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Apr 17th 2019 at 6:48:49 PM

Outside library

Rick blinked and watched as more than one member of the impromptu strikeforce collapsed in agony around him. "Oh, so you got a magic nullification field, huh? Cute."

Rick's fist clenched, with the very faint pop of old, hard knuckles locking into place. "So, what happens if you deploy that field against someone who, oh, I don't know, doesn't use magic, Mr. Spock?" He swung a hard left hook against the elf's contemptuous face.

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Apr 17th 2019 at 8:32:40 PM

Outside the library — Rock, paper, scissors

"Sorry, I'm kind of cranky because I was in a date with this hot girl and now I have to babysit. But at least the hot girl is still here" Rex joked.

Unfortunately, this proved a pretty bad time to crack a joke, since the elf—who so kindly introduced himself as Solas among other titles Rex wouldn't even bother trying to remember—quickly pointed out Rick was in the right. As in, his math checked out and he really was a psychopathic asshole like the ones they had encountered back at the grocery store. To make matters worse he was clearly from Cole's world and killing him was his top priority. At least they wouldn't have to waste time figuring who his nemesis was.

With a wave of his staff, Makoto's powers soon proved useless, which went to show how powerful he was. Then again, magic probably didn't have a hard time beating more magic. Machines on the other hand were thankfully a completely different subject and considering how clueless Cole was about the modern world, Rex was more than confident in his chances of kicking his butt in less than a minute. That made him see why Cole had decided to never go back to his world again. Speaking of, wasn't that important?

"Wait, you are Cole's enemy? I feel like I should be remembering something right now" never mind that, it was probably nothing too important. What was important was dealing with Solas and Rex saw no reason his cannon wouldn't be more than enough. He took aim at the elf. "By the way, welcome to the 21st century. We have..."

Rick was tired and not particularly impressed by a magic suppressor. He punched the guy with all the ire of an angry grandpa. Rex was left speechless and more than a little confused. Fastanook showing up out of nowhere to shoot Solas didn't really help in that regard. After a few seconds he finally managed to say something.

"Guys, you are ruining my line, come on!"

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Apr 17th 2019 at 8:54:21 PM

Inside library

Cole sighed softly, nodding, but looked to Miss Tairee. "I will stay inside...I don't want to be in the way...but I want to keep an eye on what is happening. Even if it is a is still...Solas, and...and I want to see what is happening. I will stay away from the doors."

He paused, then looked back to Arcade. " that all right with you?"

Outside library

The shot from Fastanook and the punch from Rick did achieve something, as the evident magical shield practically shattered out of existence. Solas didn't seem to be phased by either in particular, and he simply leaned forward slightly-

-and with a strange, low rumble, and an odd burst of white energy, he just seemed to disappear, but the dash forward, inhumanly fast as it was, still was traceable by the trail of cool white fog that seemed to fizzle in the path, as Solas reappeared, skidding to a quick stop, behind them, out of range of any more punches from Rick.

Even as he was stopping, two quick blasts of blue energy shot from the end of the staff as he swung it about, seeming to home in Rex in particular, slower than any bullets but still rather quickly. "For what it is worth, my friend, I am quite well versed in battling those without magic as well. This battle is ultimately fruitless, but I shall not stop without achieving what it is I must do."

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Apr 17th 2019 at 10:15:54 PM

lewis, outside library

Smug elf man was quick to a) declare his shamelessly malicious intentions and b) make Makoto's spikes disappear. Evidently he was after Cole in particular, which probably would've been a holy shit moment if I'd had...any idea this guy existed before literally right now. As it was he was just sort of...another thing to beat the shit out of, though the kid himself would probably feel different.

"...Was that supposed to be a dramatic reveal?" I asked, shooting even as I vocalized how underwhelmed I was by this whole thing.

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Apr 17th 2019 at 11:11:45 PM

Outside Library

While she was figuring out the best way to approach Solas, Rick punched him in the face, followed by some laser shots from Fastanook coming out of the library. Whatever magic barrier Solas had created shattered, but before Rex could fire his cannon, the elf vanished. Her eyes followed the trail of mist left behind, and she turned to see him reform and shoot more bolts of magic from his staff towards Rex.

