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  • General John Victus AKA Victus the Frigid Claw of Thal'nasia's Three Generals, after having been possessed by Bael, and pretty much doing nothing himself for most of the comic, finally shows just how awesome he is, managing to at least shock and paralyze Dr. Kolt, who so far has been invincible to every attack on him by everyone else so far. Even though he hasn't done any actual damage just yet, this is still fairly impressive, and as Victus says himself, This is just his warm up.

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  • The Resolve Of Nathan Grenner. Grenner is incredibly awesome! Anyone who is able to pretty much force a collective hive mind of demons, or whatever the heck they are, to stay bound to his soul no matter how many times his physical form is devoured by demons, instead of just getting assimilated like everyone else has to have some MAJOR amounts of Heroic Willpower!

  • Kirk and Morty get one pretty early in the comic when Kirk feeds his ENTIRE RIGHT ARM to Morty, calling it his 'Flesh Weapon Technique' before his arm turns into Morty's face with several gun barrels poking out of his mouth, and manages to hurt Jericho Wright enough to force a retreat. The name Kirk gives the attack is also incredibly awesome, and is the title of the page: DOOMSDAY...CRUSH...CANNON!

  • The biggest, scariest monster known to magicians everywhere...and Charlie shoves his own tormented souls down his throat, rescues Sally and generally saves the day.

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  • After quite a bit of misfortune since he left Thal'nasia Eric finally has something go his way when he resurrects himself, rectifies his Grand Theft Me situation, and shoots Arthur in the back before Arthur had any idea what was happening.

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