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DefRevenge24601 Patient Zero from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Patient Zero
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:14:39 PM

NLA Outskirts

"That makes surprising sense. Everything pulling off of each other."

"Kukri, he just said that evil is good and good is evil."

"Exactly. It's a fuckin' duality, man."




"Yo, you need some ice?"

Revenge does a hearty chuckle.

"If everyone here is this snarky, I'm either gonna go insane or die of laughter; whatever comes first!"

Howard Connection? In my Skyrim? It's more likely than you think.
Bolded1 put quote here from somewhere Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
put quote here
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:14:42 PM

They salute and depart, with Ryoma looking quite surprised afterwards.

Your decision was most foolish but benevolent. I will attempt to gather enough money.

Thank you !

However, it would be quite rude to allow you to escape. Prince of Nohr, do you disagree.

On the condition that he receives an head-start

Hey, guys.

C-can I chase him with you ?

Why, yes Noire. Come on, Doppio, you know where it is. You won't reach it in five seconds but maybe Emmeryn will take pity and rescue you with a staff.


Doppio gasps and run away, soon followed by the two women. Ryoma laughs a little at that but Xander look at him.

We will need to talk about what Nohr has done, crown prince.

Certainly. But haven't we decided that our blades will be pointed at our current enemy, for now ?

Yes, but I still intend on understanding the reasoning behind your actions.

Our reasoning is quite simple. As the eventual ruler of Hoshido, I thought that you would eventually be aware of our motives and reasons ?

What kind of motives would lead you to send those things to our borders ? What reasons animated that odious trap years ago ?

.. It seems that they are catching up to the pink-haired one. It would be wise to assist him. says Xander, leaving. Ryoma look at him in curiosity and eventually run along.

Yes, give me the ice. says Troa, annoyed.

Yeah, sure. Dibs on the best drinks. says Neuff, teleporting herself and Nicole away as Deut arrives to greet her little sister.


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His slumber will last no more.
KiriK Earth Singing Dragon from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Earth Singing Dragon
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:25:46 PM

The time has come.

Galeem's gathered energy reaches its maximum, and his form vanishes into a black hole from which a barrage of giant beams of light bursts forth. Each laser is deceptively precise, seeking out and homing in on a particular target.

Silent Mire

Domon is in the middle of training. He ferociously punches and kicks an opponent envisioned in his mind.

A beam rushes towards his location... and roars right past him, engulfing the Shining Gundam instead.

"... What the...?"


Aeleris and Terlette are sitting at a cafe over tea when a wave approaches. Random civilians scatter and panic, and the two draw their weapons... before being consumed by the light.

Sylvalum, North Delusian Summit

Twin waves of light rush in at once. One claims the monstrous Boothead, who was stubbornly making his way to the scene of the battle, the other goes right between Iraaxos and Baoh, streaking into the distance and taking a certain something off the draconid's neck.

The Red Stone of Aja has become a Spirit.

NLA Commercial District

Ronald McDonald is having a discussion with Paintra about the possibility of commissions when the beams erupt.

Ronald runs out to face the light, with Paintra not far behind. Neither are targeted, but both bear witness to the swift and merciless annihilation.

Taako is cooking up a storm nearby, Magnus watching over him, and when both see the light, they ready themselves.

"Is this thing, like, The Hunger 2.0?"

"I don't know, but it's definitely bad."

Taako points his Umbra Staff at the source of the light, and Magnus draws the Sword of Doom... and both are engulfed.

Barbarich Desert

Amaterasu and Nightmare are in the middle of a clash between light and darkness. A beam comes in and engulfs Nightmare, but Ammy hastily warps out of the Arena, narrowly avoiding one headed for her.

Conton City

The Time Patrollers observe the events unfolding through a scroll that is beginning to write itself.

"Callis... is this what the end of history looks like?"

"... No. We should merely watch from our own reality. I don't want to tangle with that thing."

Castle Dedede

The Waddle Dee Army is in a panic. Dedede closes his eyes and simply waits for the end he knew was coming, having done nothing to warn others of the threat. He accepts this as his punishment.

Floating Islands

A Bazelgeuse patrols the skies, only to be snapped up in an instant by the all-consuming light.

Mount M'gando

Kulve Taroth storms up to Tiamat's lair in draconic form and roars, swiftly met by Xeno'jiiva in humanoid form. He glares up at her, only to see the light coming.

There is nothing the juvenile can do to stop it.

NLA, Wherever the Ruined Dragon thing was happening

Raijin sits in meditation, watching the unrelenting storm. Ignored by the light, he readies himself for the battles ahead.

That being said, he promptly makes a T-for-time-out shape with his hands, causing Reyna and the Ruined Dragon to both halt the combat and behold the lightshow.

"We have business to do. Nyr, as this has suddenly become an emergency, I'm granting you immediate Keeper status. Use it wisely." Raijin holds out a palm as a crackling tattoo of red light manifests on the back of Nydarros' right hand.

The Ruined Dragon backs away.

Vague Noctilum

Bloody Bunny (separated from Tarboy) wanders the forests when the light comes. Her acrobatics only keep her safe for so long, and it's a matter of time before it catches up with her... and that's it.

NLA, Hotel

Rey sees the beams streak by through a window.

"Rey... what's happening?"

"Galeem did the thing."

After a Beat or two, Rey looks around before turning to Rhea and Rbade. "Should, uh... should we be concerned that they're not heading in this direction?"

A mysterious elder dragon able to manipulate the earth itself. Vibrations from its wingtips reshape the earth, denying hunters footing.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:27:31 PM

"After an entire day of putting up with Troa's bullshit, you deserve the best friggin' drinks!" Nicole replies before she's teleported away with Neuff.

OmegaShadowcry All Hail Ainz Ooal Gown from The Arena Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
All Hail Ainz Ooal Gown
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:29:10 PM

Sylvalum, North Delusian Summit

Iraaxos went to blast Baoh in the face with his overcharged, frost-magic-imbued fist, only to pause as the beam of light ripped the Red Stone from his neck. He did not initially understand what had happened, but the lack of a certain familiar weight around his neck clued him in. He jumped back, and felt for the Red Stone. He seemed actually somewhat distraught by its loss. Perhaps Baoh could use this opportunity to land a sneaky hit, or to begin charging something of his own?

