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YMMV / Wonder Man

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  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: He is generally considered to have had some of the worst costumes in the Marvel Universe, with his first two generally being considered the worst. Proving that even Jack Kirby can have an off day, his original outfit consisted of a sleeveless green body suit with a large red 'W' on his upper chest and swirling infinity symbols adorning his lower body. He wore a red belt, wristbands and boots. A green cowl covered all of his head except his face, combined with a bright red visor. However, this was surpassed by his second costume, which is generally regarded as one of the worst superhero outfits of all time. The basic green of his body suit remained, but with red sleeves and leggings. His boots swapped to green, with gold trimming to the top of the boots, his wristbands and his belt. An extremely large 'W' and 'M' rested atop each other in a stylized design edged out in gold on his chest. His cowl now also had a gold stripe down the center, while the red goggles remained. Perhaps it's no wonder that his most fondly remembered outfit is essentially just civilian clothes with a red leather jacket and sunglasses.