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I came I saw I........stayed

That is basically me on the subject of TV tropes.

Well now, my old days of misssspelling are over...mahybe.....

Nerver the mind. I am Biomech, Bio, whatever. Joined tropes in what, 2010? Mainly as a roleplayer. Times have moved on so now I think I'll be spending a while in university. Who or more accurately 'what' am I because who is but the personal tense of what. I am a guy with a pseudonym. So I won't be telling you much will I?

Actually, at least you need know, I am:

  • A New Zealand-er
  • A hobby artist
  • A Bio enthusiast
  • an Asian
  • I have glasses

Not that it tells you much because I've just described half of all Asians. Anyhow, I'm here cause it's fun and also because my writing has improved due to this site. When it turns bad, expect me to rage rant rage and continue to stay.

Oh, and you people like to vandalize right? Please, as you wish, Below: