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Jul 8th 2018 at 4:13:36 PM

Priscilla, Arena

"Well, now that you mention it... yes, I suppose I could've done this earlier."

She couldn't help but chuckle at her own absentmindedness.

"It's not a problem though, really. So, are you ready?"

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Jul 8th 2018 at 6:19:10 PM

Sayaka: Van Kitchen

As it turned out, Sayaka was the only one who was uninitiated. It was an insignificant difference, but Sayaka was feeling trivial today: her smiled tightened and her brow creased.


Surely the chords of fate played the same tunes on repeat. Here she was on another multiversal goose chase, lumped unwillingly with a rag tag group of equally enslaved individuals. How had it ended last time?

Sayaka knelt and laid the Turian down on the barren earth. Her hand slipped, and the ex-Spectre hit the ground with a thud. Hastily, Sayaka wiped her hands on her cape; whether the blue smears on her clothing was ichor or medi-gel simply didn’t matter at this point. Nothing mattered.


Sayaka found herself lurching forward, the world spinning around her in crazy kaleidoscope of greasy colours; the wet ragged holes in the sky fusing with the arcane lightning that reached for the clouds; the smell of the sand made union with the sickening decay of a trillion stars. All of it, and more, washed over the blue-haired Magical Girl in a hellish wave. Suddenly, before she could kiss the ground with her lips, Sayaka found herself caught in an iron grip and lowered gently to her knees. She looked, and found the Turian smiling. It was an objectively ugly expression, and on any other day Sayaka might have grimaced. Today, she cried.

“Don’t do that.” The croaking whisper was a sigh in the wind. Sayaka stared at Saren like a deer lost in the headlights of an oncoming train.

“But…” Sayaka fumbled around her dress and unclasped her soul gem. She held it before her and its light bathed their little corner of hell in soft azure. “I can still save you!”

A grimy claw pressed the gem back into her palm, closing her fingers over the light. Heaven vanished and they found themselves in hell once again.

“No, miss Miki. You’re almost out of magic, or did you lie when Xigbar bled out on the cliff?”

“No! I-” She tried to protest, but the Turian was not finished.

“You said another exertion of your gem would kill you. I am holding you to your word.”

The sobs choked her, the tears ran down her cheeks like molten lead; but she did not wipe her face. She didn’t care anymore. The claw tightened on her hand, and she blinked.

“Listen to me,” The Turian heaved, his breath gurgling. “I will not let you throw your life away. I will not. This is war, miss Miki, there are those who fall, and those that remain must carry on their fight. I have trained you well for the last month; you are a warrior now, miss Miki.”

The Turian sat up, Sayaka tried to protest, but his hand on her shoulder allowed no debate. Just as the dying candle flickers to greater luminescence, so too did the Turian rouse himself in this moment of calamity.

“This is your moment. You must rise and take up the fight in my stead. Do you understand?”

A breath, a hiccup, swallowed and then let out through gritted teeth. Sayaka met the Turian’s gaze, then slowly she nodded- in agreement this time.

”I understand.”

“Good.” Her teacher was pleased. “Go! Return your debt to Kyouko. Give that fat bastard hell.”

Then Sayaka stood. The sky screamed, it’s once lovely purple atmosphere twisted and torn, ugly now with sickly welts of eldritch green. Ragged holes in time and space dripped pieces of space like the pus of an ulcer, rancid and infected. Gray splotches chased each other over the land, places where colour simply ended and the world became monochrome. The clouds boiled and oozed to the ground in great yellow pools of putrid water. multi-coloured lightning flashed across the ruined hellscape, erupting out of the ground and imploding into the melting clouds. And there in the center of the sky was the singularity- OMEGA.



At the end of the world, the end of all worlds, Sayaka smiled. A single cutlass appeared in her hand and she leapt forward with cry of determination.

Sayaka shook her head. It didn't matter. Meanwhile, she figured that it would be rude to keep Tucker hanging- it was unfortunate that he had caught onto it. Her and her big mouth.

