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YMMV / We're Gonna Get There Soon

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  • Anvilicious: There's more to somepony than their flaws. Don't judge someone by just one thing. You have to get the whole picture and acknowledge their good qualities and strengths along with their flaws. 90% of the ponies Derpy dealt with, even her own parents, just assumed she was stupid and dumb simply because of her crossed eyes and her clumsiness, not bothering to really get to know her and see who she really is: a sweet, kind, hard working pony who always wants to make her friends happy.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: By the bucketload, but the best one is when Dinky Doo, who is written to have an Ambiguous Disorder akin to Autism and is going through some of the same experiences as Derpy, opens up to her and wants to become her friend after hearing Derpy's story at Family Appreciation Day.
  • Tear Jerker: If you're not crying upon reading about Derpy's past, especially her own parents disowning her because she didn't grow up to be the pony they wanted, YOU HAVE NO HEART!


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