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YMMV / The Gunslinger

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The Book

  • Broken Base: Which is better: the original edition or the revised edition?
  • First Installment Wins: There's a portion of the fanbase that considers the first book to be the best. The evocative, minimalist narration and ambiguous characters made the world of the Dark Tower feel much grander in scope before we knew what most of it meant. There's also those that believe the Man in Black was at his most effective here. The older portion of the fanbase can actually remember a time when most or even all of the follow-ups didn't even exist, and waiting for YEARS for the next one, endlessly mulling over the unanswered questions and cliffhanger endings or debating them on primitive internet forums. Star Wars-esque debate rages on today over whether the original version or the revised version of the Gunslinger is the better one, corrections in continuity and references to future events notwithstanding.
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  • Fridge Horror: Roland kills every man, woman and child in Tull. Earlier, it's mentioned that there's a baby living there. Even if he didn't actually shoot it, it most certainly dies from starvation.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Jake. If life back in New York wasn't bad enough.

The Fanfic

  • Broken Base: A fair amount of people were not happy that Priestess' original team still got demolished, feeling that it essentially amounted to Rail Roading. Other were significantly more forgiving, pointing out this is Justified due to everyone in the setting except Goblin Slayer being completely at the mercy of Truth and Illusion's Dice Rolls.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The relationship between Arthur and GS in a nutshell, while there is still room for grow from the Slayer's part in terms of socializing, Arthur is able to understand him in a level that their future party members cannot, and as such, are able to understand and read each other's intention much more easily than others, this is especially important in Goblin Slayer's case, due to how socially awkward he is.
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  • Unexpected Character: While many fans were expecting more characters from Red Dead Redemption II to show up, as the author had stated he was considering adding some in, most did not expected Lenny to be the first one to appear after Morgan.

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