"Yeah, I'm a bit older than I look." The grin widened, became almost predatory. "No, I'm not a vampire. Blood tastes disgusting."

Sayaka crossed her arms.

"I'm Mahou Shoujo- That's Magical girl to you."

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Jul 8th 2018 at 6:26:03 PM

Puru - Storage - Gun Lessons

Puru looked over her shoulder since the old lady was asking about the kick back on the raygun. She shrugged her shoulders and said "It doesn't really have any. From what I can understand it just generates some kind of light, so theres no need to create the force of launch something." she explained. They'd have to ask 21 if they wanted more exact details though, the young girl was never good as understanding that level of physics.

The young girl stood up straight as soon as Lady started going off on what she needed to change. Her legs shifted in to position and held her arms tight. The young girl took slow deep breaths before she started firing at Lady's command. She had no idea what sort of ammunition of limitation this raygun had on repeated firing. Looks like she would have to find out the hard way. She was told to keep firing until told to start, so she'd continuously fire.

Then, pretty much as soon as Amuro entered the room, Puru's next shot went a little wide. She didn't need to see it to know it was there. She would feel it's presence, which was confusing by its self. How did a machine have a presence? The young Newtype didn't know what to do, so she continued trying to practice her shooting. If she pretended she didn't notice it, would it ignore her? Lady's point of view would let her easily see that Puru wasn't just bracing her stance anymore. Now she was completely tense.

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Jul 8th 2018 at 11:14:03 PM

-Ω, Desert, To Mary and Elesis-

Well. Things were certainly quiet after that.

I finished taking care of my careless teammate's good health and wiped my hands off in the sand, sliding my gauntlets back on afterwards.

We went back to grabbing bodies. I launched one up over my shoulder, wiping the sweat off of brow. Yup, definitely would need a shower. I glanced back at the other two; Elesis was biting her lip while she worked, evidently not looking my way. Mary couldn't seem to tell if she'd rather look at me or the ground to the side.

I coughed, feeling quite awkward. Had I said too much? I was just trying to get the facts out of the way so no one would be confused later. Let's face it, my life was WAY too complicated to get across without the full story. Honesty was always the direct policy, I was always told, but that had bitten me on the butt hard before as was.

Before I could really say anything though, I heard Mary softly begin to speak up. I turned my head, curious.

“Alternate world of mine you say? I wonder if that other Mary is happier than me.” She crossed her arms, still looking down. “Her life can’t be worse than mine.”

I kept my mouth shut on THAT one. Even I knew that telling her something like 'yeah I remember you having a way better life back home' would be the dumbest thing that could come out of my mouth.

“I’ve to admit I’m jealous, Armani." I raised an incredulous eyebrow at that. Oh gods, please tell me I wasn't about to start a teenage pity party comparison. I don't think I could take it without some kind of sarcastic remark.

Thankfully that was the wrong assumption, she quickly clarified "Not of your pain, I don’t think I could’ve survived that. But of someone caring of your pain,” She put her hands on her hips while looking up at the sky. I sighed; I really hadn't meant to get people emotional, but I had forgotten how earnst this girl could be. She probably wanted to share some of the more personal details of how she felt after that.

Awkward, but it could be good for her, and it meant she was probably trusting us more now. I lent her my ear, nodding for her to continue.

By the time she was done, she was clutching her arm to herself like she was freezing. It was a tender sight, one of the first times I had seen her just look so...vulnerable. A surge of protectiveness went through me, and I winced at her visage. "I don’t want to come back to my world. Nobody is waiting for me. ” Mary sighed deeply. “I’ve lost so many people, that’s why I couldn’t accept the thought of losing 21. I could count with my fingers the people that have been nice to me. Perhaps I will be just one of the many faces you will see in your crazy life. But I’ll make sure you won’t forget me." The poor kid shrugged. "Or at least better than Liam Neeson.”

I scratched the back of my head, glancing over to the side. Gods I never knew what to do when people were acting like this. It was like watching someone turn into an abandoned puppy, part of you just wanted to run over and hug it.

