood, she insisted, although she did have a few cuts here and there, they were nothing life threatening. But, given this was a run down bandit city, she wasn't getting clean anytime soon, and by the time they got back to the city, whatever blood hadn't dripped off of her had dried on her, meaning that in addition to green and blue, her hair was now also red in several places, and she smelled deeply of blood.

As Shigure greeted Silica, Tira waved behind him. Yep, we took care of it, and it was super fun! I got to kill so many bad guys, I lost count! But it was a big pile of bodies!

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Sep 19th 2019 at 10:51:22 AM

Ruby Adventurer's Guild

"Yes!" Ruby did an enthusiastic fist pump "Oh...I didn't introduce myself." she pulled back her hood revealing a pair of eyes, who's iris was amost a metallic sliver. The girl held her hand out to Siluca. "Ruby Rose, and who might my new client be?" She said as she looked Siluca over, being as experienced as Siluca was she could tell this short bubbly girl was paying attention to every little detail she could glean about the sorceress at least from looks alone.

Hydaelyn - Drow Assualt over.

Hydaelyn walked over to lady rather calmly considering a battle had just ended. "So...that was quicker than I thought. Shall we go celebrate our new ally? She said gesturing to Shego. "Though uh...there was something you asked wanted to learn magic right?" lookin back at Lady with a questioning expression.

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Sep 19th 2019 at 12:15:18 PM

Lady (Drow Attack)-The ways of blowing shit up

Lady turned toward Hydaelyn as she approached and mentioned the magic thing again.

"Oh, that's right. Specifically, I've heard plenty of stories during my time in Camoa about a specific class of mage who specializes in blowing things up with their minds, think they were called Black Mages. And, well, suffice it to say I'm interested in learning how to do that myself. Think you could teach me how?"

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Sep 19th 2019 at 6:36:12 PM

Drow Assault - Barry - Status Update

Whooooo-wie! If that wasn't a slaughterfest, Barry doesn't know what is! As a bonus, all of it was guilt-free with no repercussions whatsoever!

Chopping a poor sap's head off before taking a photo of it along with himself with his newly-acquired cell, he promptly tossed it over his shoulder even as he began typing a message towards a certain cold sniper.

productive day at work today. hows ur day? <3

Annnd sent! Now, back to- Oh, the heck's one-eye guy doing?

"Oh! Naah, nah, I'm good!" Retrieving his reddened cleaver back as emphasis and shaking the blood off, he looked back.

"Actually, you know what? Yeah, gimme one. Can never have too many, heh."

Taking one of the offered blades off of the Beheaded, Barry muses.

"Maaan, ya ever wonder if we can do this e'ryday? Or am I alone in that?"

Adventurer's Guild - Daud - Leads

He glanced at both the not-so-subtle assassin-for-hire and wanted posters, his look unamused. Wait a minute, wasn't this the same one that he saw two weeks prior when he first came here?

"... I confess, I haven't exactly been here long enough to know how the Frontier works, but does it not strike as concerning that one can openly advertise themselves as a killer-for-hire around these parts?"

On another note, it seems that the Administrator is nothing if not thorough, with Daud now having an inkling of how well-organized she'd run her district so as to ensure that it couldn't have possibly one of her own. And so too was Yue, with her logical deduction and how she caution against focusing solely on this one suspect.

"That might be true. Heck, for all we know, it might be one of the many nobodies who came here that's been committing these murders. All the same, it might be worthwhile to at least keep a lookout and take her in for questioning if possible, see if she knows anything about these killings along with any other suspects."

And then, several others have expressed interest on the recent happenings. He'd assume that all of them were regulars, or 'Guardians', as these locals called them, though he gave the green-haired chirpy one a long suspicious glance before shrugging.

"Well, to make a long story short, a not insignificant number of people were killed or went missing around Akihabara for the last two weeks. We're looking to solve and get to the bottom of this."

He then recounts all that he knows. "Those killed were shot by a single rifle-round to their vitals, suggesting that our suspect are well-trained in the use of firearms. Our first suspect so far is a woman named Reiko who openly advertises herself as a," he looks back at the poster. "professional assassin. Even so, we can't exactly eliminate the possibility that it could be done by one of the many, many arrivals here."

