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YMMV / The Hobbit (1982)

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The Hobbit (1982)

  • The Catchphrase Catches On: "Time passes... Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold." Those who know the game have quoted it again and again, while waiting for something. Other folks miss the reference.
  • Funny Moments
    • These being totally random happenings due to the Interactive Fiction being Nintendo Hard. Bilbo can get eaten by the Trolls while Gandalf watches without comment.
    • The wood-elf in Mirkwood that simply locked you in prison will also arrest various enemies, most often a Warg.
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    • If you break the window in the Goblins' dungeon, a goblin jailor might end up going into the cell, resulting in a potentially endless loop of you getting captured/imprisoned in the cell, even when you're already inside it.
    • That wacky Gollum, always strangling random people from behind for failing to answer his riddles.


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