   "My glorious... beautiful Red Stone..."   

Mount M'Gando

Tiamat had recollected herself to a single point on Mount M'Gando, making sure to keep an eye over the ongoing efforts down in the gorge. However, when she sensed the sudden nonexistance of her apprentice/worker/..."friend?", Xeno, she knew something was amiss. The sudden appearance of Kulve only served to reinforce her concerns. She withdrew all of her active spells, and sent out a mental signal to Bahamut. Time felt like it slowed to a crawl for the goddess as she turned to face a massive beam of light, headed straight for her. She had held no fear of death in her sevenfold heart, but this... this was something else. Not death, not imprisonment...

This was the promise of stark oblivion, of a searing nothingness that transcended even death's dark abyss.

And she would stand against even this blinding nothingness, simply because she had no other option. Raising her arms in a warding gesture, she brought to bear the strongest of her personal wards. The light struck it, and for the brief eternity of a few seconds, it seemed like the barrier would hold... until it didn't.

The barrier shattered like glass, and then the light consumed her, piece by piece. First went her fiery strength, then her protective nature, followed in short order by in infinite, mysterious chaos, her trickster tendencies, her    royal air   , and lastly, even her draconic form — all of it ripped away in the howling, ravenous, soul-devouring light.

But not all of Tiamat was taken... when the light vanished, laying in a crater, curled up in the fetal position, and crying quietly, was Tiamat. Not Tiamat the Dragon-Goddess, not Tiamat the Queen of Vengeance, not even Tiamat the Pact-Maker, or Tiamat the Mother of Magic.

Just... Tiamat.

NLA, Residential District

Megan was caught of guard by the sudden pause, and lunged straight into the ground where the Ruined Dragon's head had just been.

"Ow... I'm okay! Gonna feel that one in the morning though...," she called out.

Nyr finished casting the charge-removal spell on Thranix, releasing him from the stunlock hell that his armor had become, and then turned to Raijin.

   "I... well. Guess now's a good a time as any to show that I'm worth that sort of trust. I swear on my honor as a warrior and a mage that I will not let you down."   

Thranix, now no longer stuck, stretched, and sat down on the ground, cross-legged. He flexed his wings, producing a few distinct popping noises from the joints. He spoke up and said, "What's happened? I feel something... horribly wrong has just occurred. I'm not sure how or why I say that, but... I just feel it."

"The Stick has sentimental value. It's like an enormous, hideous teddy bear we can kill things with." -rikalous
Rbade brbbrbr Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:35:11 PM

Vague Primordia

Achakura and her associate are walking to the assigned meeting place, hoping to heck that Miss Nagato doesn’t know what they're doing. Her face bursts into joy when she sees her confidante.

”Miss Kimidori!”

”Hello, Miss Asakura. You appear to be a bit smaller than last time we met~. And… you have a new friend?”

Achakura brushes off the knock at her corrupted stature; this meeting is too important for her to miss, considering who it concerns. Mister Green, meanwhile, just shoots the interface a glance. She prepares to speak her mind… when one of Galeem’s beams rockets out of nowhere and through the spot where she is standing, consuming her entirely. Mister Green startles before the beam doubles back and tears through him as well.

”… Was this a bad time?”

Emiri Kimidori, as nonchalant as a Humanoid Interface always is, simply tears a data rift back to their home plane to report this… interesting occurrence to the one whose behalf she was there on.

Speedeye Boy’s Shack

Speedeye Boy is grumbling about supermen as he repairs his door for the fourth time this month. After that last barrage of heinous insults he is seriously considering just rebranding himself Speedeye Man, or just Speedeye. There’s no way he can live up to Mister Pool like this…

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices a brilliant beam of light blasting right towards him! He isn’t particularly fast, but with his Speedy Eyes he is able to notice it so far in advance that… wait, nope, he’s still just too slow to dodge it. At least he made it so the beam had to double back to get every last part of his body.

NLA Commercial District

Grumio is on break, happily scarfing down a Big Mac.

“I love Mc Donalds! This is much better than my old job, working as a slave for Caecilius!”

The poor demigod doesn’t even have the chance to react as a beam of light plows through him from behind.

Under a building in NLA

The minor daemon writhes in its prison, shrieking in the torment it bears eternally watching the world around it go on living. It’s retina notices a flicker in the infinite darkness, and it glances towards it.

The oculothorax of I widens in fear as a wave of light punches through its seal to embrace it.

Somewhere, sealed in Primordia

Wee is floating in suspended animation, not particularly enjoying having been sealed by that ninja but not really being aware enough to complain. It’s not like it’s much worse than the old world was, anyways.

Its metaphysical non-complaints are cut off once it is consumed by a beam of overwhelming light.

Vague NLA

Super Snatch Man is lying in wait, for the next time an identifiable Mega Man comes within a set distance. Still somehow unaware after all this time that he is not within a Wily Fortress, he gazes into the distance with dead eyes.

He doesn't even react as a beam of light blasts through him.

Vague Oblivia

Piezoruby is picking through the flesh of an unlucky amoeboid, cackling in sadistic glee. A certain shine catches his eye as he turns away from his kill.


Piezoruby used Protect!

But the move failed!

NLA Hotel

Rbade looks up from his scouter.

“Hell naw. We aren’t… Nintendo characters, right? Or third party? We’re fine, everything’s fine…”

He is lying to himself. He is lying to himself VERY HARD, and continues trying to ignore what is happening outside.

Vague middle-of-the-ocean

"Whoa, huh, that's a pretty impressive transformation."

"Indeed! I'm quite the monster; now, show that power and determination you are hiding!"

"Dude, I don't know how to break it to you, but you still don't count as a leviathan."