Thankfully for my sanity, she stopped being so soft as she put a capper on it, “I don’t know much about this Eris, but I would count my blessings if I were you. At the very least you will have a great story to tell once you comeback.” She smirked, which cleared part of the awkwardness out of the air. A return to form, thank Zeus. “Can’t imagine how much you must miss that goodnight sleep from your mom,” she smiled at me teasingly.

I happily ignored that comment; the last thing I needed was to make any kind of remark on how I felt about my situation and spur pity out of these guys. Instead, throwing the last of my side of corpses onto the pile, I turned and walked over to her, shrugging.

I definitely wanted to comfort the hero, it's not fair, any of what she said. I wanted to make it better, and I couldn't tell you which side of me generated that feeling. Probably both, Armani the Artemis Demigod couldn't stand to see people like this, it reminded him too much of his own childhood. Armani the norse god of thunder had always had a thing for looking out for the small people in life, and it went double due to being another hero in distress.

Problem is, how do you do that, exactly? Should I hug her or something? Yeah this feels like a good situation for it, I thought. Smiling at her softly, I put my arms around the taller girl's shoulders, giving her a brief embrace that I hoped came off as comforting (I REALLY was not good for this kind of thing, too little affection growing up or something). "Well...if it helps, I'm here." I shrugged. "I don't know how much good that does, but I know how a lot of that feels. We can figure it out." I squeezed. "And I don't forget. Besides, I'll be here as long as you want. Promise. We're a team, right?"

A team, right. I pulled back and patted her on the shoulder, keeping the soft look going for her. That was always the good thing of these wacky adventures. I had more friends than I ever had back home, from my last adventure alone.

And, well, had lost more friends than I had back home, too. Downsides to everything. Speaking of which, I made a mental note to neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever ever ever let Mary hear the more ah, personal details of how I had gone through things. The friggin girl had opened up this much just on a pure by-the-facts description of my life, I didn't even want to think about how long I'd be sitting through one of her overly-earnst speeches if I told her how much I, well. I swallowed. How much some of this did suck.

"Right... I think that should be it," Elesis called behind us. I glanced back; sure enough, the pile was pretty much ready. "Should probably take care of these before they really start to smell."

I rubbed my forehead. Burning bodies were a heck of a scent indeed. It reminded me of burning New York, which was not exactly a pleasant memory. "I hadn't even thought of the smell yet. Where's the clothes hangers when you need them for this?"

"So... either of you wanna say a few words or something before I light them up?"

I glanced at the pile and felt a spiteful grin coming up. "Yeah, I've got a few things. Help me pick one, will you? First off I'm thinking maybe 'You all lived as you died: picking stupid fights.' Or maybe 'You'll help the soil more than you ever helped the world in living'? How about 'You look better as dust, and smell better too?'"

Yeah I wanted to avoid the wrath of ghosts enough to burn the bodies, but after that these chuckleheads deserved all the comments they could get as far as I was concerned.

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Tessa - Kitchen

"Yeah... sure thing!" Tessa said to Santa. And then Santa left.


Santa was going to the living room to talk to that pink-haired... boy. But that was over there. Velvet and that girl baking bread were both here.

Except then Velvet left and went to the living room, splitting the quantity of cuties further between the two areas. She was going to have to collect some quick data and run the numbers. Thankfully, she was probably in possession of some of the most powerful mathematical processing units in this entire universe. She could do this. Inconspicuously leaning her head out of the door to get a good look into the living room, she started churning through the variables for both sides of the equation.

First, there was the kitchen, where she currently was....

  • Cutie baking bread:
    • Pros: Old-fashioned aesthetic, like a downright bombshell.
    • Cons: Possibly too old-fashioned.
  • Cutie with the dog ears
    • Pros: Fluffy.
    • Cons: Playing charades.
  • Cutie with ball-and-chain.
    • Pros: Belts. Lots of belts.
    • Cons: Getting turned out. Prison escapee?
  • Cutie count: 3

Then there was the matter of the living room.

