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  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Suzuka reveals that she's pregnant with Yamato's child. They decide to keep the baby and both of them table their promising careers as star athletes while Yamato's track rival as well as his underclassman become representatives of the Japan Olympic track team. Although the story points out that Yamato and Suzuka get married and were happy facing a new future as long as they were together, many readers feel that it was an unhappy ending since they had to give up their dreams.
    • The 4komas point out it's far from an unhappy ending.
    • Although the events of chapter 36 in Fuuka render a very, very bitter aftertaste to the ending with the death of their daughter.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Yamato and Honoka as the latter was patient and kind and could ground Yamato, if he tried to put an effort in the relationship and didn't pine over the main character.
  • Idiot Plot: Yamato says something that damages his current relationship, then does exactly the wrong thing to repair it. We have just described every chapter after about Chapter 5.
  • What an Idiot!: seriously, 75% of the lines coming out of Yamato's mouth qualify for this.
    • Yamato gets somewhat less idiotic and more clued in to Suzuka's moods as time goes on, particularly in the latter half of the manga. It doesn't save them many arguments, though, because she really is a major Tsundere. (That, and the mangaka seems to specialize in problems created by misunderstanding and perpetuated by one or the other party's pride keeping them from talking for a chapter or two.)
  • Why Would Anyone Take Her Back?: The amount of times Yamato takes back Suzuka borders on masochistic on his part. The amount of emotional abuse and ease with which she abandons Yamato time and time again is disturbing and if a male character were to do half of what she put Yamato through, you can be sure readers would be horrified.


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