"W-what?! I must know! For you to be able to take down such impressive beasts you must be hiding a bastion of power! Or a mysterious, terrible technique! Show m-!"

Alter!Cooler is suddenly cut off by a one of the blasts of blinding light, as it plows into and through his side. Sporacles just blinks, before hopping back in his seamoth and deciding that the bottom of the ocean doesn't seem like a bad place to spend the next few days.

The Silent Shrine

The Spider yawns; life at the shrine has been idyllic for quite a while now, and he's pretty content. That Aw Puck guy hasn't shown up like he said he would, either.

"Man… this is the life…" he says immediately before a beam snakes through the door, snaps him up, and blasts out the back.

Conton City

Oca teleports in.

"Merry Christmas, Callis!"

He's holding a small capsule wrapped in red paper, with a bow taped to it.

Vague NLA

Waluigi is sipping a can of New Coke, watching television in his hotel room when he notices a certain gleam from outside his window.


He squints as it grows closer, before gasping. He wipes a tear from his eye as the light engulfs him.

"Wa…"luigi is in smash…!

Purater Base

Mere moments after Oca has left, a few beams converge on his house. They struggle for a split second to get through the shielding before punching through.

Aajaye is snapped up while chugging a cask of Plutonium Whiskey. Vegeta Junior startles and stumbles back before falling right into a beam himself, cursing the whole time. The rest of the house stumbles into the main room only to scatter; a good number manage to not get galeem'd, but Xoeur, Zelerie Junior, Oxa, Wuffles, Giree, and Twenteen are devoured by the light.

"No! Wuffles!"

Vague Cauldros

"Dude! What the heck are you?"


BE!Overclock doesn't even bother to respond to the caricature of the being he knew to be a fierce warrior. He never knew that a minor teleportation mishap would have a result so… annoying.

"… So, do you know the way back to Duckburg? I kinda owe Scrooge a couple doll-"

The daemon sighs with relief when the blasts of light come to encompass him and Ducktale Z!Vegeta.

Vague Primordia

Spiritia and Ran Cossack stare down the abomination; Tia thinks about what Walker is doing right now.

"… So, you know what this thing is?"

"I think it's that Mega Man guy? But he looks… different. Wrong."

"and you look like a prick"

"Oh god."

Spiritia notices a blast of light approaching from the rear.


She warps out of the way, barely getting out in time. Ran glances back and… dies from sheer fright. The wave of light washes over his nonfunctional chassis and plows into the megaman.


Cultivar Colony

Napari is watching the carnage from his mind's eye, pretty concerned. He feels pity for cricket-like creature and red haired swordsman about to be vaporized.

Wait… he deflected it with his sword?! What?!

Fighter McWarrior grins with pride over his conceptual-level blocking as the deadly light blasts into and through the home of the High Priest of Nappa before reducing him to nothing.

Vague Noctilum

The Ochimo of Fire is out for a quick stroll, signing to his interesting new friend.

"Why, yes! I would be willing to share what I know; we have the same Buzzer, after all!"

Unsure what to make of the Doctor's words but enthusiastic all the same, he doesn't notice the beam of light until it is too late. Doctor Gray, for what it's worth, jumps into the beam after him out of sheer scientific curiosity.

Vague Sylvalum


"Yes, battle sister! Smite the unbeliever!"


Azula prepares to blast the two imperial fanatics with a gargantuan beam of lightning, but a certain beam of pure light beats her to the punch, swallowing up Kyoko and Karstodes. Azula stands still for a second before slowly backing up.

Vague NLA

Puroto is posing in front of the mirror in his hotel room, sparkling up the atmosphere with occasional discharges of hamon.

"Oh, that was a good one! Santana will be so intimidated if he lays eyes upon this magnificient-!"

The gold light of the hamon camouflaged the approaching beam of Galeem until it was too late for Puroto to do anything about it.

Vague Noctilum

Faery-Killer looks up from the fire he was cooking up, glaring at the approaching beam.

"What is…?"

His eyes harden, and he mutters that it "must be the work of the fae" before the light consumes him.

Vague Cauldros

Elder Goma glares at the spawn of the dark in front of him, pronouncing it a "Jerk." He warps out as Cecilia cackles.

Cecilia's cackles die down considerably when she notices the beam of light blaring down onto her position.

PUPPETS: Grumio, I, Wee, Super Snatch Man, Piezoruby, Alter!Cooler, The Spider, Waluigi, Twenteen, Giree, Zelerie Junior, DucktaleZ!Vegeta, megaman, 40k!Kyoko, Puroto, Vegeta Junior

SPIRITS: Achakura, Mister Green, Speedeye Boy, Wuffles, Xoeur, Oxa, Overclock, Ran's Corpse, Napari, Ochimo, Doctor Gray, Karstodes, Faery-Killer, Cecilia, Aajaye

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DefRevenge24601 Patient Zero from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Patient Zero
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:47:12 PM


Revenge chuckles and attempts to leave, only to stop short of a light beam screaming by him.

"Fuck the what?"

X and Metallix were skulking the area below, when all of a sudden a beam of light lit up the alleyway they were contained in. While X managed to jump out of the way, Metallix wasn't so lucky.

X landed, sighing.

   "And after we had just fixed you... Narktus needs to hear about this."   

He runs off.

Waluigi is walking down the road, before coming face-to-face with BB and Hawk Moth.

   "Oh, what's this? A forsaken Waa?"   

They both chuckle before getting hit with a beam of light they didn't even see coming. Waluigi, seeing them vaporized, quickly hit the deck, before standing up and triumphantly posing.


"Wait. Does this mean I'm not in Smash? WAAAAAAAA!"

He Waa's in anguish.

Hatchiyak, Kukri, and Susie look one as the Cracked Egg Carrier, looming above them, is hit with a light beam and completely obliterated, leaving no survivors.

"Oh my god..."

"Just like that...!"



The Travelers stand up against their fate, standing tall, almost all of them being turned into Spirits. Only Phoenix and Amy remain, looking on after the carnage is left. They stand in solidarity, before running off in search for backup.