  • Twin 1
    • Pros: Twins
    • Cons: Drug overdose?
  • Twin A
    • Pros: Twins
    • Cons: Priestess robes? Cultist? Religious?
  • Santa
    • Pros: Literally relied on her to live right now.
    • Cons: Professional ethics.
  • Cutie with bare feet
    • Pros: Nice feet.
    • Cons: Clean feet?
  • Lucina
    • Pros: Fluffy, kind.
    • Cons: Competition?
  • Velvet
    • Pros: Edgy and cool and angry.
    • Cons: Angry.
  • Camilla
    • Pros: Hot goth, assertive
    • Cons: Maybe a little too dom.
  • Sypha:
    • Pros: Hot goth, nice
    • Cons: Maybe a little too sub.
  • Cutie count: 8

Wait... the kitchen also had two kids, the guy in space armor, the weird guy in leather, and the weird lady who liked beef a little too much.

What the fuck was she thinking?

She hurriedly stepped out of the kitchen and fully into the living room, officially transitioning into the new area.

Tessa - Living Room

Now in the living room, she decided to test her luck and talk to Velvet. Mostly because she was right there, leaning against the door frame. Tessa took a couple steps to the side and pressed her back against the wall so that she was right beside her, pretending like she was interested in the scene unfolding before them. Wait - Santa was basically her soulmate (not like that) right now, maybe it was important? Well, she was sure she could multitask.

"So... Velvet...." she started out slow, not sure of what she actually wanted to say. STUPID! Now there'd just be dead air and awkward silence if she couldn't think of something fast! But she knew almost nothing about her, what topic could she even-

"I like your clothes!" she practically shouted.

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Max, Back To Van > Kitchen/Main Room

Well, that was one hell of an ordeal. Apparently the palico was already someone the local guard had an eye on, but couldn't quite put a finger on it to apprehend him. Less fortunately, it seemed they didn't think much of the whole "would cut Scott for body parts if given a chance" thing that Max stressed was so important. There was a reward, but he didn't accept it (apparently such a startling rarity in this place that the guards just stared at him slack-jawed for a moment), telling them to use it for a better cause.

And as such, his business with Val Habar had been concluded. Slowly, the giant cyborg returned to the van, feeling mighty tired and with mighty need for potent liquor. Absinthe. Or one of those things that Killseekers tried out when they didn't feel like having a liver anymore. There was some situation in the main room - Griffith and Lucina seemed to be handling an unconscious newcomer, and then there were some other new faces. For now, all Max cared about was the fact that Velvet and Tessa were blocking the doorway.

"Do you two mind? You're blocking the doorway." He grumbled, gesturing towards the kitchen before something else caught his attention. For once, it wasn't Tessa's hopeless attempts, but Velvet, insisting on wearing her swimsuit indoors with just some tattered coat and extra spikes to go with it.

...that was her usual, wasn't it? "Also, Velvet, what the hell are you wearing?" She wanted to flaunt it, he couldn't stop her, but that tattered mess looked like it could come off her with an unfortunate tug. Tessa would lean on her too much and then there would be tears. (and lots of angry claw-assisted screaming). Incidentally their local raging lesbian liked the outfit a lot. No surprises there.

Maria, Storage

At least Lady and Gwen would have some topics to talk about, Maria thought in amusement. The sheer childlike excitement about firearms... it's like she was watching a convention of Powder Kegs. Granted, the two women before her would likely find those guns too vintage for their liking...

And then Kawakaze joined in with lots of technical names. The old crone listened curiously and noted that for a moment Lady seemed as lost as she was. Didn't stop her from pointing out a few errors in Puru's stance. A professional, that Lady. Something she said got Maria's attention too. "Isn't that a fancy power to have, any ammo you could ever want. Us Hunters can only will bullets out of our blood." She commented idly as the demon hunter went on to explain the origin of her fearsome main gun.