"So we have three leads. First, the late smithy's home and workplace at the Production District that I'll be heading next. Second, the 'glasses' guy that our good detective mentioned. Third, the other families of the victims that we had yet to contact." He pauses, mulling something over before continuing. "Possible fourth if our dear assassin is involved, but good luck trying to traverse through the shithole of a city called Gotham to find her."

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Sep 19th 2019 at 8:00:20 PM

Fattie's Diner - Gotham

Storc sat in front of a plate of waffles, but didn't look too eager to dig in quite yet.

"I'll try and get into contact with Kuichiba."

Storc took out her handy dandy cellphone, and gave Reiko a text.

We are at Fattie's Diner. If you are alive, text me back.

After that, the Rocket Administrator sighed. "I've tried to contact Mr. Giovanni. He's not answering his phone. Of course, I have the upmost faith that Mr. Giovanni survived, and escaped the island unharmed, but... it's not like him to stay quiet."

Storc, dull-eyed, proceeded to eat some of her meal.

Sep 20th 2019 at 11:02:00 PM

Reiko, From Dead Guys to Fattie's Diner

Storc received an answer in a short amount of time, and it read thus:


And not terribly long after that, Reiko came in from the rain and into the diner, scanning the tables until she came upon her co-workers. There wasn't much love coming from her right fact, for someone such as stone-faced her, she seemed positively grumpy.

She came in and sat alongside the two of them, silently, minus the constant squeak of her drenched shoes on the linoleum.

The strange, overly-sweet smelling, quadrilaterally-divided and glistening foodstuff in front of Reiko was recognized, but she was far too tired to truly process what they were. Ultimately, though, she knew she'd never (willingly) afford them, so she mentally pushed them aside.

With the ultimate level of matter-of-factness, Reiko said "The Boss is not very competent."

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Sep 21st 2019 at 2:07:10 PM

Siluca - Adventurer’s Guild

While Siluca did nod at Yue’s suggestion for questioning the other victims’ families, the detective did warn her not to get too focused on one possible suspect. That just showed how inexperienced the Administrator was in these sorts of matters.

The mention of a gambling partner named ‘Glasses’ did seem strange. There weren’t that many people in Log Horizon who wore glasses, though the District Police Chief did wear a pair. As far as Siluca was aware, Kin Shiin almost never left the district, and did not seem like the sort of person who would gamble or frequent a place like Club Paradies.

Out of the Guardians, there was only one person Siluca could remember wearing glasses. Actually two now that she thought of it. First there was Kokonoe, the scientist, though Siluca hadn’t seen her in a very long time, and ‘Glasses’ seemed like a strange nickname to attach to the pink-haired, cat-tailed woman. The other person was Junko Enoshima, though she only seemed to wear them for one of her moods. Kokonoe, the mage didn’t think would be the type to perform a crime of this scale, though Junko was a harder person to get a good read on, other than being strange overall.

While at first Siluca didn’t think much of it, the fact Yue called ‘Glasses’ a ‘figure’ seemed a bit strange, as the person’s gender should have been easily apparent.

“That is true,” Siluca replied to Yue, “and I imagine we may have to ask the other faction leaders about this.” Siluca wasn’t entirely looking forward to speaking with Kaga after the meeting.

Then Shigure and Tira entered (though Siluca couldn’t recall meeting them before), mentioning that whatever mission they had in Bandit Town was concluded. That seemed good to hear, considering that was where those giant machines were stationed. The cheerful yet bloodthirsty tone that the ringed-blade user took was fairly concerning, uncomfortably reminding the mage of Junko even though the latter wasn’t a bloodthirsty killer as far as she was aware. There was some concern as to whether these actions would endanger Akihabara as a whole as chaos had warned though from what Siluca recalled the Britannia didn’t seem all too willing to negotiate.

Before Siluca could say much, Daud began to explain the situation to the newcomers, and Siluca nodded as he did so. On reflection it was pretty far from ideal that advertisements such as Reiko’s could exist, and that was one of many reasons Siluca wished for Akihabara to come under central control, though with things as they were there was not much the mage could do about it without potentially provoking the other Independents or factions.