Castle Dedede

The Hakkeshu (accompanied by Leona Heidern) and the Main Four arrive to a relatively empty castle, only a few Waddle Dees and Waddles Doos left, bar their own stock.

That's when the beams of light strike once more, hitting Freddy, Chica, Yashiro, Goenitz, Mizuchi, and Orochi.

"What... What just happened?"

"they just fuckin died"

"It's just us, and these adorable, defenseless creatures..."

"these assholes are dead"

"Yes, yes they are."

Spiralblock Peak

Keebo, Josuke, and a large black man doing some sort of martial art are locked in fight when Josuke gets light beamed.

"Excuse me, WHAT?!?"

"Yeah, this is bad."

Keebo uses COPY on the man, activating GLOW Keebo! Keebo can now use The Glow to amplify his attacks!

"Let's go."

"Yeah, fine."

Bowser's Castle

The Koopa Bros. all respond to the light beams, followed by Kamek and the Wheelie Bike; only Kamek and the Wheelie survive.

They go in to check on Bowser, Junior, Vegito, and Shingo, but when they get in, Junior and Shingo are revealed to be beamed, and Vegito is comforting a very distrught Bowser.

"My boy... My boy is gone..."

"Yeah... That he is."

"Master Bowser! What happened?"

"Junior and that Shingo kid.. They got taken by these beams of light... They're gone."

NLA Industrial

Saitama and Kensou are walking out of the grocery store, sharing a few meatbuns, when Kensou steps out ahead of Saitama and gets light beamed.

"Oh no, not again!"

He runs into the store, before coming back out in his Caped Baldy garb.

Axel is walking when, unbeknownst to him, he gets lightbeamed.

Suicide Mouse is jumping the rooftops when a light beam approaches him. He narrowly dodges, going into a shadow portal before it could get to him.

The Sky Noah

The entire ship gets blown to shreds by a light beam; Only Gary, Christopher Robin, and Scourge survive, landing somewhere in Noctilum.


Everyone has gathered. Xehanort, Haiosi, Kyo-Blood, Iori-Blood, and Metallix-X all wait for their friends, who never show up.

Then Kyo-Blood and Xehanort get lightbeamed.

   "Excuse me?!?!"   


"Threat detected. Engage?"

   "s-stand down..."   

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Howard Connection? In my Skyrim? It's more likely than you think.
Bolded1 put quote here from somewhere Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
put quote here
Dec 28th 2018 at 5:59:19 PM

Ryoma, Samsara, Noire, Doppio and Xander witness the beams going off and immediately get back to the fort, closing all the dors behind them and peering beyond the walls.

I am afraid that our walls would be of little use against such power. says Frederick, worried.

They do not seems to be going for us but... ah, what kind of world is this ?

A world where gods fight, miss Samsara... and a rather sobering reminder of our inherent smallness compared to these atrocities.

... We may seems small, but I do not believe that we are powerless. I took my sword against a god and... i will not hesitate to do so again.

Yes... we can't... despair...

Despairing would cause a significant efficacity decrease and one that is not to be allowed.

I'm really scared but I'll still draw my bow if I must...

Doppio is quietly holding unto his phone, with the Boss calling.

   Is this what it feels like ? To be... helpless ? Stranded in the gutter ? Ah ! On my pride, I cannot allow myself to be intimidated, but perhaps it is better that we return to Italy, where such horrors are only found on television screens !   

Gangrel is staring at the beams from his spot in NLA, drinking from a glass.

Well, I might just die, but that'd be a pretty exquisite death !

Thanos is contemplating from Sanctuary, emotionless.

The villains of this place have a pathetic need to show their worth to this world... though if anything, I can compliment this quick approach.

Set is sitting in his lair : while Eleven and even Madara are looking worried, he's just fine, eyes closed and hands joined together.


Genocide looks up at the beam and raises his gauntlet in answer, lighting up with his purple flame and laughing widely.

Troa and Deut observes the gigantic beams, and Deut nonchalantly turn off whatever alien technology was holding Troa back beforehand.

Wise choice.

Thor is spectating from his throne, along with Odin, Zeus and Horus.


Hmph. Too late.

Curse our powerlesness ! Aren't we gods ?


Goku and Vegeta are looking at the beams from a training spot, with Goku, of all people, being dead serious.

What kind of bastard would unleash such an attack ?

That's just not fair at all ! complains Goku.

Iron Man's eyes widen as he admire the beam from his spot in the lab, and he grabs his head, leaning against a table.

No... no no no no...

Mantis is screeching in the apartment, much to Bruce's distress as he desperately fight back against the Hulk !

There are people... vanishing ! Their thoughts are just gone !

Marie is watching, emotionless, from her building in NLA, ignoring that Atropos is standing behind her in the shadow, quietly moving her hands in rythm.

His slumber will last no more.
Dec 28th 2018 at 6:22:04 PM

Here and elsewhere, some beams of light hunt down targets... Yet their influence seems to wane, as the targets they were hunting fight back against inevitability, or are saved by circumstance around them. Even the power of Galeem is not infallible, after all.

In the ruined city of another world, a light beam pursues DFS, but fails to reach him when it collides with a Flaming Black Titan instead, the titan proving tough enough to tank the beam in its entirety before it falls.

On a distant planet, a SAS assault trooper narrowly evades death at the hands of another beam, adrenaline pumping through him as he guides the beam into claiming the life of a Savage Necrosis instead. As with the FBT in the ruined city, this Savage Necrosis is durable enough to take the entire beam's power to destroy.

Elsewhere in the arena itself, a blue glowing light is engulfed in a beam, but the beam fails to damage the glowing light. Once the beam has passed, the soul just hovers in place for a moment in confusion at what happened, then snarks a quick    <I've survived worse.>    before returning to what it was doing.

In another dimension entirely, beams hunt down and chase after many civilians and snipers, yet are foiled by the fastest streak of orange in the universe in question, endless whiffed shots sailing by into uselessness.