Puru, meanwhile, confirmed that the raygun had no recoil. Made sense; there was no physical projectile there. And yet, the next shot went wide the moment a familiar robot showed up. "Well, that will not do. That's enough, lassie." She said to Puru, looking towards Amuro. "I think it's time you face your fears."

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Velvet (Living Room)-On clothes

Velvet diden't even pay Tessa a glance as she replied.

"They do the job I need them to do."

Then Max walked in, and Velvet took a couple steps to the side to clear the way, then reassumed her edgy lean. On being questioned, she raised an eyebrow.

"The same clothes I've been wearing since this whole thing started?"

Lady (Workshop)-More questions

Lady gave Gwen a very confused glance.

"Let, er, let me get back to you in a second."

She turned to face Kawakaze. "Sort of. When the room is less crowded, I'll give you a demonstration. And in return, I think I'd like to see the full rigging setup. Always a fan of big explosions."

Then she turned back to Gwen, the confusion having cleared none.

"So, erm.....why would I have a goatee?"

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Jul 9th 2018 at 8:19:04 AM

Max, Not Drunk Enough/Too Drunk For This, Main Room/Kitchen

For a couple of silent seconds, Max just stared. "Last time I saw you for longer than a second was at the pageant, and you wore the exact same thing minus the coat." He said flatly, almost as if reconfirming that to himself. "You do realize you're one clean cut away from disaster, right?" Or one Tessa Tug away, for that matter.

"So this is how Berserk is going to end." "With Guts high as fuck?" "High on distilled Behelits."
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Tessa - Van - Living Room

"That's a very rude thing to say, Mr. Max," Tessa said, shooting Max a look that said 'don't ruin this for me you oversized Neanderthal'.

"She can wear whatever she prefers," she nodded, championing the rights of women everywhere to dress as they wish, regardless of what some man might say. Then her head froze for a moment, and she slowly turned it back to face Velvet.

"Wait you've been wearing that the whole time?" she asked. "Like, not even taken it off to wash your clothes? Or take a bath? Maybe we should... you know...."

Tiki - Arena

"I am," Tiki replied.

The entryway to the Arena opened, and the announcer's voice suddenly rang out.


"That was quick, I suppose they'll want us to make a a memorable entrance," Tiki said, looking at Priscilla. She pulled her axe out, holding it steadily. "Shall we?"

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Jul 9th 2018 at 9:05:34 AM

Velvet (Living room)-Simple plans

"And if someone actually manages to land a blow on me, not as easy as you might think, then I rip out their guts and consume them while they're distracted and fix it. But if it hasn't happened yet, I'm not too concerned about it."

Then she looked over at Tessa. "Waste of time. When you're a demon who consumes flesh and blood regularly, usually by ripping your enemies in half and absorbing them in your claw, you stop bothering. Otherwise I'd never be out of the shower."

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Jul 9th 2018 at 9:54:45 AM

Max, ಠ_ಠ, Kitchen/Main Room > Kitchen

"I'm going to go out on a limb and assume your average enemy won't give a shit if you were to flash them." He replied after another brief moment of wondering just how to tell this girl to put on an actual shirt. That, or some armor. Or both. Tessa, of course, came to Velvet's rescue, the ever-heroic defender of women's rights to dress in rags so she could ogle 'em.

He might have cared more for her quest for booty if he was more sober. Alas... "Just because someone didn't put a knife between your sixth and seventh rib yet doesn't mean it can't happen to you or anyone else here." He concluded his half-assed attempt before passing by them with a sigh. "And if you want to use the showers, just use them. Treat yourself. It's gonna be a while before Will gives us a new coordinate anyway." He really wasn't ready for this.

Thus, Max made his way into the kitchen, procuring a bottle of absinthe from the food replicator. It smelt like death. "...I trust everything here is fine?" He asked, sensing the disturbance between the people present. Susan was completely hammered and there was some tension in the air. A few new faces was all that was needed for the "goddess of cannibals" clusterfuck to resurface again...

