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Quotes that Josh6243 finds ridiculous or stupid

"Anime is the tie that binds us. No matter who our friends are, or who our family is, we will always have a medium that we will enjoy and that will never judge us."

"Roommates 2009 is a gay pornographic furry Web Comic. As a Fan Fiction involving Super Mario Bros., Digimon and Pokémon, the story is about Bowser Koopa, Jr. (or "Junior"), now fully-grown and aged 21, as a gay young man who meets and seduces his new flamedramon roommate, Giancarlo "Gian" Rosato, and they become lovers."
- Furry who likes to jerk off to Super Mario Bros. and Digimon.

"The Telos of Eros is reproduction"
- Misogynist trying to to justify his beliefs.

"Please stop using the word 'illegal' to describe fics about illegal sex acts. Just because murder is illegal doesn't mean you'd use the word 'illegal' to describe fics about murder. (The writing of the fics is not in and of itself illegal under American law, although it is under the laws of some other countries.)"
- Misogynist pedophile trying to to justify his beliefs.

"Morenatsu: Explicitly pornographic BL game with one borderline shotacon love interest."
"Defense: Plot with Porn. We can't discriminate against furry Bara porn."
- Furry trying to justify keeping her fapgames in TV Tropes


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Oh the scandal! It's a vandal! -Canidaemon

The second quote wounded my soul. Oh and ohai. - M Pa Bka Ta


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