In that same other dimension but of a different faction, the beams of light instead collide with something far too powerful for them to take - gray light feasts on gold, devouring the energies before they can reach their targets. However, one of them does briefly brush against the source, failing to outright claim the target but managing to at least set up something for later...

In yet another place, an event is interrupted by streaks of golden light obliterating a squadron of approximately half a dozen people. Those people are not necessarily in any danger from the sudden light, as a facility somewhere soon manages to salvage their neural data and grow new bodies for their minds to inhabit, restoring them to the point where the light might as well have done nothing but stall them for a while.

And finally, somewhere else, a woman in a business suit watches a beam of light bearing down on her, and she smiles to herself as she activates something she prepared in advance for precisely an event such as this one. While the light is an inconvenience for her, that is all it remains - an inconvenience at most, something that will set her back but ultimately fail to do anything notable in the long run.

The fact that only 140 characters are allowed here is honestly so disappointing to me.
DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Dec 28th 2018 at 6:28:16 PM

Skies above New Los Angeles

Alt.Areui, as he’s flying, notices beams of heavenly light headed his way. Quickly, he attemtps to use Wind magic to defend himself, but he’s completely engulfed.

Ruined City of O’rrh Sim, Cauldros

Pilly, who’s wandering around outside, looks horrified when unknown beams head her way. She tries to run, but isn’t nearly fast enough, and is engulfed.

West Gate, New Los Angeles

Argo and Demo, who had planned to pay Neuff a surprise visit and help comfort her from Troa’s constant antagonistic behavior, are struck by beams from the back, engulfed in an instant.

Floating City

Alt.Demo, who’s hanging out with Elmadan and Colonel Deepsea, having taken somewhat of a liking to their company (not that he’d ever admit it), looks up at the sky, seeing Galeem’s attack. The latter two panic, and the former seems ready to defend himself, though they are all engulfed. Alt.Argo, who was hanging out nearby to keep an eye on Alt.Demo, is engulfed all the same.

Floating Reef, Oblivia

Alinivar’s crew, including Giegue, see a faint light near the entrance of the cave getting brighter. Giegue floats out to investigate, and his eyes widen just before a huge beam enters the cave, engulfing all inside. Giegue tries to use a powerful psychic shield at the last second, but the beam just bursts right through.

Silent Mire, Primordia

A certain locked coffin, buried in obscurity, gets struck by Galeem’s beams and vaporized, just like the monstrosity inside…

Various Locations

The current active Einherjar all look up as beams of light race towards them. None of them can avoid the attacks and are turned into their card selves, even the Black Knight, who’s aura does not protect him. However, a strange, dark aura surrounds these cards, making them vanish on the spot.

City Center, New Los Angeles

Anna, her sisters and Jake see the beams coming and look horrified. Anna, grabbing her Levin Sword, attempts to battle these beams in a desperate attempt to save everyone else, but they are all engulfed mercilessly.

Skies above Cauldros

Areui, Kirue and Yazur, who’d been looking around for a sign of Devil Areui, see the beams coming. Kirue attempts to protect his younger brother and friend with a divine barrier, but the beams just break through without effort, engulfing the three angels easily.

Eastern part of New Los Angeles

Courne, who’s eating a crapton of food in one of the diners, senses Galeem’s attack, but is too late to actually act before one of the beams engulfs him.

Western part of New Los Angeles

Dark Bakura and Dark Marik, who were about to engage in a duel for the sake of their respective Millennium Items, only get to draw their card hand before their Items react to the incoming attacks. Unfortunately, Millennium magic is weaker than Galeem’s power, and as such neither being of darkness escapes the attack headed for them.

Northern part of New Los Angeles

Japhet looks up in horror when he sees the beams coming, and quickly shouts to alert everyone else. Dedan defiantly stands his ground, attempting to combat the beams. Sucre, meanwhile, holds Hugo close to herself, making sure he can’t see the beams coming. Zacharie, despite knowing that it’s useless, attempts to aid Dedan, and the Judge tries standing his ground as well. However, the entire group is engulfed easily, not even little Hugo spared.

???, Noctilum

Somewhere else, Enoch and the Queen notice the beams as well. Enoch attempts to use himself as a shield, as, while he hates the Queen, he knows Hugo would be devastated if anything happened to her. Sadly, even his massive physique isn’t enough, and both are engulfed.

Southern parts of New Los Angeles

Bismark runs in a blind panic and hides in a basement, as beams pass over the building. His fate is unknown.

Emerian Battlegrounds, Cauldros

Specter Knight and Plague Knight, for reasons unknown, were about to fight one another. When Mona points out the beams, however, Plague Knight grabs her and tries to blast off again, while Specter readies his scythe, prepared for oblivion. All three of them fall.

Slavebird Isle, Cauldros

The Homunculi, having now settled in Cauldros, look up to see the incoming beams. Greed raises his Ultimate Shield, Gluttony opens his stomach-mouth to try to swallow the beams, Wrath takes off his eyepatch, the female Sloth turns her body into water to become intangible and Pride raises his Shadows to form a dome around himself. Father himself stands up from his throne and uses his alchemic powers to launch a counterattack at the incoming beams with beams of his own. Ultimately though, the entire group is engulfed, none of their defenses able to stop Galeem.

Floating City

Alex, riding his motorcycle, picks up as many people as he can find along the way while trying to escape Galeem’s beams. These people being Mimi, Dekai-Ver, the three Shinigami Royals (who weren’t in the Assassin base at the moment) and Porter. Sadly though, even without all the extra passengers, it wouldn’t be faster than the beams, and they are all engulfed.

City Center, New Los Angeles

Kimblee, who’s sitting in a café and drinking some tea, notices the incoming beams. He only shows a grin before it engulfs him, knowing that he cannot escape it and deciding to go on his own terms.