“I admit that things have been less than ideal around here,” Siluca said with regards to Daud’s first statement, choosing not to elaborate on her own wishes. She turned to the newcomers. “What this man has said more or less sums up our current situation. That being said, it’s good to hear that things have gone well in Bandit Town, though if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, might I hear the full story of what has transpired? Also, have either of you spoken with a man named Jack yet? He wears a white kimono, and carries a sword like you,” she briefly gestured to Shigure as she said this, “though I don’t know where he is right now.”

“Anyway, my name is Siluca Meletes,” the mage finally answered Ruby. “I am the Administrator of the Log Horizon District, which resides in the northeastern corner of this city, and I am also a mage by upbringing."

“Now, before we pursue this ‘Glasses’ lead,” Siluca said turning to Yue, “do we know if the person we’re looking for is a man or a woman?”

Truth be told, Siluca couldn’t recall meeting many guys with glasses in the Frontiers, at least not many that came to mind.

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Sep 21st 2019 at 2:15:51 PM

Tira (Guild)-Covering the bases

Tira appeared to look very concerned as she was informed that someone was apparently murdering people around the city. Concerned, and a little upset that someone was killing people who wasn't her, and they hadn't even invited her along! She'd have had to turn them down of course, but they didn't know that! The reason why she was consered would become apparent a second later, as the blood covered woman shook Shiggy's shoulder as best as she was able.

Shiggy! Shiggy, I promise you, I diden't do it! I'm not the one killing the people here! I told you I'd be good, and I've been behaving, haven't I? I'm not killing people here, please please don't think I'm the one doing it, I'm having so much fun with you!

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TailsDoll I have a plan.
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Sep 22nd 2019 at 1:59:09 AM

Fattie's Diner - Gotham

Storc tilted her heads towards Reiko, and smiled. If she was offended by anything Reiko said, she wasn't showing it on her face or in her cool, calm voice. "Mr. Giovanni is..."

Storc picked up her cellphone again. "I have received a message from Mr. Giovanni. He says he is off to find Mewtwo, and that he will return when the Genetic Pokémon is back under his control. He asks not to be followed."

Storc stares at the screen of her phone. Her smile slowly depresses into a frown.

"Mr. Giovanni is... He's going to get himself killed."

Storc falls silent, and stops eating.

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Sep 22nd 2019 at 11:41:07 AM

Bandit Town Refinery

Rico tried his best to keep his hands off the controls and hold the Glasgow still as the Lumas quickly detached the gun and bolted it onto Rico's Knightmare Frame. It took a few moments, so he spent the time skimming through the manual and not really picking up on anything important because he was skimming it rather than giving it a detailed read.

Eventually one of the Lumas floated in front of the primary camera for the thing and informed him about the fact there were only two shots. "Thank you for the information," Rico replied. "This machine was still datalinked to its friend, so I was able to ascertain that. I will make a concerted effort not to immediately fire off the two shots as soon as I can into the nearest threat, and save them until such time as I can use them for maximum devastation."

"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
Sep 22nd 2019 at 7:58:00 PM

Shego - Drow Raid

Shego made a show of shaking her hand and dispelling the green aura surrounding it. She made her way back to the group and met Lady half-way to return her high-five. It was good to know that she was not going to have to steal from people to eat. It was way too much work to avoid local security for long periods of time.

She quirked a brow when Lady mentioned wanting to learn something about magic from the cat girl. She was a little wary of magic, but relaxed when she heard that it was the kind that involved causing explosions. "That sounds a lot more useful than monkey magic." she commented dryly.

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Shigure Holmes and Tira Watson, Adventurer's Guild (feat. Aun'Shi)

"Oh? Then I suppose you would not mind a helping pair of hands, or two?" Shigure asked with a quirked eyebrow. He hasn't really been around in Akibahara for too long, concerning himself mostly with journeying outside its borders. It would be prudent to have a look around. "I know it's not you, Tira, easy." He reassured his bloodsoaked partner in crime with a smile and a gentle headpat. "And if we have a cause of death for all of them being a single bullet, that rules you out rather definitely."

"Allow us to assist as well." Aun'Shi - having been silent for a while as he processed all the information gathered - nodded. "If there is one way to protect a budding community, it is to root out threats that may endanger it. I would say there is no need for paid assassins to meddle in our affairs. Isn't that right, Shas'O?" He asked, hoping to get O'Kais involved in the discussion as well.