"I'm not done with you yet!" While Lewis fired his gun, Makoto forced her magic out again, regaining her outfit and mask in a blaze of blue energy. "It takes more than that to stop us. Anat, let's go!" Her mask shattered, and Anat's humanoid form charged at Solas, blade in hand to try and slice him in half.

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Apr 17th 2019 at 11:39:05 PM

Just outside library doors

Fastanook frowned in annoyance as Solas made his fade move, then the gremlin aimed his weapon at the elf again. "Nobody. Cares." Fastanook said in a stern tone while opening fire, the statement directed at both Solas and Rex.

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TheStarscream759 from Maidenhead
Apr 18th 2019 at 4:51:29 PM

Outside the Apartment Building

Hades was not impressed by XLR 8's 'comment' he then frowned in response, rolled his eyes and then went: "Wait a sec, you know WHO Blunderboy is? Great just great yet another person for me to deal with that happens to be affiliated with the son of my oh so pleasant brother Zeus. I mean come on I can't believe your getting so worked up over some guy! He's a guy! And also what's with that thing you just said to me? 'Put my hair out like a candle'? I mean hello what are we, children? I think not."

He then saw the Trickster attacking the alien and just looked at his demonic ally and then shrugged his arms:"Eh, he's all yours." He said to the Trickster pretty much saying it in a tone that said: I just don't care about this kid.


Rean then regained consciousness he was frustrated that the other Rick had escaped but it couldn't be helped anyway so he decided to comfort as well. He then noticed that Ben had disappeared: "Ben turned into XLR 8 and went off who knows where because the militia annoyed him about that other Rick getting away. He didn't say anything else but he just told all of us to head back to the Library." Herc then said replying to Rean's question he then looked back to where Ben had disappeared to for a couple of seconds in deep thought.

"Though I am concerned about him going off on his own like that." He then added to Rean now turning back in his direction: "Who knows what might happen to him, he might find Hades by accident or worse." He then saw that Two had now turned to face both Herc and Rean respectively. She was shaken from seeing Louie's mangled body but she then asked them if the possibility of bringing back Louie. "Trust me, Two, we will bring Louie back. We will."

But before they could do anything a flower eyed woman arrived on the scene and almost instantly Two recognised her as Zero. She then mentioned something about hitting people and then Caboose start running towards the group and started suggesting going to the Library.

"Caboose what are you talking about?"

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Apr 18th 2019 at 7:25:10 PM

Rean || Outside Library
Rean facepalmed. Of course Ben ran off on his own again. Granted, he wasn't one to talk given how he basically tried to do the same and got punched in the face for it.

And then a white haired woman with a flower in her eye appeared, claiming to be Two's sister. But she didn't look like any of the others from yesterday, and was named Zero. That was the name of the last sister, the one who wanted to kill them all, right? But here she was, acting surprisingly kind. Maybe because of Two's wish, she was trying to make amends since she no longer had any reason to fight her? It sounded like she got pulled here as part of the city's whims, but something here didn't seem right.

"We've been taking care of her, don't worry." Rean said, trying to not sound suspicious. "And..." He looked over at the cluster of people in combat with some unknown bald man with pointy ears and a staff. Makoto, Rex, Lewis and a Rick, though given how he was trying to fight the bald guy with the others, he was probably the genuine article. Maybe.

Caboose wasted no time, trying to smack Zero with Cap's shield. Unfortunately, that sky sailboat was still here and trying to get everyone to stand down again. Rean sighed. They weren't going to get anywhere with it hovering over them - literally.

"Ok, we're standing down. Caboose, you too." Rean said, raising his hands in surrender. "May we please go to the library? Two isn't looking so well." If Zero followed them into combat with Makoto and she wasn't being genuine right now, things would get a lot worse for them. He then turned to Hercules. "I'll explain once we get there."

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Apr 18th 2019 at 7:36:43 PM


Cole apparently didn't want to go charging at Solas in an attempt to kill him. It was actually a big step forward, causing Arcade to sigh softly in relief.

"Alright, that's... better than the alternative," he finally said, "let's just not try and lure him back over or anything. There's only so much creepy leering I can handle."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
Apr 18th 2019 at 8:07:47 PM

Outside library

"That's cool." Rick took a nerve-steeling shot as the melee began in earnest, watching coolly as Solas vanished and reappeared. "Neat magic trick, yeah, I'll - I'll hand that to you."