???, Pseudo Porky’s Base

Galeem’s beams make their way through the rocks and ground covering up Pseudo’s base, swirving around the halls with deadly precision. Pseudo Porky, seeing them coming, can only press the alarm button in time to warn everyone else before the light consumes him. Yet, even with the alarm blaring, it’s not enough to save many of the others. The Darklings, using their dark powers to raise magic shields, prove to be meaningless and get engulfed. Weber, seeing that even his Darklings couldn’t protect themselves, attempts to warp Rico Jr out of the base, but due to the teleportation lock on the base, his powers won’t let him. He, Rico Jr and Wallace are completely engulfed as well. Roll EXE, who’s resting in a room, is fully asleep when the light takes her. Psycho!Ness and Ninten, upon seeing the beams, raise their PK Shields in response, but the beams just burst right through. Emperor Locke tries the same, but in his way, bringing up a corrosive aura. However, this does nothing to change his fate. Teddy, who’d come to visit Ninten again, pulls his sword, ready to go defiantly. And so he does. Lardna Minch, who’s seated in the dining hall, is engulfed while eating something she herself prepared. Lucas and Hinawa, who’re resting in a room, don’t even notice what’s going on until it’s too late, and are engulfed without feeling panic. Kumatora and Duster were with them, but they didn’t see it coming either. Balloon Boy seemingly goes limp, as if accepting his fate.

The Vahki are deployed and attempt to strike back, but they are engulfed as well. “Helryx, we have to flee!”, Botar calls out.

“There’s no time to get us out, just leave!”, Helryx replies as she starts to shine alongside Lesovikk, the two Toa charging up their Nova Blasts.


“That’s an order!”

Reluctantly, Botar obeys and warps away. The two Toa unleash their devastating attacks, but it’s not enough. A certain being haunting the halls of Pseudo’s base also gets struck by the beams. Dead or not, they’re consumed nonetheless. And Ken Tahn, trapped in a prison cell, is completely defenseless as well when the beams of light break down the door to engulf him.

With that, Pseudo’s entire base has become eerily devoid of life.

???, Assassin Base

The Assassins don’t fare any better either. Galeem’s beams burst into every single one of their bases. Dark Meta Knight attempts to escape through his mirrors, but it, and him, fall victim to the beams. Alwina, Cywina and Edwina, Mara’s students, attempt to combine their magic to create a counter beam. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t nearly experienced enough to obtain enough power to accomplish this in time, and they too fall. The Hunter and Huntress simply sit in place, strangely seeming to welcome obliteration by Galeem’s attacks. Andropov summons his Shadow, Alubujem, and encases himself, Schneider and General Logi in a protective crystal casing, but it proves to be for naught. Azathoth, Mara’s son, is completely unaware due to his blindness, and Bell tries in naught to protect him with her body, but both children are taken just the same. Jack Frost tries to blow the beams back with a powerful blizzard, but he’s overpowered quickly, and engulfed. Hisoka forms a Nen barrier around him, as that’s all he can do in response. Sadly, Nen doesn’t save him from the beams. Mr L… he just panics and runs around before being engulfed. Mara transforms into her true form immediately and creates powerful barriers with all six of her arms. Those barriers actually manage to block Galeem’s beams, until the amount of them starts piling up, eventually overpowering and engulfing her. Tyler and Thomas, knowing that there’s nothing they can do, still try to fly away to safety, but to no avail.

Hub warps out to avoid certain doom, ending up in the Assassin Satellite Cannon, and activates it, planning to turn it on Galeem’s beams and blast them into harmless energy. The Satellite Cannon gathers energy, its cloaking and shields fading, and it blasts at a bunch of beams headed its way. Surprisingly, the Satellite’s huge beam manages to actually get into a beam struggle with one of Galeem’s beams. … Only one though, and the rest of them swarm the destructive machine, taking it out completely along with Hub. And with Hub not truly dead, but also not conscious, his copies do not activate.

Cyber flies out of the base as multiple beams try to catch up to him. Cranking his systems up to the max, Cyber starts dodging at an insane rate, putting all of his energy into doing so, and it seems he can actually keep up with doing this for a while. His energy sources are finite though, and the moment they start running out, he slows down. It only takes a second from there on out to seal his fate.

The secret weapon, encased in that strange, yellow block, does not get engulfed. Whatever that block is made out of is powerful enough to deflect Galeem’s beams. Still, this means nothing, as the creature inside is still stuck. A certain prisoner in a cell doesn’t even react as they get engulfed.

And the one Assassin who always sits alone, in that dark room, closes a book as he accepts the light, chuckling softly as if knowing that this isn’t the end.

Various locations in Oblivia

Ken Tahn’s bandits, regardless of if they’re together or apart, all fall victim to Galeem’s beams as well.

Cliffside Camp, Oblivia

Delphinium, who’s out on her own, can only watch in horror before the light consumes her.

Sayram Lake, Primordia

Devil Areui is fast asleep when the light gets him. A strange ghost that seems to have been watching him bites the dust just the same.

East Gate Plain, Primordia

BE!Demo, having found BE!Argo just a moment ago, intending to talk to him, is unable to defend himself from Galeem’s attack. BE!Argo is just as helpless.

Northpointe Beach, Primordia

Yuno, similarly, can’t do a thing to defend herself. Realizing this, she just eats some of the food in front of her before going out, wanting to eat as much as she can before the end, which comes more swiftly than she would’ve hoped.

Skies above Sylvalum

Althea and Artemis, the reality warpers, start warping around and using their magic to bend Galeem’s beams away from them. However, they can’t keep up with the sheer amount, and the moment one of them gets engulfed, the other is immediately distracted enough to fall victim as well.

???, New Los Angeles

Ren, sitting in an alleyway, looks up at the beams headed his way. Strange, wolf-like spirits surround him to try to protect him, but none of them manage to block the beams, and they are all engulfed together.

City Center, New Los Angeles

Walter C. Dornez, who’d just met up with Seras Victoria in the bar the former is always at, try to defend themselves from the incoming attacks. Neither Walter’s wires nor Seras’ gunshots are enough though, and the vampires get engulfed.

Shark’s Jaws, Noctilum

Tharja looks on in interest, yet also understood dread, and accepts what happens next. There’s really nothing else she can do. Morgan, who just happened to be nearby at the moment, experiences the same fate.

