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  • Narm: His current theme song #MMMGORGEOUS.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: His current dubious position on the main roster card is due almost purely to events out of his control. Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Lana, and Summer Rae were all involved in a highly manufactured storyline where Lana left Rusev for Ziggler for no discernible reason. The storyline note  not only did not work on a kayfabe level (to put it simply, Dolph and Lana had no chemistry and continuity was completely denied with everyone's character note  to make the alignments work), but Lana and Rusev got engaged in Real Life during the storyline — an event that was leaked to the public via TMZ. So, after WWE could not go forward with the original storyline, they went a handful of weeks with Summer Rae now trying to get Dolph Ziggler's attention, but Ziggler turning her down. That would lead into Summer managing a new superstar to feud with Ziggler. But since WWE didn't have anyone on the midcard they felt fit the bill, they called up Tyler Breeze — in the middle of October note  with no sort of vignette build or announcement. He was fighting uphill from the very beginning, and after that 'emergency' call-up, creative didn't have a plan for what to do with him. Then Vince Mcmahon didn't 'get' Breeze's character (was it the selfies? It's not like vain narcissistic heels obsessed with their looks haven't become stars in WWE before...) and, before Breeze could perhaps be rescued by a quick return to NXT to be retooled, the roster split, which probably in WWE's estimation meant that they couldn't afford to lose any more bodies. (Although NXT had gotten rather crowded by this point, so a return there may have only helped so much.) Presently, he's in a lower-card tag team with Fandango — coincidentally, another NXT alum who's had his career halted by WWE's stop-start booking.
    • Fortunately, after a trial one-off return in late 2018, Breeze was formally returned to NXT again in 2019, challenging The Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship at NXT TakeOver XXV. Fandango eventually joined him to reform Breezango again, and the two of them won the NXT Tag Team Championships in August 2020.

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