A second later, there was a green flash as a portal opened behind where Solas had chosen to reappear, followed by another vengeful fist that swung out of the swirling green mass and attached the rest of Rick's rangy body as he strode towards the elf. Tell me, you ever hear of something called science? Rationalism? Indoor plumbing?"

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Apr 19th 2019 at 10:30:13 AM

The streets

XLR8 glared up at Hades as he dismissed the alien hero, then Trickster walked up and threatened him as well. XLR8 took a battle stance and prepared for an attack.

However, he was not prepared for the Trickster suddenly shooting webs from his hands.

"What the— AUGH!" XLR8 shouted, wincing back as the gunk covered him. As the Trickster was trying to pin him in place, the gunk was mostly over his legs.

"Hey! Listen, Billy Goat Gross, I'm not through yet!" He revved up his feet, moving them back and forth and exerting himself to try and generate as much force as possible.

Hopefully he would try and rip free from the web attack. As soon as he escaped the grip of the web, he would rush up and try to punch Trickster repeatedly.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 3:58:31 PM

Trickster || Streets, vs Ben

The Trickster did not expect Ben to free himself from the web so quick, and grunted in surprise and pain as the alien-boy began showering him with punches. "Rrgh! Must teaches you a lesson, swiftling!" he snarled, reverting to Pagan dialect in his fury. He swung his fist at Ben. And regardless of whether the punch connected or not, he'd then open the fist to reveal a swarm of vicious insects that would attack Ben to sting him painfully all over.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 5:29:34 PM

Outside the library — Stun meta

"I was gonna say 'indoor plumbing' but now it just sounds weird" Rex complained.

Despite the violent reaction to his actions, Solas didn't lose his cool and quickly eluded Rick's punch as well as, really, any other possible attack coming his way. He straight up disappeared. And quickly somehow reformed behind the group, not wasting any time to attack Rex with more of his magic.

"Hey, wai-" Surprised by his speed, Rex could barely get a word in before getting blasted away. At least his cannon has protected him well enough but between the strain and the shock, it was gone now. He got up and cracked his knuckles. Now it was personal. He would make that elf pay for making him look dumb. And protecting Cole was a nice bonus, he supposed "Alright, now you've done it. I'll show you fruitless"

But before he could walk up to the guy and try to punch him or something, Rex tripped on some vines that grabbed his foot with such force as to actually take his shoe off. Apparently happy to just mess with him, they retreated into the ground with his footwear.

"Aww come on, you took my shoe? That's low"

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I just want to help!
Apr 19th 2019 at 6:27:12 PM

Inside library

Cole nodded a little, still looking deeply solemn. "I wouldn't want him to come inside anyway. It would be bad for everyone." He clutched his book to his chest as he wandered over to the window, looking outside, and grimacing at the sight of the battle taking place. "Oh...he's fighting people already. Rex and Makoto, Fastanook, Lewis...and...Rick? I would not have expected Rick."

Outside library

Solas let out a slight "hmph" sound, not quite a scoff, ducking low to the ground at a speed that it didn't seem like he should be capable of, barely ducking the shots from Lewis and Fastanook. Even in that motion, he was kicking backwards towards Rick, in some hope to knock the older man away.

Anat was a different story. Solas was forced to straighten as quickly as he could, gripping his staff more as a polearm in both hands, and swung it upwards to block the swinging blade from Anat. This got a definite sound of exertion from the elf, even as the wooden staff snapped almost completely in half, only barely held together by a single shred.

Solas didn't seem concerned by this, however, bending the staff into its half to finish the break, then thrusting the broken points at Anat, a faint flare of blue in his eyes again as he did so. "I am loathe to harm a spirit that is clearly bound to another's will, but I simply must not lose this confrontation!"

Whatever was going on with Rex, Solas seemed neither aware of nor caring about it.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 7:02:46 PM

Genji Shimada - A few minutes in the past

After drinking some sake and singing a little karaoke in a little building, Genji found and a quiet corner, sat down and fell into a deep sleep. When Genji woke up to the sound of screaming and guns firing, he was understandably confused. Going to see what the racket was Genji found himself face-to-face with a small, squat little creature wearing some sort of gasmask and a man dressed head to toe in white armor.

Genji decided to approach them and ask what was the ruckus all about.