"As for the gist of it, Bandit Town's pro-Britannian leadership has been dismantled, so they don't have a foothold in the Wasteland to encroach on us from. Last I've seen, we might have procured some of their tech too." Shigure nodded, amusingly noting that the noseless blue guy seemed particularly interested in the last bit. "Giant metal fight suits. You can ask Rico or Gespenst about those."

"Can't say I know any Jack. From what you've just told me, I should have a vested interest in doing so though." The Exorcist grinned. "Especially if he carries a greatsword like this one."

Blob, Partners In Slaughter, Post-Drow Fight

Oh man, a friend after his own heart. The Beheaded nodded enthusiastically, handing over one of Drow Dirks to Barry. It would make for a nice souvenir, wouldn't it? Thus he waddled over to the ladies talking there, offering more blades for the taking for Shego, Lady, and Hydie.

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Frontiers- Early Evening

As time was wont to do, it moved on and with it was the expected changes of the end of the diurnal cycle. Shadows lengthened and crept even as what weak rays of the sun slowly snuffed out as it sunk below the horizon, dusk giving way to the beginning of the night. The rains slowly came to a haltering stop, sprinkling here and there before finally ending their deluge though the stormy clouds still remained hanging in the heavens above.

Wulfrik's Bandit Camp

"Boss, we'ze gots a situation here!" An alarmed screech rang out as Point made his loud entrance, waving his hands up and down even as he riled up the camp something fierce. Pointing in the distance where a herd of roaming dark patches could be seen shuffling about, Wulfrik would slowly notice it to be a herd of darkly colored bovines that were currently grazing about.

The strangest thing was that they flashed purple fire at each other every now and then, with fleetingly fast figures darting about that particular area. "Advance scouts sent over yonder have been found to be killed via poison and traps too... we dunno who these blokes are either since this isn't something we ever experienced around these parts!"

Atop of the Bandit Town Headquarter's Roof Area

Eyes shifting about wildly as she found herself now way up yonder, the mysterious woman was once more questioned by Gespenst, this time without interruption. "Zero... is a terrorist from my world. He plunged countries into war and killed many a people on his campaign for the independence of Area 11... And, as you might have guessed, that man is the so-called Prince Lelouch himself. Ask around the Euro-Britannians and they'll easily tell you about the exploits of the Leader of the Black Knights if you don't believe me." There was a very high level of vitriol in her tone as she described the situation in full, clenching her hands and grinding her teeth whilst still tied up.

Drow Invasion

"Bravo! Now that was indeed quite a pitched melee! I was intending to swoop on in dramatically to lend you all a hand from the cover of darkness to make my grand entrance, but it seems you've all pulled it off before I could properly align myself for the big reveal." The sounds of one person clapping could be heard as the most gentrified looking Drow imaginable came into visible view, somehow exuding a specific kind of smugness known only to modern human civilization despite being of a fantasy race.

"Still, you've sealed off the main point of entrance for the Matriarchy to make their way up into the surface world so that's a good thing indeed. I bet those old crones down yonder will be throwing things and blaming each other before too long... probably a blood purge or two ending in some sacrifices to placate the Spider Queen and then the status quo continues. In any case, where might you brave heroes hail from?"

Looking entirely too pleased with the slaughter of his fellow race members, the bespectacled and robed male drow was smirking in a most pleased manner even as he idly kicked the lopped head of a blue orc away from his freshly shined boots while remaining rather inordinately calm despite the fact he was in the midst of violent hooligans and the remnants of a small armed force that was quite understandably disgusted with his appearance in general.

Soviet Mine

"Yes indeed, it is a sandwich. I have breaded and fried Chocobo cutlet, grilled Chocobo breast, Chocobo salad, egg salad, tuna, etc..." Cynthia would then go on and listed quite a fair selection of Akihabaran themed fillings for her sammiches for the hungry croc.

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Indeed, Aun'el. We have too few forces to adequately protect against such attackers, a preemptive strike may achieve better results.