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Tessa - Van - Living Room

"He's definitely right, you can shower or take a bath whenever you want," Tessa nodded vigorously at Velvet, trying not to read too much into her always being in the shower. "And we've been out in the desert all day, that's just asking for dry skin, there's gotta be sand everywhere, and there's so many of us now that keeping clean is really important. Do you know where it is? I could show you!"

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Amuro - Van, storage.

For his part, Amuro never looked over in Puru’s direction, or anyone else’s for that matter. He kept muttering to himself to focus on getting reloaded before worrying about his social life. Of course once he was staring at the replicator, he was at kind of a loss on what to do next and started realizing how much of a dumbass he’d been to enter the room when he saw puru.

“I should have just walked away, that would have been the smarter option.”

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
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Jul 9th 2018 at 1:05:32 PM

Sociopath Azura (Van Floor) - This Smell Is Not Funny

Corrin sure was worried, wasn't she? To go as far as to consider mouth to mouth, it spoke lots about how much she cared about others. It almost made Azura feel bad that she was playing her just out of curiosity.


However, it did not take long for her to gather a lot more attention. Suggestions to take her to the infirmary, someone who actually tried to check her vitals, and... gods, what was that smell?!

"Ugh... you know..." the songstress spoke after her deeply furrowing her brow and shutting her eyes further, "when I chose to keep my eyes closed I hoped that it would make my daze go away sooner, not make it worse. So I am not opening them until whatever this thing is with such a nauseating smell is taken away from my face."

Polly (Some Bench) - Minor Improvements

Polly watched Armani leave until he was actually out of sight, and then proceeded to wait patiently until he came back. She was fine with waiting, plus she had time to finish the cupcakes. However, five minutes later she found herself sitting on a bench with nothing to do other than sit and wait. Naturally it did not take long for boredom to sink in. Why did Armani want her to wait on that bench again? Well, he would be there soon either way, so she could at the very least entertain herself.

And there were a few things she could do to keep herself busy... although she was a bit thirsty. Surely enough she'd be able to find something to drink...


By the time Armani returned, Polly was already downing her second monster-sized glass of cola, and her mood seemed to have improve a little while she was alone... although the arrival of her companion managed to improve it once again.

"Okay..." she exclaimed with a nod. "Just let me... finish this real quick..." It took her thirty seconds to down the remainder of the glass, after which she carefully placed it on the bench... and grabbed Armani by the arm in a way that made her look more like she was hugging it than holding it. "Now... lead the way!"

At least she seemed to be feeling better.

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Jul 9th 2018 at 2:00:44 PM

Galacta Knight, Gathering Hall

"Well I suppose 'projecting your energy' technically describes magic, but it is a rather vague way of explaining it. Also, I'm from Dreamland, not Knightland." Galacta took another swig of drink.

"Also, this Batman sounds like a scoundrel and a villain. Bats are usually up to no good, in my experience. Also they're very annoying."

Never one... Without the other.
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Jul 9th 2018 at 2:34:50 PM

Mordred - Crow's Nest

Mordred felt something gently lie on her shoulder as she looked out at the city, lit up but various lanterns, torches, and cooking fires. She looked down and noted that it was 21 laying her head on her shoulder. The knight actually blushed at the sudden show of affection but then again she had been buttering up the Android all night maybe it wasn't so strange.

She sat down in the Crow's nest with 21 putting her back to the gairds that kept the occupants from falling out. "Hey sorry for draggin' you out here. Truth is I kinda hate going anywhere alone. And you seemed like you wouldn't say no."

Mordred's shuffled a little and actually put her arm around 21. "Was nice though...this is nice too. Ahh geez, uh. You Don't mind this do you?" Mordred asked somewhat feeling like coming up here was again making her way too comfortable around the the mombot.

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Jul 9th 2018 at 2:55:56 PM

Griffith, Main Room

Satisfied, the knight in a Hawaiian shirt stood up, corking the salts back up. "See? She's fine." He smiled at Corrin a little crookedly before looking towards Lucina. "I do apologize for such drastic measures." The other blue-haired woman remained silent all this time. Either she too was playing the same game - and her nose was simply more resistant - or she really was knocked out.