"Hello, can you tell me wha-"

"DIE REBEL SCUM!" Genji's question was interrupted mid-way when the weird soldier hefted his gun and shot a red blast at him, Genji jumped to the side, barely dodging the laser before charging at the crazy man. The blaster flew off his hand as Genji's sword hit it.

"Now, can you-"

"For the Empire!" The soldier took out some sort of mace-stun baton and charged at Genji, and then was unceremoniously cut down for his troubles. Leaving only the weird goblin creature...Where did it go?

Genji got his answer as a purple spike became embedded in his shoulder. The little thing was back, it shot him with some sort of needle and even brought some friends along with it.

'What is happening? I have to go and regroup with the others in the library. They must know what is the cause of this mayhem' Genji trough to himself before he charged at the creatures. Intent on searching for answers after dealing with them.

Genji Shimada - Now, outside the Library

If Rean, Caboose, the others, and the Militia would see a familiar green cyborg ninja approaching them. Covered in a purple substance. "Yo!" Genji said approaching the group with his hands raised.

"Can anyone please tell me what is happening?" He asked in a sort of stressed tone. After getting shot at and being covered in weird goblin juice it could be said he wasn't in the best of moods.

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There is a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it. BUT LET'S KEEP GOING AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
Apr 19th 2019 at 8:42:51 PM

Outside library

Rick grunted with exertion as the foot hit him in the gut; grabbing his pistol from its usual holster, he tried to bring it down on the elf's head while his opponent was otherwise distracted with Anat.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 9:42:20 PM

Outside Library

Anat did react to being "stabbed" by the points of the broken staff, but the wood seemed to only lightly injure the Persona, and she was quick to shrug it off. Makoto's breath caught at the brief flash of pain, but she allowed Anat to continue to fight while she payed attention to Rex. With Rick's teleportation and the amount of guns they had, they'd eventually land a solid it.

"You alright?" she said to Rex, looking back at him. "And...why is your shoe gone?" When had he even gotten the time to do that? Instead of immediately lashing out at Solas again, Anat backed off a step, though she kept her sword out. She tilted her head slightly, as if studying the elf.

"You say interesting things. How do you know that this is not my will?" she asked him, speaking out loud. Her other hand crackled with blue energy as she took her time charging a Freidyne spell. Beyond temporarily dispelling their strength, Solas had yet to really scare them, and so Anat wasn't too worried about killing him as fast as possible.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 11:53:18 PM


Fastanook scowled and held fire, not wanting to hit any of the friendly combatants by accident, and ducked back into the lobby. "Hey! Can you give me something to help us out here?!" Fastanook called to the Miss Tairee copy.

"Sorry, you're going to have to be more specific" the Miss Tairee copy said calmly.

"Aw come on! I don't know!" Fastanook complained in frustration.

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Apr 20th 2019 at 4:58:39 AM


Arcade followed Cole over to the couch, watching as the fight with Solas continued. "I wonder if he's going to regret breaking that in the next ten minutes," he commented, sounding like he was just watching some sports on TV.

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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Apr 20th 2019 at 8:21:26 AM

The streets, vs. the Trickster

XLR8 dashed back a little bit in an attempt to dodge the Trickster's punch, before the Trickster again opened his fist, this time to summon biting and stinging insects.

XLR8 was prepared for more unconventional tactics this time, and he lowered his visor to keep any of the bugs from stinging him in the face. He spun in a circle briefly to deter the insects.

"Teach this, bug breath!" he yelled, before dashing back towards the Trickster and swinging his long tail at the demon to slap him back.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
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Apr 21st 2019 at 12:45:57 AM

lewis, library

I huffed in vague annoyance at the smug elf managing to not get shot, before being distracted by the unexpected vine that left as quickly as it appeared. "...That's not gonna lead into anything serious, right?" I asked as if I didn't know the answer was 'clearly'. One murderclone at a time was probably the way to go for now, though. (Did they know they were clones? Or, care?) Quickly, I popped one in the head of some listless rando's bitchy neighbor and reloaded, moving very slightly to the right. "From what I know of personas it'd be a little weird and kind of alarming if it didn't want to."

An awkward pause. "...What's even your stake in the kid anyway? Or, the 'real' version of you, I guess."

