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  • Crazy Awesome: A lot of the comic has these scattered about.
    • Sally intercepts a piece of magic and eats it. Arrie's reaction makes it even better.
    • Most of the time when General Victus is around without Bael is using him as a host everything he does bleeds awesome, especially when he can take on an enemy like a super powered Kolt that most of the main cast have issues with single-handedly with very little problems.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Absolutely freaking everywhere. Let's start with: Most of Bael's power seems to work by sticking tentacles of plague bile out of his person, primarily around the wrists. Kolt... freaking everything about Kolt, especially when he's not wearing his goggles.
    • Kolt infected Sally with the Plague. He did so by sprouting syringes, out of his skin.
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    • Listen to this and tell me that doesn't make you want to pee yourself.
    • This page is a combination Tear Jerker AND Nightmare Fuel. Just demon-form Grenner is pretty terrifying.

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