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Nightmare Fuel / Suppression

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  • Dr. Issac Kolt. Nearly everything he does is considered terrifying either by the readers, or the characters themselves.
  • The official sounds the Demons make, shown here, is enough to bring chills down your spine.
  • William Wight. While he doesn't do anything in his first appearance or even the page after, his actions on the third page immediately cement his status as pure High Octane Nightmare Fuel.
    "William Wight": I see through all eyes, I hear through all ears, I speak from all mouths. No escape. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No way to fight.
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  • Kolt infected Sally with the Plague. He did so by sprouting syringes, out of his body which occurs pretty often when he's on-screen. This also includes being able to sprout an arm from his mouth covered in syringes and shooting it at people...
  • This page is a combination Tear Jerker AND Nightmare Fuel. Just demon-form Grenner is pretty terrifying on his own.

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