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Korodzik Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
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Apr 21st 2019 at 2:38:38 PM

Trciskter || Streets, vs Ben

As Ben struck the Trickster with his tail, the Trickster quickly shielded himself with his right arm and snarled in fury. A bloody gash appeared across his torso. "Tames you with fire!" he growled as he held out his right hand and made a ball of flame appear over it, then awkwardly slammed it down onto the alien-boy.

But as he was doing all this with right hand, he had kept his left hand slightly hidden behind his back. As he opened it, a trio of tiny frogbeasts—as frog-like as their name would indicate—fell out of it onto the ground behind him. Obeying a mild mental command, the frogbeasts did not throw themselves at the boy immediately, but quietly circled around the combatants to sneak upon Ben from behind. The Trickster hoped that his fireball attack would distract Ben enough to keep the boy oblivious. For someone so small, this one's attacks were surprisingly painful.

"I could use assistance! If we capture him—" he shouted towards Hades, now in a more normal-sounding human speech. "—he might lead us to your Hercules!"

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Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Apr 22nd 2019 at 6:35:02 AM

Gon, hating this:


Gon fired rapid shots from his beam rifle to drive Chaoz away.

"Back off!"

"Shit..." The bearded assassin ran off, being forced to take cover.

"Let me help you..." Gon saw that a kid tripped after he was nearly caught in the crossfire.

"Thanks a lot."

"Save the thanks until we can move out of here."

Gon carried the kid with one hand and used the other to grip the BR's trigger grip, using the sling to aim in case Chaoz was going to make a potshot.

"Need a little help!" Gon shouted, hoping that someone can help him out.

"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
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Apr 22nd 2019 at 3:01:02 PM

Two and Zero, Outside Library, Big Brawl

An incoming shield was not something Zero expected to meet face first. She stumbled back with a curse cut short and a bleeding lip. "Alright, asshole. I guess you're first." Unfortunately, the Milita came over to stop the fighting. With a mean glower of one eye, the original Intoner spat out some blood and then put her nose back into place with a swift move and a quiet "fuck" to acknowledge the pain, but she didn't stop giving the sim trooper a dirty look.

"I'm... I'm okay. We should carry Louie over to the library first. Maybe Miss Tairee can revive him..." Two said quietly, approaching the body and, with his pokemon's consent, picking him up and over to the building. There was no time to grieve; they had to do what they could in that department, then rejoin the others fighting the nemeses. "I'll handle it. Stay safe, everyone." Off she went, with Louie in tow.

Zero watched her go, rubbing her bloodied lip as it pulled itself together. "She's still the same old bleeding heart." With a sigh, she twirled her blade and began walking forward, towards the brawl with Solas. "Come on, boys. The baddies won't kill themselves."

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Apr 22nd 2019 at 3:20:33 PM

Outside Library

Caboose turned around when the phaser shots impacted him, the attack getting his attention. "But she's, like, obviously trying to kill Two!" the sim trooper groused, sounding more like a petulant child than anything. "She's her evil but not really evil sister, that's got to be her arch enemy!" Was the militia really going to give this woman the benefit of the doubt? This was important!

"Come on, Hercules! You believe me, right?" he asked, looking really confused at how no one else immediately joined in on his unprompted assault. "Zero is the sister Two has who wants to kill all her sisters and then herself and that was a good thing but now it isn't because there isn't a flower to kill. So! You get it, right?" It was obvious! He had trouble understanding that people wouldn't immediately follow his reasoning.

Rean was a good guy, but he was really making things complicated. Alright, he could work with that. "Fine, but only because I know you value my advice," Caboose acquiesced to the purple haired youth's request. "I still don't trust her, though. She feels like a fake faker who fakes things." Even if normally he wasn't so good at staying focused on one thing like this, the desire to not see Two die again was strong enough as a motivation to not let this go. Zero might not have turned on them even after getting a shield to the face, but that didn't mean anything. Felix also played a long game. "Please be careful, Rean."

At least Two was heading towards the library. It was safe there. Deciding that it would be prudent to accompany his friend, and also having a secondary reason to go there, he moved to follow her. Once he got inside the building, he'd immediately present the dented Freckles. "Miss Tairee can you fix Freckles and give me some more ammo?" the soldier requested, hoping his good pet friend could be salvaged. He looked back outside at the fighting. It was pretty bad, huh? "...A lot of ammo."

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