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Grounder Main Character Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Main Character
Aug 22nd 2017 at 3:52:00 PM

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Aug 22nd 2017 at 3:57:07 PM

I was just about to ask if anything new was going on with Bubsy!

kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Aug 22nd 2017 at 7:09:03 PM

From the first moment I saw this it looked kinda fun, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad we finally know the exact release date.

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Customer Forgetful Sleepyhead from Georgia Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
Aug 22nd 2017 at 7:32:45 PM

I mean let's be fair. Most of Bubsy's terrible reputation came from the infamous 3D game. His previous two games were considered mediocre at best, though nowadays people (generally the ones who had owned the games as kids) say the first game is pretty average, if clumsy in its execution. Out of all his games, it probably functioned the best.

This new game looks okay, though it reminds a lot of the Gianna Sisters games in style. Also, Bubsy sounds like Numbuh 2, which is almost hilariously fitting.

Nothing is PromisedPersona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
Oct 31st 2017 at 2:47:03 PM

So the new Bubsy game has finally come out and... ho boy.

I've only tried playing the tutorial and the first level, but I can already see so many problems with this. To wit:

  • Bubsy has only two abilities: glide (which also serves the function of a double jump) and pounce. And both of them are not implemented in a very good way.
    • Glide for some reason requires a separate button from jumping, which can mess you up very easily.
    • Pounce has Bubsy attack by jumping forward in a predetermined arc, meaning that you'll find yourself missing your intended target quite a lot of the time. Compare this to Giana Sisters (a platformer from the same company, which this game is very similar to), where attacking has your character actively home in on enemies and thus successfully hit them every time.
  • The hit detection is very wonky when it comes to Goomba Stomping. Unless you hit your enemy squarely in the center of the head, Bubsy will get hit instead. Which maybe wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the problem below...
  • The fact that this game uses a limited lives system. I'm sorry, but when was the last time this was anywhere close to acceptable? I had 11 lives when I started the first level, and due to the above issues, I still ran out of ALL of them.
  • In general, the game is very generic looking, which was also kind of a problem for me with Giana Sisters as well. Nothing in the environment feels distinctly Bubsy in any way, and feels almost like the environment was made out of stock assets.
  • I can't say for myself yet, but from other people's reviews, it becomes very clear that the game is ridiculously short. Like, there are people who completed the game in less than 90 minutes. Did I also mention that the game's full price is 30$?

In general, the game feels like a worse version of Giana Sisters, which I wasn't that impressed by to begin with.

So much for Bubsy's grand return, eh?

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Oct 31st 2017 at 3:52:09 PM

I'd heard Giana Sisters was pretty good, especially since they originally started as a blatant Mario clone.

Poor Bubsy. :( It is weird that they'd map the glide button to something different since in the originals it was a key part of how you got around (cause Bubsy was made of tissue paper if you didn't glide you could die from falling damage). A lives system doesn't bother me too much unless it's really easy to lose them like in the original Bubsy, which seems to be the case here too.

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Nov 3rd 2017 at 10:37:56 PM

Anyone else have/played the game? General reaction seems to be So Okay, It's Average.

IceAnt573 Forever not amused.
Forever not amused.
Nov 3rd 2017 at 11:13:06 PM

Bubsy can consider this a win for him if this is being compared to Sonic Forces.

Nov 4th 2017 at 9:08:00 AM

[up] Isn't Sonic Forces highly polarizing, especially compared to Mania?

IceAnt573 Forever not amused.
Forever not amused.
Nov 4th 2017 at 11:28:39 AM

From what's been leaked about Forces, yes. I haven't exactly heard high praise for any singular thing about Forces after it was leaked.

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ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Nov 4th 2017 at 11:33:41 AM

[up] I've heard lots of praise for Forces. People saying it's about as good as Colours/Colors. Making it a very good game.

IceAnt573 Forever not amused.
Forever not amused.
Nov 4th 2017 at 11:45:09 AM

That's interesting. I've heard a lot of scorn for the Infinite fight, the final boss just being repeat of Colors, really short levels, and maybe I just frequent a place that really does not like Fist Bump as a song.

Nov 4th 2017 at 2:09:16 PM

I've heard mixed things about Forces, especially the story, but nothing about Bubsy except 'the game just came out and it's really short.'

ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Nov 4th 2017 at 2:10:42 PM

[up] The reviews are giving Bubsy 4/10. It'll be swept under the rug next to Sonic Forces and Super Mario Odyssey anyway.

Nov 20th 2017 at 12:24:25 PM

Finished the game!! 'Twas dull. Disappointed at the review scores sad

Dec 20th 2017 at 6:16:23 PM

The collector's edition is selling for $12.99 on Amazon right now.

RIP Bubsy, I guess :(

Dec 21st 2017 at 2:18:19 PM

How would you hold a funeral for a zombie?

darkabomination the Quantum Mechanic from cyberspace Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
the Quantum Mechanic
Dec 21st 2017 at 2:26:55 PM

What makes it ironically fitting is that in-universe, the suggestion is Bubsy;s an exhausted reality star. He constantly makes jabs at his audience, says a few times "he didn't write the script", and there's the occasional joke he's in need of money to get by. He makes a decent woobie, so if a game went full on deconstructive parody and played up that he has to work in these derivative platformers, then make in-between segments something else entirely, it'd make some players warm up to him I think.

"Less With The Sweet and Awesome, More With the Stabby-Hurty."
BorneAgain Trope on a Rope from Last House on the Right
Trope on a Rope
Oct 30th 2018 at 7:00:05 PM


As it turns out, this cat's not quite gotten through his nine lives yet.

Still waiting for a Legion of Losers movie...
Oct 31st 2018 at 10:58:54 AM

If they have Arnold and Virgil from the pilot I wonder if they'll have Oblivia and Alley Cassandra. (Arnold was in the bonus stages of Bubsy II, too.)

Ukokira 204863 from Debin Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Nov 20th 2018 at 11:51:17 AM


It's a reskinned Bit.Trip Runner by the Runner devs.

Fellas we might actually have a good Bubsy game now.

firewriter Bulla to Earthlings, Echalote to Saiyans.
Bulla to Earthlings, Echalote to Saiyans.
Nov 20th 2018 at 12:57:35 PM


After so many duds, I have little faith.

Shonen Is Not Just For Boys, Even If Literally Means "Boy".
Nov 20th 2018 at 1:21:12 PM

I didn't think Bubsy was awful with the first two Megadrive games. The biggest complaint was the first game's one hit KO setup (which works completely against the frenetic gameplay and the many, many, many ways you can get hurt) which Bubsy 2 fixed but utilised much more haphazardness level design. If you could port Bubsy 2's three hit system into it, the first game would arguably be way more fun.

Even his quotes weren't unbearable, he had basic snark worked down in them. Though the later titles exacerbated the cheesiness and gave him more grating voice actors. Shame Rob Paulsen wants nothing to do with him anymore.

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