With help provided to the woman in question, his role was done for now. "If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask me or others around. Most will be happy to help." And with that, Griffith finally sat down for a well-deserved rest, incidentally sharing the couch with a certain crossdressing paladin. "And how was your journey in Val Habar, Miss Astolfo?" He asked, smiling knowingly at Rider.

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Jul 9th 2018 at 6:16:15 PM

Van Storage

"That sounds acceptable" Kawakaze replied, before a pause, "Although I should probably get the rest of the rigging now, better here then leaving it out in the middle of the living room." ,she finished before giving a quick nod and heading out of the storage for the moment.

Van Living Room

Kawakaze worked her way through the kitchen and into the living room, internally wondering about just where every one came from and how they have managed to fit so many people in a single van. She did her best not to disturb any one as she approached the spot where she left the rest of her rigging. Once she managed to re-acquire it she began working her way back to the store room... potentially bumping into some one since it does a good job of blocking her view.

Jul 10th 2018 at 4:35:16 AM

Scott, Shack

Scott's scowl didn't let up as he stared the man down, huffing when the man started to leave. He shouted after him, "Fine, I'll find it myself then! Your dumb ass probably doesn't even know where it actually is!"

Turning away from the door, shoulders hunched forward and his hands clenched into fists, the man began to search the inside of the building for his weapon; Spitting under his breath. "Not like anyone would actually help me anyway... only care about themselves and their stupid little groups. I don't need help anyway."

When his weapon didn't show up, his foul mood got even fouler. Prompting the Canadian to growl and punch his fist through the wall. Things had started to look up after a shitty start to the whole day, and now once again things were going wrong for him.

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Did you know this section has a character limit?
Jul 10th 2018 at 8:29:35 AM

Gwen - Clearly Someone Doesn't Know Their Sci-Fi; Van, Storage

The blonde frowned. "It's a Star Trek reference." She explained. "You know, the episode where they go to the Mirror Universe where everyone is evil and Spock has a goatee?"

Gwen shook her head. If she didn't know Star Trek, they probably didn't have time to introduce her to it.

"So, uh... I like your outfit? Very... Extremely deadly Catholic schoolgirl, which makes sense with the whole demon hunter thing..."

Yeah, that was the wrong topic. Time to go back to guns.

"So, why don't you have a rifle? You know, something that can get through armour without being explosive. In case the demons try and use human shields or something."

Tucker - Not Really 700 Years Old; Van, Kitchen

Immortal teenage Magical Girl. That made... as much sense as anything else did.

"Man, that must suck." Tucker exclaimed. "I mean, you're stuck in puberty forever! You can't go out on weekdays or else people will report you for skipping school; you can't go to a bar; and anyone who looks your age is way too young for you, and anyone who is your age will look like a massive creep."

He paused in his rant, and looked back down at the blue-haired girl.

"But you already know that and I'm just hammering it in like a jackass. Sorry."

He shrugged apologetically.

"Still, you must have hundreds of years of experience. And if you've traveled the multiverse before, you might recognize some of the worlds we end up in. You're totally great for this team!"

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They do have medals for almost, and they're called silver!
Jul 10th 2018 at 8:55:45 AM

Lady (Workshop)-More dakka is superior

As the girl left to get her additional rigging, Lady faced Gwen.

"Er.....thanks? I think? And your outfit is.......very......unique."

She really had no other way to describe it without risking an insult. She then shook her head as Gwen asked about rifles.

"Demons, where I come from, don't do that. If they have a human that close, they'll just rip them in half. Most of them aren't really intelligent, they run off primal instincts, and just rip apart anyone in their way. Best way to think of them is like, rabid animals. Rabid animals that can appear out of nowhere anywhere, at any time, who can rip through any kind of armor you care to name like it's paper."