Skies above Primordia

Meta Knight and Galacta Knight, who had met each other again and had just gotten into a fight, are both engulfed during combat.

Esconded Citadel, Noctilum

Fassad attempts to use PK Starstorm against the beams, but the attacks, and Fassad himself, are engulfed with ease.

Seabird’s Beak, Sylvalum

Owain and Inigo, or Odin and Laslow, try to shield Severa/Selena, attempting to fight. However, the three are no match for Galeem’s beams.

Everwhelm Falls

Deliderp hops around in a blind panic, somehow dodging beams left and right. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like it will get hit.

Cleansing Spring, Sylvalum

The Neo-Pigmask’s hideout, which is what Claus had dubbed it, is struck by Galeem’s beams of light. While the Pigmasks panic, Claus puts on his helmet and attempts to fight back. Unfortunately though, it’s not that simple, and they are all engulfed.

Titan’s Table, Cauldros

Flint, who had just come to the Arena after having been contacted by Claus, saying that there was something he ‘’had’’ to see, is engulfed by the beams while making his way to the Neo-Pigmask’s hideout.

Cauldros Threshold, Sylvalum

Picky Minch quickly activates the Phase Distorter technology in his equipment, barely avoiding getting hit and returning to his homeworld.

Arendt Bridge, Primordia

Vile had only just returned to the Arena, seemingly with a plan in mind, when he gets unceremoniously engulfed.

Canopied Whitewood, Noctilum

Seraphim, the son that escaped Mara, jumps between trees in an attempt to outmaneuver the beams. His stamina doesn’t last though, and he gets engulfed.

Weeping Whitewood, Noctilum

The illusion-creating being in the forest attempts to make themselves intangible to escape the attack, but this doesn’t work, and they are engulfed.

Divine Roost, Noctilum

Iris, channeling the power of her necklace, holds out her hands to block the beams headed her way. Shockingly, she actually seems capable of keeping this up for a while, until more beams start surrounding her, eventually hitting her in the back and engulfing her.

Porky’s Base, Cauldros

Greyface immediately attempts to flee, not getting far before the beams catch up to him. Porky Minch just laughs.    “Heh, this may not have happened in my timeline, but it’s no big deal. The Great Light’s barrier will.. w-will…”    His eyes widen, and he realizes just a moment too late that, no, the Great Light’s barrier will ‘’not’’ protect him. Galeem’s light engulfs him, passing through the barrier completely. Not even Porky Minch can escape the attack.

A strange vial containing something small and yellow in Porky’s base gets struck as well, for some reason.

City Center, New Los Angeles

Dr Wily, who’d come down from the Skull Egg Zone with Copy Robot to pick Bass up, sees the beams coming. He, and his two robots, can’t do a thing to protect themselves as the beams engulf them.

Biahno Hills, Primordia

A strange pile of green sludge, hidden away somewhere, observes as the beams pass by.

Grieving Plains, Primordia

Majora tries to dance around the beams. … Majora fails to dance around the beams.

Repenta Diner, New Los Angeles

Varik, who was currently drinking it all away as usual, isn’t even aware of the incoming beam, and is obliterated immediately. The Batter sees this, and prepares to fight back. However, the beams, for some reason, all pass by the Batter, who simply observes in curiosity. Wanting to know more, he starts making his way towards the source.

Floating Island

Mani ‘’immediately’’ flees back to her own world through a portal that she’d been given energy to make, in case of an emergency, not planning to return to the Arena as long as Galeem is around. Marx, who was nearby, starts running for his life, hopping on the ball. He ends up falling into a ditch by mistake, but this ends up saving his life, as the beams pass over him.

Rustpool Banks, Noctilum

Metal Sonic attempts to scan the beams, and the results come in too late for him to do anything about it. He too is engulfed.

Barbarich Desert, Oblivia

Ridley breaks through the barrier separating his world from the Arena, having returned for vengeance on Lucas for brainwashing him. And as such ends up engulfed by the beams the moment he sets foot in the Arena.

Island 1

Kefla attempts to counter the beams with her own aura, shooting lasers around everywhere. Sadly, the beams power through regardless, and engulf her.

Floating City

And for the last group, BE!Tobajas attempts to shield the Great Light, but is engulfed instantly. The Great Light, in a panic, opens a portal to the Nothingness and flees inside, though as it closes, one beam gets through. The Great Light zips around in a panic, the beam following him at every instance. The many souls that lie dormant, while easy targets, wouldn’t do a thing to help Galeem’s goal, as they are already ‘taken care of’. As the Great Light and the beam zip around though, a group of soul particles suddenly band together and charge right towards Galeem’s beam, willingly diving in to be engulfed. With a soul engulfed, the beam fades, and the Great Light is left to ponder what just happened.

—-zzzzzzzzzzz—-"Lw'v ph... Plfkdho..."—-zzzz—-
KiriK Earth Singing Dragon from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Earth Singing Dragon
Dec 28th 2018 at 6:39:02 PM

Callis watches the destruction in despair. When Oca arrives, she says without looking up, "Hey, Tuberosa. Happy holidays, but we're a bit busy." She sounds exhausted.

Also, her hair is black like that of a normal Saiyan now.

Vague Primordia

Awkeff is running around in a panic. She was disturbingly close to Galeem when he did the attack, and while she didn't get targeted, she had front-row seats. She saw what happened.

"Viserys! VISERYS!"

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A mysterious elder dragon able to manipulate the earth itself. Vibrations from its wingtips reshape the earth, denying hunters footing.
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Dec 28th 2018 at 6:49:53 PM

"Huh, your hair is… normal? And when did you turn all formal like Per…"

He notices what's going on in the scroll they're all looking at; a finger is thrown.


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Dec 28th 2018 at 6:50:21 PM

Set's group verify the desolation, with Set using his vast godworlder powers to watch over. While everyone else is horrified, he slowly begins to chuckle and get up, laughing maniacally as red energy build up around him.

   WHAT DELICIOUS EVIL !    he says, feeding on the sheer evil of the act to grow in power, causing more golden parts to fall over as he bulks up.

