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YMMV / The Mentors

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Yes indeed. Their brand of humor is among the darkest set to music, where it's no exaggeration to say that every song contains lyrics that could be considered misogynistic, homophobic, sexist, and just plain offensive, not even counting the band's promotion of the term "rape rock" and "peaceful rape" (having sex with a girl who's passed out under the influence of drugs/alcohol), engaging in a primitive form of trolling to talk show audiences/hosts/guests (the appearance on Springer being the most notable), offering random girls (some underage, according to Duce) a "free fix for a fuck"...
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  • Signature Song: Usually considered to be "Golden Shower", mostly due to its usage in a famous obscenity trial in the 1980's (incidentally, the reading of the lyrics on the Congressional floor during the trial caused fits of uncontrollable laughter among those present) and GWAR's cover of the song in the 1990's after Duce died or "Heterosexuals Have the Right to Rock".