"So no rifle for me. Those are more for military people. Demons tend to favor swarm tactics, you'll rarly see just one demon, unless a particularly powerful one showed up, at which point your standard 5.56 rounds will hardly tickle it. They're big and bulky, and need two hands to properly use. It's much more efferent to use two guns then a single rifle. And if my standard pistols and SM Gs can't pentrate a demon's armor, well..."

She motioned to the sawed off shotgun on her leg. "That's what the shotgun is for. And if that's not enough, well, that's when I get to use the big guns."

Velvet (Living Room)-No

Velvet rolled her eyes as Tessa continued to babble.

"I. Said. No. Drop it."

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Jul 10th 2018 at 9:02:51 AM

-Ω, future bench, to polly-

Armani's cheerful grin might as well have been bonded with that monster bottle of cola; they both went down at nearly the exact same time and rate.

He glanced down at the second bottle she had already discarded and sniffed it suspiciously, frowning. —''Plain Cola? What in Hades's burning fields is this girl made out of? Pure sugar? Sugar, spice...and human flesh charboiled in shadow magic? Actually, scratch that, I don't want to know"—

He tapped his foot as she downed it to the last drop, warily staring at her. "Alright, le—" The poor demigod squeaked out loud as the spirit practically wrapped herself around his arm, snuggling tight like he was her long lost teddy bear.

"What on Zeus's big beard are you doing?" He yelped and tried to shake her off. She just held on tight and insisted, "Now... lead the way!"

Armani tried pulling one or two more times before sighing, giving up completely. His danger sensors were going off like mad, but they shut up as he caught a look of the unwavering bliss on her face.

He just shook his head and sighed with a half hearted roll of his eyes. "After it's done giving you a drunken rush, you know it's all heading straight for your hips right?"

He wrapped his hand around her arm back, and basically started to drag the stumbling girl off towards the other end of the road.

Time for an intervention

A short while later, they had passed through just about the seediest part of town, though at least it was lit up in pretty red lighting. Several times the demigod had to scare off would-be muggers with particularly withering wolf glares, which comprised a good half of the people around there. The other half more often than not stopped to either stare in bewilderment at the duo, or to give them a cockeyed smile and a thumbs up; at first Armani just rolled his eyes at them, which progressed to curiosity, to ignoring them, to outright being bemused at their reactions. "What is WITH these people?" Just when he was about to snap and stop to shove one up against the wall for a jack bauer-style interrogation, they came up on their destination. The place Armani had been directed to after asking random, heavily concerned citizens for 'a place where you can get swarmed by affectionate cats'.

It was basically a hole in the side of a run down brick building, with one shady looking black door and a guady neon sign that cycled through a bunch of coy looking felynes. Not that it seemed to bother the demigod, who with a casual trot had pushed the drunk and swaying girl right on in.

All of which is how Polly now found herself surrounded by oddly dressed but cute and loudly purring felynes, all fighting to shove their heads under her hands and rubbing up against her legs with as much affection they could muster. Almost as if they had been paid to do so.

Over in the corner, the demigod dropped a bag of money containing most of his portion of the reward money into another Felyne's hands, who immediately began to to count it with a toothy leer.

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Tessa - Van - Living Room

"Oh uh... I think I heard someone call for me... somewhere else...." Tessa explained to Velvet, and then backed away without looking where she was going so that she wouldn't turn her back to Velvet.

Specifically, she backed right into Kawakaze when the girl was trying to take her rigging out of the living room.

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Vampire Hunter
Jul 10th 2018 at 4:43:52 PM

Carmilla & Sypha, Kitchen to Living Room

After Tetra pushed by the two vampiresses, Carmilla and Sypha headed out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"This Van is getting way too crowded, is it not?" Carmilla mused at those in the Living Room.

Wizard Needs Food Badly
Jul 10th 2018 at 4:50:36 PM

Kawkaze Living Room Collision

Kawakaze was knocked over by the collision her little submersible wave rider falling over on top of her. "Very crowded", she replied from the bottom of the pile "When will there be a new mission.... something that draws us out of it?" she queried, as she tried to move out from under it.

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