And now, what should we do ?

Who knows ?


Well... I do believe that it is now time to show myself. says Thanos, slowly getting up and grabbing a cosmic cube.

They've forced my hands... time to show them the might of Thanos, he who, more than enough, held omnipotence in the palm of his hand.

The sheperds are standing at the fort, seemingly more determined than ever to fight. Even Gregor is looking pretty fierce !

So... are you gonna call Katre ?

I'm calling everyone over.

You want us ten to fight together ?

Yes. If you do help, you'll get more goodies.

Humph. A good fight is enough of a reward for me.

Goku and Vegeta slowly build up their Super Saiyans until they reach blue !

Whoever did this... they're going to pay, right now !

Humph. I hope that those weaklings are watching. It is time for the prince of all saiyans to save them all !

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His slumber will last no more.
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Dec 28th 2018 at 6:53:53 PM

Callis steps back from the scroll and walks over to Oca. "First, thank you for noticing, I got it Shenron'd. Second, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW."

Deeq points to the scroll. "They got Courne!"


Chronoa walks into the room. "Is it... Galeem?"

"If Galeem is a ball of light with four pairs of wings, then yes, it's Galeem."

"Oh no!" The Supreme Kai of Time runs up to the scroll.

A mysterious elder dragon able to manipulate the earth itself. Vibrations from its wingtips reshape the earth, denying hunters footing.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Dec 28th 2018 at 6:56:09 PM

Vague Primordia

Thankfully for Awkeff, a nearby Viserys managed to hear her cry, which snaps him out of his own shock at the spectacle that was Galeem's light show. Without a moment to spare, he sprints over to the Altmer Dragonborn, unaware that in another part of the Arena, Pilly had been struck by one of the beams.

"Awkeff! Thank the Nine you weren't struck by... whatever those beams were!"

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Dec 28th 2018 at 6:56:42 PM

Thanos's ship, Sanctuary, lands in Primordia, being big enough to be seen from a visible distance.

It lands and Thanos himself step off, hands behind his back.

His slumber will last no more.
KiriK Earth Singing Dragon from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Earth Singing Dragon
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:00:03 PM

"I'm glad you weren't either! I saw what did it, and... and...! I feared you'd been hit too!"

Awkeff points to the spot the lasers came from. "Did you see the monster? It was like nothing I've ever seen! I dare say even Alduin would come up short compared to that... that light!"

A mysterious elder dragon able to manipulate the earth itself. Vibrations from its wingtips reshape the earth, denying hunters footing.
Rbade brbbrbr Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:00:19 PM

"What?! They got Cornhole?! Oh fuck oh shit oh I hope that shiny thing doesn't get its mitts on my house."

"The fuck's a Galeem? Also nice ta meetcha, other patrol's Chronoa."

KiriK Earth Singing Dragon from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Earth Singing Dragon
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:04:07 PM

"Doesn't look like your pocket planet is being targeted."

"The thing firing all the lasers is Galeem! I foresaw it but didn't know it'd come so soon!"

"You should really be telling us these things as soon as you know about them, Chronoa!"

A mysterious elder dragon able to manipulate the earth itself. Vibrations from its wingtips reshape the earth, denying hunters footing.
DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:08:26 PM


Suddenly crawling out of a basement, Bismark appears, looking around while frightened.

"A-are the dangerous things gone?", he mutters. He then starts wandering around, unnerved.

"H-hello? Anyone here?"

—-zzzzzzzzzzz—-"Lw'v ph... Plfkdho..."—-zzzz—-
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:09:22 PM

In the aftermath of the meme beams, some of the people who saw them themselves are preparing. Only some, though. A fair few of them are kind of useless. Of the ones that are preparing, two are significant...

The wandering soul, realizing eventually that the beams could have been a hazard for some of the other people from where it came, decides to float off somewhere else, returning home. It needs to contact a few people, let them know of the threat and try and get them to come help deal with it.

And there is Glory, enraged that something would go after her people, her civilians, beginning to form plans and investigate what caused this hazardous potential mess. An orange light appears high in the sky of the arena, expanding into a large rune of sorts and a very big ship flying through before the rune closes once again. This ship promptly flies upwards, getting higher into the air as to not be too intrusive, establishing a presence to watch and investigate from...

The fact that only 140 characters are allowed here is honestly so disappointing to me.
Rbade brbbrbr Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:09:50 PM

Oca facepalms.

"just like my useless goddess…"

"Weeell… I think i wanna check it out myself… merrychristmasCallistakethis."

He tosses her the capsule before tping out.

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Dec 28th 2018 at 7:11:46 PM

Viserys looks in the direction that Awkeff was pointing in, then shakes his head.

"I've yet to actually see the being responsible for this, but now I know exactly who to go after."

He places his hands on the High Elf's shoulders, looking her in the eye.

"I probably don't need to ask you this question, but... will you join me in slaying this monstrosity, Fahliil Fahdon?"

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Dec 28th 2018 at 7:11:52 PM


By the cockpit of a large ship, dotted by several projected holographic screens that appear to be collecting data regarding the heavy details of the Arena, a figure sits, reclining on a chair and eyeing one of the screens when something shows up.

"...Well, huh."

Their eyes focus on this particular screen, narrowing at the text in view, and rubbing their chin with mild interest, running a hand through their hair.

"A large-scale event, with many people affected."

Silence. Slender fingers track the adjustment of data, the flickering of numbers, and several screens showing the cameras tbey had previously installed revealing a cascade of beams bathing multiple parts of the Arena.

"Energy signatures confirming that this is the work of a being called Galeem."

Silence. The tapping of a foot against a thick carpet, eyes scanning another floating screen.

"That place, huh. Not entirely unexpected, I suppose. Grand crossover meeting another grand crossover, to put it simply..."

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Dec 28th 2018 at 7:13:38 PM

Thanos raises a device and fire a single, bright purple shot into the air, causing a visible beam to appear over Sanctuary.



His slumber will last no more.

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