Wulfrik, Bandit Camp

-Wulfrik looks out at the camp. Nightfall has made the creatures difficult to see except when they shoot fire at each other, but he can still see things moving between them. Though they bear some resemblance to the horned beasts of the northern wastes, them lighting up is unusual-

Gather up flares and torches, be ready to light up the area when I gave the word.

Mount up, you sluggards and halfwits! Our enemies hide among cattle, the cowards! They use poison, surprise and darkness, they fear to give battle against real warriors! Show them the night holds no terror for you!

-Morale and encouragement thus delivered, he starts to mount up on his Trampler, but hesitates before untying the Stormbird as well.-

Riders, start sweeping around, stay clear until we see what we're dealing with!

[Forward, moderate speed.]

[Hover above my position.]

-The iron bull trots forward as the stormbird lifts off. Wulfrik looks intently into the mass of horned beasts, struggling to make out the unseen enemy.-

Mokou, Dead Drow Everywhere

-A newcomer appears from the shadows, with a superior air, smug tone and evident love of his own voice that irresistibly makes Mokou think of that Moon princess.-

The surface. Who are you?

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Soviet Mine

"I think you folks took care of all of them," a gorilla replied to P'Li. He tossed his pickaxe over at the dig site. "Hoo hoo ha, these guys really wanted us to dig down here for some reason."

"Thank you, y'all," a zebra-looking horse villager shook Maria's hand, leaning against her shovel. "I knew Isabelle would come through. These monsters just wanted us to dig all day and barely let us sleep, I don't even know how long it's been, or if it's even day or night right now. We haven't seen the sun for a few days and it was starting to get... sad.........."

Some sort of Hamster walked over to where the Vessel was writing something on the ground. "Indeed! Home would indeed be ideal. Though... I postulate that in this strange world that would be rather difficult to achieve at the moment, what with all of the snow and there being new geographical features."

"Cocoa bow? Well, it's the best thing I've eaten in days whatever it is!" Gayle said happily.

When the sounds of shooting died down and then stopped, Isabelle cautiously made her way from the watery ruins and towards the mining area, then ran in waving her hands when she saw it was safe.

"Everyone! You're safe!" she exclaimed joyously.

The roughly two-dozen animals all gave their thanks and well-wishes not only to Isabelle, but also to each and every person who had assisted with freeing them.

"Thank you all so much," Isabelle added to the Akihabarans. "I don't think we could ever repay you."

Fattie's Diner

"T The waffles are amazing, right?" Juniper said to Storc and Reiko. She took another bite of her own waffles and then sat back.

"Well.... It depends on what ya mean by competent. I think he might do okay yet. I mean he seemed to have something up his sleeve to escape. And he managed to build things up from nothing in like barely a coupla weeks! And just think of how many of the other gangs in Gotham all had to team up to fight him! You had the weird mask guy, and the giant robot, and the guy made out of stones, and the krookodile-looking guy, and all of those big monster guys, and all of those other goons who were working with them!" She was counting on her fingers for effect, but once she got to the fifth entry on the list she gave up on that and just made hand gestures instead. "So at least he helped make the city safer for a while, too bad those palookas are probably going to make things suck for the city now that Team Rocket done went and got blasted."

She rubbed her forehead.

"So if he wants to take some time to himself, I guess that'll be alright. Gotta recharge the batteries and all that. Just promise, whatever happens... we'll still be friends, right?"

Bandit Town Oil Refinery

"Alright buddy, that should be it then. Good to go. Make sure to bring it to the tallneck for routine maintenance every week at least," the mustache Luma jotted some stuff down on a pad of paper and then tucked it into the gun's casing before closing it and giving it a satisfying smack.

Rosalina floated over to one of the discarded shotguns and picked it up, feeling its weight in her hands. An Ithaca 37 that had been sawn down to just barely beyond the end of the pump, considerably cutting down on the overall length of the weapon.

"Take this, Luma. It should prove useful if we find and more of these robots in the future," she said, and handed it to one of the Lumas.

"Well Mister Rico, it seems as if things have settled down that there's no pressing need for you to use that new weapon of yours at the moment," she added to the Mexican force of destruction. "But no doubt you'll want to be able to power up that machine if trouble does strike, I suppose you and Luma should stay together. I'd recommend getting to know each other better."

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